Is Cloverfield Getting the Direct Sequel After 13 Years of This Original Monster Movie?

Cloverfield 2

Are you a little bit confused between Cloverfield 2 which is going to be happen and 10 Cloverfield lane?

Are you thinking that 10 cloverfield is also to be cloverfield then why all are saying that cloverfield 2 or the original movie sequel is going to be happening in 2021 or 2022 after 13 years. Let’s clear the difference between what is Cloverfield sequel and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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Cloverfield is created and produced by J.J Abrams which is an American science fiction film series in which you see monsters or aliens attacked on Earth and how 3 people survive in New York city by hiding themselves.

Cloverfield 2

Cloverfield consists of 3 films together which are set in a fictional universe known to be “Cloververse”. The first original movie was released on  January 18, 2008, which is to be a found footage monster film.

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After that, its first but indirect sequel came on March 11, 2016 that was a psychological horror film or next film to Cloverfield, titled as 10 Cloverfield Lane which received as positive reviews from the critics as the main cloverfield received.

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After 10 Cloverfield Lane, they released their 3rd movie in the name of The Cloverfield Paradox which was a science fiction movie released by Netflix in February, 2018.

Finally, J.J Abrams is working on the direct sequel to Cloverfield after 13 years.

Cloverfield 2

After the original film you are waiting for the 2nd part of this movie and its direct sequel but they decided to move forward with indirect sequels after the Cloverfield. Then what changed their minds to make a direct sequel to the first movie after such a long time.

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As you read about after creating the 2nd and third film Cloverfield was getting negative reviews from the users and it seems like the franchise wouldn’t continue after Cloverfield paradox.

So, the direct sequel is insisted for years by the Bad Robot which is Abram’s production company to make a proper sequel to happen.

Cloverfield Direct Sequel is Official Announced

Cloverfield 2’s or Cloverfield direct sequel announcement is like giving light to the ending production of the franchise. There hasn’t been any specific reason when they are writing Cloverfield that a Cloverfield direct sequel will be happening after 13 years and no further detail is given at the time of announcement except that it was a direct sequel to the first movie.

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But in 2019 after releasing 3 movies by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot has signed a massive deal and Abrams’s production company is exclusively bound to work for Warner Media, so that’s why each movie in the franchise is produced by Paramount owned Cloverfield and Bad Robot and which is itself a major logistical issue.

Cloverfield sequel is in the works with Joe Barton

JJ Abrams is producing a new Cloverfield film, which will reportedly be a direct sequel to the 2008 movie. Gotham PD’s Joe Barton will direct.


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So,What do you think about the happening of the upcoming direct sequel? Will it definitely come after the announcement in 2018 as a direct sequel to the original movie or film or will it move on like the related film 10 Cloverfield Lane or Cloverfield Paradox.

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Also Barton was recently to take over showrunning duties for HBo Max’s upcoming Batman series, after Terence Winter left the project.

Cloverfield 2


There is no official confirmation or release date announced or official information is released for Cloverfield 2. It is came to heard that direct sequel is happening by the J.J Abrams and Barton will direct that and the sequel is in work but not known when it will come to us. We will inform you immediately when the official release date comes to us.


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