Who Are Chainsaw Man Have Main Characters into Manga Series 2022?

Chainsaw Man: Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by him. From December 2018 to December 2020, it was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, with chapters collected in eleven tanks on volumes.

Chainsaw Man Plot

The plot is set in a universe where Devils are formed as a result of human fears. Devils are often aggressive, and unfriendly, and their strength is equal to how much fear they induce. Humans, on the other hand, can make contracts with them in order to exploit their power.

There are Devil Hunters who specialise in hunting and hiring them. Devils are born in Hell and move between the two realms in a cyclical fashion, migrating to Earth when they are slain in Hell and vice versa. Hell is home to Primal Fears, enormously strong Devils who have never been killed.

Airline travel appears to be overseen by the Hell Devil. A Devil may enter the body of a deceased human, absorbing part of their memories and personality. This creature is known as a Fiend. Humans are thought to be benevolent to devils who naturally take on a humanoid shape

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The novel takes set in 1997, in an alternate reality in which the Soviet Union still exists and major historical events, such as the Holocaust, do not appear to have occurred.

Chainsaw Man Cast

Chainsaw Man

Denji A scruffy blond young man with keen yellowish-brown eyes with bags beneath them and sharp teeth. As a young child, he inherits his father’s debt to the yakuza when he dies. After encountering the Chainsaw Devil Pochita, he decides to become a Devil Hunter in order to return his debt.

Pochita becomes his heart after the yakuza kill him, and they make a deal with Denji to realise his fantasies of regular life. After that, by pulling the chord on his chest, he can transform into Chainsaw Man, a devil-human hybrid. After meeting Makima, he decides to become a Public Safety Devil Hunter in order to live in a more compassionate environment.

His principal motivation stems from his feelings for MakimaMakima is a strange woman who runs Public Safety Division 4 and treats Denji like a human pet. Makima is crafty, shrewd, and manipulative, using Denji’s desire to her with promises of a relationship while threatening him with annihilation if he doesn’t obey.

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Her intentions are vague and her ambitions are unknown for much of the novel. She is eventually revealed to be the Control Devil, who epitomizes the dread of dominance and desires to establish a world free of suffering by using the Chainsaw Man, whom she adores.

Chainsaw Man

To this goal, she orchestrates Denji’s misfortunes throughout the series. After being slain by Denji, she is revived as a child named Nayuta and placed in his care to be nurtured as a better person.

Aki Hayakawa is a Public Safety Devil Hunter who works as part of Makima’s team. In exchange for his life, he has a contract with the Fox Devil and the Curse Devil that allows him to summon the former’s head and deploy a fatal spike. He later enters into a bargain with the Future Devil, granting him the ability to see into the future for a few seconds.

When Aki is alone, he is austere, mature, and dependable, but he has a tender centre. Despite their clashes, he begins to feel deeply about Denji and Power. During a confrontation between Makima and the Gun Devil, he is murdered and transformed into the Gun Fiend, whom Denji is obliged to kill.

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Power is a Public Safety Devil Hunter in Makima’s team and a Blood Fiend. As a Fiend, Power appears as a young lady with long hair and small red horns growing from her head. Power is a childish, greedy, nearly wholly self-motivated being that enjoys harming others for her own pleasure.

Power adores her cat, Meowy, and was willing to risk Denji’s life to save him at one point. Denji and Aki, her first true friends, become dear to her. Makima kills her in front of Denji in order to break Denji’s spirit. From Denji’s blood, Power resurrects as the Blood Devil but is fatally wounded by Makima once more.

Power makes a deal with Denji before she dies: in exchange for her blood, she asks Denji to track down the reborn Blood Devil and convert her back into Power so that they can be friends again.

Chainsaw Man Release Date

Chainsaw Man

MAPPA will convert the manga into an anime television series, which will air on December 14, 2020. It was included in a stage presentation at Jump Festa ’21 as part of the Jump Studio series of online stage presentations on December 19–20, 2020.

On June 27, 2021, the first trailer for the anime series was shown at the “MAPPA Stage 2021 – 10th Anniversary” event. Ry Nakayama (director) and Makoto Nakazono (chief episode director) are in charge of the animation, which also features Hiroshi Seko’s writing, Kazutaka Sugiyama’s character designs, and Kiyotaka Oshiyama’s devil designs.

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Tatsuya Yoshihara directs the action, and Yusuke Takeda directs the art. Naomi Nakano is the colour key artist, while Yohei Miyahara is the screen designer. The soundtrack was created by Kensuke Ushio. The first episode of Chainsaw Man is scheduled to debut in July 2022.


Chainsaw Man tells the narrative of Denji, a poor young man who, after making a deal with a devil who looks like a dog named Pochita, merges with him, giving him the capacity to change sections of his body into chainsaws. Denji later joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organization tasked with combating demons anytime they pose a threat to humanity.

Starting in Q3 2022, a second section of the manga will be serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ online magazine. In North America, Viz Media has licenced the manga in English for print and digital distribution, while Shueisha has published it on the Manga Plus online platform.

In 2022, MAPPA plans to broadcast an anime television series adaptation. The manga had over 12 million copies in circulation as of December 2021. It won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen category in 2021, as well as the Harvey Awards for Best Manga.

Critics have praised Chainsaw Man’s storytelling and characters, and have emphasized the film’s brutal moments within the context of the story.