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An enormous reputation for her culinary skills has been built over the years by Chef Carmen, a well-known American cookery YouTuber.

Chef Carmen Atlanta Smith, also known as Chef Carmen Atl, was raised by her family and started cooking for them at a young age. She was born in Pensacola, Florida. Chef Carmen, who lives close to Atlanta, is a prominent caterer, concessionaire, and personal chef. Learn more about the earnings, income, salary, career, and other data of Chef Carmen Atl.


Quick Facts About Chef Carmen

Full Name Chef Carmen Atlanta Smith
Profession Chef
Gender Female
Net Worth $3 Million

Chef Carmen's Early Life


Igotchu Seasonings creator Chef Carmen has become a highly regarded and well-liked cooking YouTuber. After working in various Atlanta-based and franchise restaurants, the well-known chef has already established a solid reputation for herself.

She has demonstrated to the world her commitment to mastering the industry and honing her talents. Since her mother and grandmother greatly inspired her as a child, Chef Carmen, who is famous for Igotchu Seasonings, has honed her craft.

Along with her five siblings, YouTube star Chef Carmen Atlanta Smith was adopted by her mother. She also took pleasure in helping to cook meals throughout her youth and adolescence. After completing her education in high school and college, she relocated to the Atlanta, Georgia, region.

Chef Carmen Net Worth

Cooking has always been a passion for Chef Carmen Atl, a wealthy and well-known culinary celebrity. She also cherished practicing her craft in Pensacola, Florida, in her grandmother's kitchen. She started getting ready for a neighborhood basketball team at age 16.

Chef Carmen ATL worked in management roles at a number of well-known restaurant companies while she was a student. She found that learning how to run her own business was quite beneficial. She gained recognition for her lucrative food concession company over time.

According to accounts from 2001, Carmen had to experience a tragic accident. She also came dangerously close to dying. Her ability to walk again would be challenging, according to the physicians.

That wasn't the end of it, though. She began concentrating on the arduous healing process while maintaining her unwavering faith and resolve. She didn't always find life to be boring. She had miraculously recovered, was back on the concessions circuit, and had gotten herself back on her feet.

Chef Carmen's Career Journey

In 2001, the highest-paid cookery YouTuber Chef Carmen Atl met Corinna Jones, her friend who is now a business partner and CEO. At that point, the two of them jointly continued to expand the concession business.

Additionally, Chef Carmen began showcasing her expertise through the streaming of her instructional films on social media. She also continued to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare restaurant-quality meals at home.

Chef Carmen Net Worth

Her catchphrases were hilarious, and her food was soulful, which made her very well-liked by the general public. The advertising money eventually increased Chef Carmen ATL‘s net worth as well. Her followers started asking her to share her amazing seasoning blends so they could cook alongside her as her fame grew. She also portrayed herself as an expert in running the flavor division.

Her 2012 accomplishment served as motivation for her to launch her personal IGOTCHU Seasoning line. She has gained fame and wealth thanks to her IGOTCHU Seasoning line and the specialty lemonades.

What is the Net Worth of Chef Carmen?

Chef Carmen is estimated to be worth $3 million by rid zeal. Since the demand for chefs has increased recently, it can be said that many YouTubers nowadays are showcasing their culinary expertise in an effort to get notoriety.

Over the years, Chef Carmen has honed her craft to establish herself as one of the most well-known YouTubers. The videos that Chef Carmen Atl puts on the channel bring in a sizable income. She stands out from the competition since she has original videos that are posted in the lifestyle and food categories.

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Her You Tube channel's average advertising revenue revenues indicate that Chef Carmen Atl‘s monthly earnings can occasionally be around $10K. In this regard, it may also be said that the revenue is approximately $120,000 each year. She has also been making money from other means.

Chef Carmen's You Tube Channel

She has 60.1k subscriber on her You tube channel. Check out her latest video below.

Books by Chef Carmen

She has also written a number of cookbooks, such as Chef Carmen‘s Simple and Easy Favorites by Chef Carmen Smith (Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » American / Southern States, Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Methods / Quick & Easy).

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Final Words

The wealthy and well-known YouTube culinary celebrity Chef Carmen ATL has been showcasing newer cooking films for the world to see, which has been helping her gain fame.

She started young, cooking for her family. Chef Carmen, who lives close to Atlanta, is a prominent caterer, concessionaire, and personal chef. We wish her continued success, and please leave a comment if you have any inquiries concerning Chef Carmen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Real Name of Chef Carmen Atl?

Chef Carmen Atlanta Smith, who was born in Pensacola, Florida, started cooking for her family at a young age. She and her five siblings were adopted, and as early as age 10, she enjoyed helping with meal preparation.

What's the Name of Chef Carmen's Daughter?

However, before they could collaborate in the kitchen, they had to make their separate ways from Peru and Mexico to the United States, where Said met and wed Michelle, Carmen's daughter. Their story is one of immigration.

Who is Carmen the Chef's Ex-husband?

In a horrifying act of domestic abuse, Carmen Tarleton's ex-husband doused her with industrial-strength lye. He has since passed away in prison. For the 2007 assault inside Tarleton's Thetford house, Herbert Rodgers was incarcerated for 30 to 70 years.