What Do We Expect From the Release Date of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

Netflix has added “Chicago Party Aunt,” a story about a hard-partying Chicago woman who also happens to be an aunt, to its already impressive list of adult animated shows. The show was based on the Twitter account @ChiPartyAunt, which is now the official Twitter account for the show.

The first episode aired on September 17, and fans of this love letter to Chicago have probably already seen all eight episodes, and maybe even watched them again. “Chicago Party Aunt” makes it clear right from the start that Diane Dunbrowski’s adventures have been going on for a long time, maybe a decade or two longer than they should have.

But that turns out to be the whole point of the show since Diane’s years of partying are slowly catching up with her and making both her personal and professional life a mess. It’s interesting to see how her life goes on as she still tries to hold on to what she thinks is her past triumphs. If you want to see more, you’ll have to watch another season.

What Do We Expect From the Release Date of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

The good news is that Netflix is definitely making more episodes of “Chicago Party Aunt.” The first season of the show has eight episodes, and Variety says that the streaming service has ordered a total of 16 episodes.

This means that the second half of the order is probably already being made. This makes it seem likely that there will be a second season of “Chicago Party Aunt,” though nothing is set in stone until Netflix announces it.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

No one knows when the show’s second season will start, but since the first one came out on September 17, 2021, it’s likely to be a while. The hit adult animated series “Big Mouth” comes from the same animation studio as “Chicago Party Aunt.”

With the exception of its season 3 “My Furry Valentine” special, the raunchy coming-of-age series has stuck to a fairly regular annual release schedule, give or take a few months. So, you can probably expect the second season of “Chicago Party Aunt” between September and December of 2022. But since they are already being made, they could also come out a lot sooner.

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What Can We Expect From the Cast of Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt?

“Chicago Party Aunt” has a great group of different characters, and there are lots of ways to change things up if season 2 of the show wants to. Since Netflix has already ordered 16 episodes, but season 1 only has eight, it seems likely that the same core cast will be in the next eight episodes as well.

Diane Dunbrowski, the Party Aunt, is an important part of the show, so “Superstore” star Lauren Ash will likely play her again in season 2. Rory O’Malley is also almost certain to return as Diane’s nephew, Daniel. Daniel’s parents, Bonnie and Mark, played by Jill Talley and Ike Barinholtz, as well as Diane’s ex-husband, Kurt, and their son, Mikey, are also likely to show up (Jon Barinholtz).

The Borough salon, where Diane works, is an important part of Diane’s life that fans want to see more of in season 2. As the hip manager Gideon, RuPaul could be the most valuable player of the first season. Zuzana (Katie Rich) and Tina (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) are both great characters with a lot of room for future adventures.

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Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

What Can We Expect From the Plot of Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt?

Season 1 of “Chicago Party Aunt” does a lot of world-building and introduces viewers to the main characters, their relationships with each other, and Diane Dunbrowski’s conflicted nature as a middle-aged person who tries to hold on to the hard-rocking, hard-partying days of her increasingly distant youth.

The plots of each episode are different, but it’s clear from the first episode that Diane’s lifestyle comes at a price. It’s also clear that, despite her obsession with parties and Chicago’s culture, she’s a smart, kind person. By the end of season 1, it’s clear that the story might be about real personal growth or at least a half-hearted attempt at it.

No one knows where season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will take Diane’s story, but if season 1 is any indication, the many supportive characters around her will continue to help her grow in a good way through many strange, wild stories and plot twists. Just don’t expect her to stop talking about Chicago and partying. After all, they are in the name of the show.

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Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Trailer

Is Chicago Party Aunt a Real Person?

But the famous actress who plays the party aunt isn’t from Chicago. In fact, she was born in Canada. But Lauren Ash is no stranger to Windy City. In fact, she met some of the creators and stars of Chicago Party Aunt when she worked in the city’s comedy scene.

What Is Chicago Party Aunt Based on?

“Chicago Party Aunt,” a hit Netflix show, was written, produced, and co-created by Chris Witaske. It’s based on a funny person he made up on Twitter. He has been in movies like “Lady Bird” and TV shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Drunk History,” and “Arrested Development.”