Classroom of the Elite Season 2: Latest Updates 2020

We are all desperately waiting to hear about the Classroom of the Elite Season 2. Who wouldn’t want to see newer seasons of a competent, quality anime? The anime is the new generation’s medium of expression & entertainment. It would be unfair to say that anime is just cartoons! 

If we study the amount of talent and efforts that go into making a good anime, you will be surprised to see how tough it is. That’s the reason the anime industry is worth over $20 billion. If you watch anime shows highly regarded by enthusiasts, you will see that it’s bringing us the feel that conventional cinema cannot. 

Anime industry touches almost every genre that’s known to us, and yet it outperforms conventional entertainment. From action to romance, comedy to teen drama, zombie apocalypse to the mystery, hardly there’s anything that is yet to be turned into an anime

A good anime comes with an excellent storyline, brilliant character design, superb artwork, and dialogues. If you watch some quality shows, you will get hooked to it. The brilliance of anime is such that it makes you wonder and gives a different perspective to everyday things happening around us. 

Tell Us About ‘Classroom of the Elite’

When we think of schools, things like regular student life comes to mind. Tests, exams, sports, fights, uniforms, and classes is what happens to our mind when we hear about school. However, the school we are talking about in the ‘Classroom of the Elite’ isn’t your ordinary school. Things go beyond ‘normal’ in this school. 

The students studying in this school are being nurtured for the future when they will help their country. They are graded points based on their behavior and performance. These students are given ultimate freedom, just like the real world, to test their ability and judgment. 

‘Classroom of the Elite’ started as a light novel in May 2015, still running. The story has so far completed 15 volumes. In 2016, a manga version of the story was released, and the series is still in publication. So far, they have completed eight volumes. 

Studio Lerche produced the anime version of the novel in 2017. It was aired from July to September of that year. Since it’s ending of the first season in 2017, everyone is waiting for the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 to be released. 

When the studio released the first season, it covered the original three manga novels. The critics and fans have given a positive response to the first season. 

Since the manga has completed 15 volumes, we have enough material to make next season from the remaining 12 volumes. That’s enough to make at least Season 2 of Classroom of the Elite. 

Should We Expect Classroom of the Elite Season 2? 

Okay, we know how annoyed we are by the lack of any action from the studio on the development of the second season. While we are wishing that the studio takes a move and starts making a second season.

Let’s discuss the possible signs that there will be a season two. Factor one is source material. Most of the anime that get canceled without further productions are mostly the ones with the insufficient source material.

However, with 12 volumes remaining in light novels, we can at least produce two more seasons, if not more. Each season can include 12 episodes. Although we haven’t heard anything from the makers on the production or release of new seasons, we expect that the end of 2020 or early 2021 can be when the new season comes. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the world economy so that you can expect a delay in the release. 

What Can be the Plot of Next Season? 

In Classroom of the Elite, you encounter the story revolves around the life of students who have to survive their journey through a rigorous school curriculum. However, their ordeals do not stop at a reasonable, tense school life – they have to face challenges that go beyond school life. 

We have seen anime where teenagers with superpowers, but in this show, you see the gradual progress of their personality and how they handle situations and take on the challenges. 

You see, creators have portrayed all the typical issues school-goers face. Depression, peer pressure, anxiety, and laziness, everything has been covered in it. The uniqueness of this show is how every person in it comes with a dark side, that makes the whole story interesting. 

The season will start from the battle of the group on the cruise ship. The battlegroups have been formed by separating the students from their zodiac signs. This season will be the test of their brain power, as they have to find out who the VIP is in rival groups. 

Since the battle is interrupted by an unexpected test, it brings more fun to the viewers when the group realizes that it was just a device to twist the outcome of the battle. The second season will finish at volume 6 if we are right. 


Either way, it will be fun to watch the Classroom of the Elite Season 2. If you are waiting for the updates, keep following us to know the latest updates regarding this show. If you have anime-loving friends, please share this article with them. If you have any thoughts about this article, drop the comments to let us know.