Chanel West Coast Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know 2022


Chelsea Chanel Dudley, the rapper and TV character currently known as Chanel West Coast started out on the MTV hit unscripted TV drama “Burglarize Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.” Soon later, she showed up as the host of numerous MTV shows, for example, “Absurdity” and “New Music Live.”

In 2011, she made her acting introduction on “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” then happened to “Wild Grinders” as the person, Flipz (by means of IMDb). Notwithstanding, her work doesn't stop there. In 2014, Chanel began to get into rapping and music, around the time she began to fail (by means of Hollywood Life).


In any case, that didn't stop her, as we currently know. Consistently, she indicated a collection underway and gave fans a few bops, for example, “Blueberry Chills,” “New Feeling,” “No one,” and “I Be Like” (through YouTube). Following four years underway, Chanel, at last, delivered her hotly anticipated debut collection, “America's Sweetheart,” in 2020.

In a YouTube interview with Hollywood Life, she expressed that this collection was her approach to recounting her story. Alongside being a media sweetheart and rap sensation, she likewise delivered an attire line in 2009 called Valleywood (by means of Seventeen) and emerged with a streetwear line called LOL Cartel in 2019, through her site.

chanel west coast net worth


Chanel West Coast's Most Memorable Occupation Paid Her More than $80,000

As indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, Chanel West Coast is worth around $3 million, because of her work throughout the long term. The rapper and host acquired six figures, around $142,000, from her work on “Ludicrousness” as co-have. Alongside that, she acquired more than $108,000 on “New Music Live” and $174,000 facilitating “Wild Grinders.”

Going as far as possible back to her most memorable occupation on “Dream Factory,” she procured around $81,000 — which is simply astounding to ponder as a first work (through Earn the Necklace). Chanel effectively utilizes everything, purchasing an excessive vehicle and stunning Hollywood home.

As of late, she bought a $1.65 million contemporary home — worked during the 1950s — in the Hollywood Dell, per Variety. The shocking home has 2,600 square feet of residing space, a joined double carport, open idea regions, skylit lobbies, and three tremendous rooms. Alongside that, she possesses an astounding red Lamborghini LM002 (per taddlr) that she's had many photoshoots with.

chanel west coast net worth

How Is The Net Worth Of Chanel West Coast $3 Million?

Have you at any point thought about what the net worth of Chanel West Coast is? Indeed, the American Tv character, rapper, artist, and musician has constructed a remarkable resume. Broadly known as a co-have on Ridiculousness, Chanel West Coast, as of April 2022, has a net worth of $3 million. This post will direct you on her excursion to progress.

Early Life

Chanel West Coast, previously known as Chelsea Chanel Dudley, was conceived on September first, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Her folks isolated her at an early age, making her frequently travel to New York City to visit her dad.

At eleven years old, she would become charmed by music, and the melodies of the late Tupac Shakur roused her to rap. She would begin rapping at fourteen years old bearing in mind the end goal of transforming the leisure activity into a vocation.

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Chanel would meet Rob Dyrdek through shared companions and establish a decent connection. Dyrdek would extend to her an employment opportunity as a secretary on his show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. She would accomplish standard assistant work yet every so often would engage in Dyrdek's tricks and shenanigans.

The show would air for four seasons on MTV, and Chanel would acquire positive openness as a matter of fact, which procured her a job on the sitcom The Hard Life Of RJ Berger, making her acting presentation.

She later turned into a co-host of Ridiculousness with Sterling “Steelo” Brim. They, together close by Rob Dyrdek, would commentate and survey amusing handcrafted recordings. All through her prosperity as a television character, she never lost centre around her actual energy for music.

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chanel west coast net worth


Chanel initially started making music in 2009 and recorded her most memorable melody Melting Like Ice Cream. She would likewise show up in the Planet Hollywood tune PHAMOUS and momentarily endorsed with Zone 4, a record that came out of Atlanta.

Chanel would wind up leaving the name and made records as an independent craftsman. She would deliver her material free of charge downloads on the web. Chanel would grab the attention of the notable craftsman Lil Wayne, and he would sign her to his mark, Young Money Entertainment.

In 2013 under her new name, she delivered the mixtape Now You Know, which got positive surveys. She displayed the capacity to make an effective free venture, and it was a major advance for her as a craftsman.

She would deliver her most memorable studio collection Americas Sweetheart, where she would resolve the issues of white honour and her battles as a craftsman.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2022

As of April 2022, Chanel West Coast has a net worth of $3 million. She has enhanced herself as a performer, which has made different floods of pay for her. Most of her abundance is from her prosperity as a Tv character, and right up to the present day, she is a co-have on Ridiculousness.

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Key Takeaways

An incredible initial feeling can do ponders: Chanel's life improved when she met Rob Dyrdek through a common companion. Her critical initial feeling kicked off her vocation, and the rest is history. You just get one initial feeling; use it for your full potential benefit, particularly when it's with somebody with a, influential place.

chanel west coast net worth

Take the path of least resistance, yet keep on track: Chanel's most memorable energy was music; the possibility of her turning into a television character wasn't really an idea for her. However, she would utilize that stage to effectively accomplish her objectives. Life is exceptionally arbitrary, and some of the time you need to pursue an open door that varies from your objective.

This is fine, the length of you stay consistent with yourself and know what you need to accomplish is not too far off.


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