Clone High Reboot Is or Isn’t Happening? Here’s All You Really Need to Know!

Are you finding the comic science fiction series which came on MTV for its new season? Looking for another season of Clone High Reboot which is based on a high school populated by the clones of well-known historical figures. Where is the Gandhi in Clone High Reboot?

Unfortunately, Clone High Reboot animated sitcom was not confirmed for another season by MTV after one season. Before moving to MTV, the series is set to air on Teletoon.

The first season of this animated drama premiered last year in July to provide space for the other series to release on Paramount+.

First The After Party came and then The Clone High was picked up by MTV as the original drama but it didn’t gain and provide satisfaction for the platform to release one more season.

It is the first scripted show which was not confirmed by MTV for its season 2 and talks with Phil Lord. Television. But this time they are looking forward to releasing the sitcom on another platform or you can say that finding a new home to pick the sitcom for further release.

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It was reported by deadline that for the reboot season MTV is finding a way to release its new season so that they could continue the sitcom with a new cast and move the story further on with a new mission.

$10.7 million was given to this show to move from Florida to the USA for its new season but still Phil Lord.

Television is finding a new platform to release the sitcom.

Clone High Reboot: Release Date

Still looking for the release date of The Clone High Reboot Season 2, but unfortunately, the new season was not confirmed yet by MTV which left the audience sad.

But we are still hoping that any streamer or network will pick up the sitcom shortly as Christopher Miller is looking for a new home to release this animated sitcom but yet The Clone High Reboot is still not picked or confirmed by any network to pick up the sitcom for the reboot season.

Clone High Series: Characters and their Voice Cast Members

These are the voice cast and their characters-

  • Gandhi voices as Michael McDonald
  • Abe Lincoln voices as Will Forte
  • Joan of Arc voices as Nicole Sullivan
  • Cleopatra Smith voices as Christa Miller
  • JFK voices as Chris Miller
  • Principal Scudworth voices as Phil Lord
  • Mr. Lynn Butlertron voices as Chris Miller

Is There Any Teaser for Clone High Reboot Series?

Sorry, there is no teaser or trailer yet for the new season of the Clone High Reboot as the series is not premiered by Teletoon or MTV after the first original season.

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But you can still watch its first season official teaser which is given below here;

Clone High Reboot: Where To Watch

You can stream the first season of Clone High on different platforms like MTV, Teletoon, Vudu, Disney plus, Amazon Prime Video, and on Youtube.

Is the Clone High Reboot for Season 2?

Yet, there is no official information about part 2 of season 2 of this sitcom but we all are expecting to see this series next year, 2022 if the sitcom gets greenlit soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clone High Getting a reboot?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s “Clone High” reboot just took a big step toward a spectacular comeback. … the series is currently being revived and reconsidered by Lord and Miller, and they just had one table for the primary episode, which is a very fitting title for reviving the Clone High reboot.

Why Was Clone High Shut Down?

As the controversy escalated, Miller attempted to propose suggestions to streamline the pressure while keeping the clones intense in the revolution. In the end, MTV’s superiors rejected his ideas and left the show. The mill operator’s answer included either eliminating the person altogether or originally stating that Gandhi was a clone of Gary Coleman.

Is there a Clone High season 2?

Clone High is in the running for the head of HBO Max’s rookie class: Decorations has given a two-season, straight-to-series request for a reboot of the click-activated satire. As before, the new clone will follow high authentic figures – such as Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and John F.

End Words

The series has no chance to be out in 2021 but we can expect it to be out in the mid of 2022 or maybe in 2023, it’s completely up to the production team! Stay tuned for more future updates regarding the Clone High Reboot or about some other shows.

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