Chrissy Teigen Made a ‘Very Wise, Powerful Decision’ to Go Public With Her Pregnancy Loss, Despite John Legend’s Reluctance

This is a difficult decision. Chrissy Teigen’s 2020 pregnancy loss will be announced publicly for the first time after John Legend says he first hesitated to do so.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4‘s “Desert Island Discs” on August 7th, the 43-year-old “All of Me” singer said, “It was painful and I was reluctant to reveal it.” That was a tremendous experience for many individuals, and I think Chrissy was correct in urging us to share it.

Luna, 6, and Miles, 3, are Teigen and Legend’s two children. They were expecting a kid in 2020, but the model had part of her placenta ruptured and lost the baby. In honor of the memory of their deceased son, they called him Jack and have been honest about the grief they have been through.

As Legend said on BBC Radio during his interview: “Way more people than anybody thinks go through this.”. The fact that we were able to share our story with them made them realize that they weren’t the only ones going through this and that they were part of a larger group of individuals going through the same thing.

Chrissy Teigen Made a 'very Wise, Powerful Decision' to Go Public With Her Pregnancy Loss, Despite John Legend's Reluctance

According to him, “I believe that was a really strong, intelligent move by Chrissy to share.”

Stars like him and Teigen, whom he married in 2013, are more likely to be approached by friends who have been through a pregnancy loss themselves, according to the La La Land actor. There is no “magic” technique of making someone feel better about their loss, though, as Legend highlighted.

Trying to soothe someone who is going through something difficult is difficult since there is no actual consolation, he added. “You’ll never get over the loss you experienced. In a way, it lessens in weight with time, but you will never forget it.”

The EGOT winner’s painting was an attempt to release some of his grief. Legend, his next two-disc record inspired by the life and death of his son, will be released in September. As Legend explains, “Some of the songs are about coping with loss and suffering” and “when you feel shattered.”

It was announced earlier this month that he and Teigen are having their second child via in vitro fertilization, which they first revealed in February.


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Our house and hearts have once again been filled with pleasure after a whirlwind few years. As of Wednesday, August 3, “1 BILLION shots later (in the leg recently, as u can see!), we have another one on the way,” tweeted the Lip Sync Battle star along with a mirror photo of her belly.

“Every checkup I’ve thought to myself, ‘right if it’s healthy today, I’ll announce,’ but then I breathe a sigh of relief to hear a heartbeat and realize I’m just too anxious yet,” the Chrissy’s Court alum revealed.

I don’t believe I’ve ever left a checkup feeling more excited than nervous, but so far, everything is wonderful and gorgeous, and I’m feeling hopeful and fantastic. “Whew, it’s been a long time keeping this in!”