Citrus Anime Season 2 Release Date: What We Know About The Upcoming Sequel?

Here we have some fresh news for those who love this lesbian girl anime. If you too love this anime then I know people usually give you looks because it’s rare people go for such kinds of animes like everyone around you start judging you and your existence but there is nothing wrong with watching what you like the most. This is the main reason today we have decided to talk about the Citrus Anime Season 2.

Citrus anime is a Japanese Manga Series that is written and illustrated by Saburouta. The series is about two girls who fall in love with each other. The concept of this anime is somehow different like we have seen in many animes.

Citrus Anime Season 2

The fans are in love with the show, that’s why it has been given 6.2 out of 10 which is not bad because people usually don’t go for this kind of anime. But what about the Citrus Anime Season 2? Let’s talk more about this sequel.

Release Date of Citrus Anime Season 2

The second season of Citrus has never been confirmed, canceled, or announced, hence there is no countdown and it’s quite unlikely that a release date will ever be revealed.

I’m writing to reassure you that a new season of this show will hopefully be greenlit and made available soon. After looking into the sales and popularity of the sequel manga Citrus Plus, I don’t see any likelihood of that happening in 2021. There’s nothing about this show that suggests it might generate enough money to warrant a second season.

Citrus Anime Season 2

If there is any fresh information or a release date for a new Citrus anime project on the Citrus official Twitter account, we will update this site. Since the anime adapted volumes 1–4, the manga can be started starting volume 5 if you’ve given up on seeing a new season of Citrus.

Who Will Be In Citrus Anime Season 2?

The anime characters will remain the same because it’s a sequel, not a new project. If there is something new in the Citrus Anime then it may be some new characters that would be added by Saburouta.

The new characters are not revealed yet but we have the old list of characters, would you like to recall them with us?

  • Yuzu Aihara
  • Mei Aihara
  • Harumi Taniguchi
  • Matsuri Mizusawa
  • Himeko Momokino
  • Nene Nomura
  • Sayaka Hikami
  • Miyabi Sakuraba

The good news is that our old characters will remain there in the sequel. What about sharing your favorite character with us? Apart from this let me share my personal favorite character first but you have to guess the name from this dialogue.

Expected Storyline For This Upcoming Sequel

The anime is good when we talk about the plotline. This is the story of Yuzu Aihara, the main character of the story. Want to know more about Yuzu? Yuzu is a voguish and popular girl. She is a lovely girl in the city but later transferred to a new place because her mom decided to do marriage again.

This makes her more trouble in her life because now Yuzu has to fit in the new environment, new place, and new school. There she meets a new girl(her step-sister) and her life becomes complete after this.

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Both the girl fell in love with each other and decided to come into a new relationship with the same girl. This kind of relationship is very rare because of male dominance and societies’ rules and regulation.

This is about the first plotline but the second plotline is not revealed yet but will be revealed soon. Somehow we could expect to see more love scenes in the life of two lesbian girls.

Is There Any Trailer For The Citrus Aime Season 2?

There is no trailer at this tempo but you can go for some fan-made to get more ideas related to the sequel and for the official trailer, you guys have to wait a little more. We could hope to see the official trailer in the same month as the release date.

We have also mentioned a similar fan-made version, watch and enjoy this but don’t forget to share your review with us for season 2.

What It’s All About?

There is no release date at this time but the show has the possibility to get the anime soon in 2022. The creators haven’t said something more about the show but hope to get more fresh news about this. When we get something more about the same, then we will update something more in the same post.

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