Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth: How This You Tuber Concur This Money


According to Forbes, Cleetus McFarland's net worth is anticipated to be more than $4 million by the year 2022.

Various Sources of Income Are Used to Calculate Income.


2.8 million members to his YouTube channel, Cleetus McFarland, which produces cash from commercials. More than 1,000 videos have been published by him during the previous 12 years. These videos have received more than 935 million views on YouTube. He publishes roughly 5 videos per week on his YouTube channel.

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According to Influencer's Marketing Hub, YouTubers can make $3 – $5 per thousand views on a video, or an average of $18 per thousand advertisement views ($0.018 per ad-view), according to the number of views received. Longer films offer the capability of displaying a number of commercials simultaneously.


Cleetus McFarland's films are generally longer than 15 minutes in length, and as a result, they contain a significant amount of ads. Typically, views of paid adverts account for 60-90 per cent of overall views in the majority of cases.

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In accordance with the information provided by Social Blade, Cleetus McFarland's videos earn an average of 21 million views every month on his YouTube channel. According to the aforementioned figures, Cleetus McFarland earns an average of $0.018 (per ad-view) multiplied by 21,000,000 (views per month) multiplied by 60% (average monetized ad views) equals an estimated $226,800 in revenue every month.

This adds up to $2,721,600 a year, or $2.7 million in total, over the course of the year. He also has a second YouTube channel, Cleetus2 McFarland, which has 486k subscribers and is run by him. He has a total of four YouTube channels. He uploads small movies ranging in duration from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, as well as live streams that last for more than 2 – 3 hours. He has four YouTube channels in total.

Cleetus Mcfarland net worth


According to Social Blade, the channel receives approximately 3 million views per month on average. Because of this, the channel makes roughly $0.018 (per ad-view) multiplied by 3,000,000 (views per month) multiplied by 60 per cent (average monetized ad views) every month, for a total of $32,400 per month, or approximately $400k per year due to his two YouTube channels' combined revenue of $3.1 million per year, Cleetus McFarland has amassed a net worth of $3.1 million.

He receives additional revenue as a result of the “sponsorship videos” that he uploads to his YouTube channel and promotes. But it's not about money; it's about expensive vehicle parts, without a doubt. A commitment to support McFarland has been made by the following six automobile manufacturers for the years 2020 and 2021:


The term “Texas Speed” refers to the speed at which a vehicle moves through a particular state. Motion Raceworks is a racing game that is played by moving your body. Nitto Tire is a Japanese tyre manufacturer that specialises in high-performance tyres. Summit Racing is a competition in which athletes compete against one another.

A heatwave is depicted graphically.

Mr Cleetus McFarland is the founder and owner of the online clothing company Cleetus Merch, which he launched in 2009. The merchandise includes tee shirts ($20 – $25), hats ($25–30), sunglasses ($65), customised stickers ($4.99), and a variety of accessories.

Motion Raceworks is also a store, where he sells vehicle parts and other accessories, among other things.As a visitor at automobile events such as Rocky Mountain Race Week, Cleetus McFarland must be reimbursed for his time and expenses. This has become standard practice in recent years.

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He also holds events at his own racetrack, Freedom Factory, which he designed and built from the ground up by his family. According to TheFLOAT Ticketing, Cleetus McFarland charges $30 for an adult ticket and $12 for a child ticket for the events that he holds at the Freedom Factory Racetracks.

Based on the facts available, we are confident that Cleetus McFarland's net worth exceeds $4 million, but it is unlikely to be less than that amount.

Cleetus Mcfarland net worth

Cleetus Mcfarland's Early Life and Biography Is Available Online.

“Cleetus McFarland” is a young American actor who was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on April 5, 1995, and reared in the United States. Garrett Mitchell is his entire legal name, which is Garrett Mitchell. His parents are Mark Mitchell (his father) and Lori Edward Mitchell (his mother).

Mark Mitchell and Lori Edward Mitchell are his parents (mother). His two siblings are Parker Mitchell (brother) and Lauren Mitchell (sister). Parker Mitchell is the youngest (sister). He is 6'2″ in height and weighs 185 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and he is a middle-aged man who wears spectacles.

He was born and reared in the United States, and he is a devout follower of Christ. Born under the sign of Aries, he has a fiery personality.

Cleetus Mcfarland Net Worth

At the moment, he and his fiancée are residing in the city of Clearwater, Florida, in the United States. Cleetus McFarland's Address to the Nation. Cleetus McFarland is a fictional character invented by author Cleetus McFarland who appears in several of his books.

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Suite B, 12961 44th Street North, Edmonton, AB. Clearwater, Florida is a city in Florida (zip code 33762). The United States of America is a country in North America that was established in 1776. If you'd want to, you can write a fan letter to this address as well. Perhaps a handwritten note on a postcard picturing an automobile will make his day a little brighter.

Cleetus Mcfarland's Educational Background and Professional Experiences

Cleetus McFarland went to a tiny private school in Omaha where he met his future wife. In the following years, he pursued a bachelor's degree from the University of Tampa in Omaha. A video clip of him on Facebook in which he indicated that he had been admitted into a law school but had later left out in order to concentrate on his YouTube career was shared by his friends.