COD Warzone Season 4 Is Ready| New Royal Pass And Guns For Players


Warzone is receiving widespread love from the audience and it's been a  long time since there have been some new genuine updates made in the game. The game is already a famous one and the obvious choice for gamers. The battleground has been teasing the fans with season 4 and the gamers are all hyped up with it for a long time. 

Call of Duty: Warzone has recently received a milestone by crossing 100 Million Downloads only in 1 year. The season was announced to be released in March 2020 and since then it is hitting the gamers with love and support. 


Now with the recent news about season 4, fans are looking forward to knowing about the game updates. With games like Fortnite, PUBG, and others getting more intense and likely to play for the gamers, COD should definitely think outside the box to attract more people to it. 

In this article, we’ll be going to see everything that has happened so far regarding this show. The fans of this game are dying to learn all the new updates about the show. 

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Warzone Season 4 – Is it Coming?

Warzone Season 4

Warzone was released back in 2020 and since then it became a popular choice among gamers. Many YouTubers and streamers have shown their appreciation for this game. The popular battle royal game has already announced season 4 in their post and the fans are dying after it. Season 4 was already announced by the company.  

Till now, 3 seasons of Warzone have been out and the most recent will be Season 4 for it. The excitement around the fans is well seen and Twitter is live proof for it. Gamers couldn’t hold their excitement and made the “War Zone Season 4” trending soon after season 4 was announced. 

Warzone Season 4 – What is the Release Date?

The 4.3 Million fans have been waiting for the release date of Warzone season 4. If you are one of those people who are eagerly waiting for season 4 then it is almost here. Call of Duty, an official Twitter account tweeted a tweet that announced the show, warzone season 4 is going to release on 17th June. 

The Twitter account is actively giving updates from time to time and has been teasing the fans regarding their official comeback. You can follow them on Twitter and get the recent updates about the updates, the royal pass, skins, and more. But if you want to know right here then keep reading the article. 

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Warzone Season 4 – What will be in the Royal pass?

Warzone Season 4 updates

Whenever I think of the updates of any game, the first thing that hits my mind is the Royal pass. The new skins, the costumes, super funny emotes and the extra gifts are always something to die for. With season 4 getting in the way, the game fans are wondering about the features and the gifts that are enclosed in this game. 

You will be shocked yet excited to know that season 4 of warzone will have 30 new operator skins enclosed within it. Not only this but also the game will gift the player with 20 new custom weapon skins. 

Assault lovers can now become happier because the game is getting back with two new weapons. While it is already a well-known fact that the season will give the extra thing in every season but this time the supremacy is different. 

Talking about the 2 new weapons which are the C58 assault Rifle and MG 82 LMG rifle. C58 will be best for the long-ranged fight and if you love to kill the enemy within the long-range then this would be best for you. The rifle has the power to lower the health of the enemy within a few bullets. While the other rifle, MG 82 will have high power and will be powerful when figured against the enemy. 

Even more, this time, you can give the royal pass gift to your friends which is a new update. Battle pass gifting will allow you to give 100 tires to your friends. In my opinion, this isn't something that makes the game greater as many royal games have already given these features to their players before. 

Are There Any More Updates for this Game?

Warzone is here to make you and your teammates play against the whole wild group of enemies. Warzone is another favorite map of Call of Duty and the new updates have been developing a lot of cool tricks and things to make it better. Season 4 has reportedly been working on the graphics and making it more realistic. 

Also, the official Royal Pass video is already there on youtube so if you haven’t checked it yet do it now.

But for the COD player, this is something great within the game. What do you think? Comment down your reaction regarding this new feature of gifting and all. Share this article with your teammates and let them have complete knowledge about these new updates.