Charmed Season 4: Release Date | Cast | Watch | And More Updates!

Will the Charmed Fantasy drama come back for the new installment after concluding season 3 of Charmed on July 23, 2021? Will the season be renewed or cancelled for the 4rd season of trio sisters?

Yes, the CW Charmed drama is renewed back in February 2021 for the new season? Now the question is when will the season come on the big screen for the fans and the audience to know what is going to happen in the new season.

So, let’s move forward to know what we can expect from the upcoming Charmed season.

Charmed Season 4: Release Date

Charmed Season 4

It is good news to the fans of Witches that CW has renewed the new season of trio sisters but still there is no window or release date confirmed by them.

Last season aired on January 24th and in the next month it was announced that Charmed robot is coming back for season 4 along with 11 other dramas which is believed by the network.

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We are also expecting that the expected release date for the new season will fall in 2022 between January to May 2022.

So, there is no official release date announced by the CW for the new season but this fantasy drama is coming back.

So,keep your eye on the release date of season 4 as it is already renewed for the season 4

Want to Watch the Previous Season of Charmed on Netflix?

Charmed Season 4

You can stream season 3 of charmed on Netflix from July 31, 2021 onwards.

Charmed Season 4 : Cast and Crew

Who are going to see in the Charmed reboot new season?

There is no confirmation about the cast who are coming or not but it we hope that Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery and Harry is there to be seen in the new cast along with new faces except Madeleine Mantock as Macy. If she decides to change her mind and wants to return for season 4 then a feasible return is given by the producer.

Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro told TVLine that Madeleine has done incredible work on the Charmed and they all respect her decision of moving and said,“We will miss her as much as the fans will, but we also respect her decision to move on. This is a difficult time in the world, and everyone has to follow their heart. We wish her well, and the door is always open for a return visit from Macy…one way or another!”

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Where to watch Charmed all seasons?

You can take a free Fubo TV trial which will provide you to watch Channel CW live and you can also watch the series on Netflix.

Why was Prue Killed off in Charmed?

Charmed Season 4

If you are talking about why she leave Charmed than I tell the reason is, she was killed by the Demon known as Shax and she is the eldest sister in Charmed

Who is the new Charmed Sister?

Sarah Jeffrey played the role of Madison in the Charmed, who is the youngest sister in all.

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Who is leaving Charmed in 2021?

Madeleine Mantock leaves the show and it is heartbreaking news for all of one.

Last Lines

You have to wait for the Charmed reboot for season 4 to come in next year as it was renewed before season 3 of Charmed Concluded. For more such Tv shows and webseries visit to read articles on shows like Monarca season 2 and 3, Horrible Bosses and even on Dynasty Season 4.

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