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What is the City of Titans? It must be a basic question for those who haven’t aware of the exact meaning of this. Basically, it is a superhero massively multiplayer online game whose name is famous globally around the world.

The city of Titans is also known as the Phoenix Project. It is fundamentally a community in which players are involved to form a brand new super-hero MMO from the ashes of the heroes community. The community contains a number of players.

The major name behind the game is Missing World Media which is a virtual studio of participants who came together to build a community to make an MMO. It is a great opportunity for those who want to work in the virtual studios.

The community-run attempt to rebuild a new superhero MMO from the ashes of the City of Heroes community. Founded by players, the game is currently in early development but hopes to be able to produce a new game based on the same theme and principles that players loved in the original game.

The game is undergoing a Kickstarter project to gain the software and team required to keep the game sustainable for the long run.

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City of Titans Characters-

The Paragons

  • Anthem (Harriet E. Ross)
  • Arrow Shade (Melissa)
  • Cambion (Corwin)
  • Codebreaker (Arianna)
  • Memory (Jennifer)
  • Overclock – Robotic speedster.
  • Particle (Peyton)
  • Vodnik (Feodor)


  • American Star (James Duncan)
  • Bradford Boxer- a kid who becomes a hero!
  • Captain Corsair – Mascot of the Titan City football team.
  • Captain Orbit (Alan Arkwright) – Retired Silver Age superhero who now runs the Orbit Room.
  • Celerity – Heroic speedster.
  • Dangerbelle
  • Hijinx
  • Indomitable Man
  • Lady Latoki (Amelia Reeves)
  • Sungazer
  • Topaz
  • Tygroncity of titans

Bureau of Paranormal Investigations and Tracking (The PIT)

  • Peter Jones – Commander
  • Wendy Blakemore – Warden
  • Elga Dingler – Inventor
  • Jean-Louis Marchand – Archivist
  • Normand Rants – Investigator
  • Scooter – Ghost working with the PIT.
  • Joe Slick – Slimy inter-dimensional being working with the PIT.

Titan City Police Department

  • Yao Zhang – Commissioner
  • Gherrenfur – Chief. A humanoid wolf.
  • Lenny Alvarez – COP Suit pilot
  • Armand Aragon – Detective
  • Kathleen Aurelia – Transferred from Washington D.C. and was the main protagonist of the Tales of the Titan City Police Department.
  • Martin Roth – Detective
  • Felix Wright – COP Suit expert.

Will City of Titans Accessible On Mac?

The major goal of the creators is to make a super friendly game with lowers features so that it could be easily accessible on low-memory devices too. Talking about the Mac, the game is surely gonna available for the Macs and windows.

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It’s all about the City of Titans. The game is under development which is the reason the game hasn’t released at this time. The exact release date is not revealed by the Community developers but they said that- it took a lot of time to make such a game, so let’s sit and wait for more future updates.

When there be more updates regarding the game then we will surely add them here but as an alternative, you can check some latest games that we have covered on our site-Returnal Game, Neverwinter Nights 3, Riders Republic – Features | Release Date, or can also visit our game category to get some ideas of the trending games- New Enhanced Games.

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