Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

I am sure you must have heard of Clapper app. It is one of the fastest-growing social platforms dedicated to providing all people with access to local and worldwide videos. You may observe the most recent trends and people’s real lives as they develop, as well as their thoughts and talents. One of the most suitable things about this application is that it is free to use, with no advertisements and all real people.


Official Website 
Industry Internet Publishing
Size of the company 11-50 employees
Headquarters Dallas, TX
Type Privately Held
Founded 2020
Specialties Short video, content creation, and social media


Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

What is Clapper App?

According to a prominent website, The Verge, Clapper released on July 2020. The developers specifically design it as a Free Speech Short Video platform. This means that this new application can be considered a clone of TikTok.

Because of this, the app developer said that it would make transformations to offer a lot less moderation. There is a huge difference when comparing it to the Parler app since Parler’s design is like Reddit’s platform. This means that it is currently challenging to deduce that the new app can replace Parler or can just be an excellent alternative to those. But it’s interface has already shown signs that it’ll stay in the market. 

Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

Clapper Media Group Inc., an independent media firm that delivers short mobile films to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The application has recently allowed the monetization of live streaming. Clapper app is one of the fastest-growing social networking platform devoted only to video content, meanwhile focusing on offering both global and local video content to all app users. All app users can follow current trends, see people’s real lives unfold, and read opinions, news, and talents. Although the best part is that there are no ads, fees, or requirements to use the app.

“As we like to say,” a Clapper representative added, “Clapper is a peep into people’s genuine life with no extra duties.” “Today, the most popular apps, such as Instagram and Facebook, drive the most traffic to their huge developers, generating revenue for them. It gives Smaller artists a chance since they are hidden from algorithms, while the big dogs get the rewards. With our app, we intended to change that.”

Where To Download Clapper App

Launched by Clapper MediaInc., the Clapper app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store, and we can even download it for free. The company is Dallas grounded with distributed platoon but caters to users each across the world. To sum up, this application consist everything from an interactive interface to people allowing everyone to show their talent.

Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

Clapper is a news and trending motifs grounded media platform, which is devoted to upholding the freedom to express one’s views and opinions. It consists of various particular beliefs to original videotape news to political videos. meanwhile, members can post a videotape on anything and everything, handed the content doesn’t violate the public laws. Most importantly, it adds up to creating videos, users can also express their likes and dislikes for posted videos. For instance, users can now comment on videos and interact with other members through commentary or anything they want. In fact, the rearmost short videotape social media app will also give expansive blocking tools to them to make opinions themselves.

  • Clapper app has just about being the latest updates in your local community. You can watch “See what’s trending nearby” in your application.
  • Clapper app has a 17+ Ads-free social video platform that enables users to interact smoothly. 
  • in the application, you get around 3 minutes for each video so that you have abundance of time to get your point across to the audience. 

The “Clapback” feature is an impressive way to let your content follow to people and let you freely express your opinion.  

Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

Top features of Clapper App 

  •  It is a fosters platform that is impartial and provides free speech 
  • Allows users to record and post vids about news or trending motifs 
  • Access to download videos in MP4 format
  • Allows videos on a wide range of motifs, ranging from political opinions to food to DIY and so on 
  • let you to watch and note freely on videos posted by others 
  • Allows users to reply to comments of others
  •  User-friendly interface
  • Allows to build one’s following, even if you are a small influencer, through quality videos and healthy discussion with other users
  • Allows to share videos on Twitter and other platforms
  • Let you connect with friends and follow users very swiftly.
  •  Allows to add hashtags to enhance the SEO quotient of videos 


Earn Money By Posting Videos On Clapper App

As the application had previously announced with its launch, Clapper is a fans subscription-based platform rather than an ads-based platform. One of the primary and crucial things about the application is that it doesn’t sell user’s data. In order to generate revenue, the Clapper app has enabled a paid subscription feature in its design called Clapper Fam. All the content creators will be paid by the subscribers that select or choose to view their content. People can widely resonate with much like the Only Fans application model that is wildly successful today.

Clapper App: Fastest Growing Short Video Platform

Summing Up

Clapper is a pro-free speech providing short-video social media applications. This application allows users to post videos and comment on other videos on the platform without concerning censorship or other things. Always keep your tabs open here at Keeperfacts, to know more about the trending news and updates of technology and applications.