Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained: Why Does Katana Man Blame Denji?

Following a strange teen named Denji through his strange environment is what “Chainsaw Man” is all about. There are demons all around the world, and hunters, like the rest of humanity, can strike bargains with these Devils to get access to their powers.

The user must sacrifice a part of himself or something of great value in order to make use of these powers. As a result of befriending the Chainsaw devil, Denji was given a second chance at life after the devil willingly gave up his heart to save his new companion.

With his newfound talents, Denji became a demon and was quickly snapped up by Makima to join the Public Safety Devil Extermination Division. Denji eventually figured out how to plan ahead, giving himself goals to strive for despite having to fight demons at the same time.

Denji learned how to collaborate with others under Makima’s tutelage, fostering in him a desire to make friends and contribute to a common goal. His new team consists of Aki, Power, and, eventually, Himeno, Kobeni, and Hirokazu. By forcing him to learn to survive on his own, he was able to experience something he had only fantasised before.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Denji has been able to experience new feelings and satisfy his natural curiosity as a result of his steady broadening of his horizons. If you enjoy action, you won’t want to miss this anime because it’s packed with thrilling sequences.

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Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

  • Location of Kishibe on the Primary Timeline

Himeno introduces us to Kishibe through her recollections of him as she mourns the deaths of her fellow soldiers. While the conversation reveals more about her than him, it seems that Kishibe will soon make his entrance into the canonical storyline.

Ms. Makima finally admits in episode 10 that Power and Denji will be training under the stern tutelage of Kishibe. The older, scarred man drinks himself to death and murders Denji and Power dozens of times in one day, before sending them on their separate ways. Denji and Power are initially overjoyed and confident that they can easily dispatch the man.

In the eleventh episode, Denji and Power try to fight Kishibe with a more intellectual, high-minded approach, and they get killed again after receiving a polite commendation from Kishibe. Even though we don’t learn a whole lot about Kishibe this season, we can tell from his extensive physical scarring and blatant alcoholism that he’s been at this a long time and is extremely powerful.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

  • Does Makima Get a Second Chance?

A second chance was extended to Makima. Devils don’t really die; instead, they’re reincarnated over and over again, spending some lives in Hell and others on Earth. Yes, the Control Devil was reborn on Earth, this time as a young woman called Nayuta, not long after Makima’s death.

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Denji was responsible for protecting her as a child and preventing her from following in Makima’s footsteps. However similar, perhaps too similar, Nayuta is to Makima, Chainsaw Man made it clear that she is not Makima. She is not an exact replica of Makima, but rather a reincarnation who, with time and experience, will become her own unique individual.

When you consider how horrible Makima was, it’s hard to feel too sad about what happened. Worse still is the significance of this turn of events for Power. Part of what makes Chainsaw Man so enjoyable is the friendship between Power and Denji. Power wanted to use Denji as a pawn to save her cat Meowy, and Denji just wants to touch some “boobs,” but over the course of the first arc of the series, they develop a deep and touching friendship.

Much of this information was conveyed not through spoken words or even physical gestures, but rather through subtler, nonverbal cues. Whenever Power and Denji slept together, she often rested her head on his shoulder, coming dangerously close to sleeping on top of him.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

  • The Feelings Denji Has for Makima

Soon after his father’s passing, the yakuza tells Denji that he owes an overwhelming sum of money and threatens his life unless he begins making payments immediately. After discovering an injured Pochita, Denji is met by a frightened animal’s roar. When Denji realises how bad Pochita’s plight is, he offers the monster some of his blood, cementing their friendship.

Hopes of Denji and Pochita living a “normal life” are dashed when his boss kills them after their debt is paid off. Then, in an effort to save Denji, Pochita changes into his heart. Denji’s transformation into the terrifying Chainsaw Man thanks to this fusion has caught the notice of the mysterious Ms. Makima and her crew.

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If the anime follows the manga’s example, then future episodes will show a lot more about Denji’s absentee father and the tremendous upheaval that marred Denji’s formative years. In the first season, we learn a lot about Denji’s moral compass through his developing feelings for Ms. Makima, his relationships with Aki and Power, and his ability to find empathy even for the most unlikeable of creatures.

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Ending Explained

  • Why Does Katana Man Blame Denji?

Denji meets Katana Man, who blames him for the murder of his grandfather, on the thirteenth floor. But Denji says he killed him right before he turned into a zombie. When Katana Man asks Denji if he regrets his actions, Denji says he does not.

Katana Man thinks Denji has lost all humanity and advises him to give up because of it. Denji considers the Katana Man’s offer, but chooses against accepting the cash. They both transform into devils and begin to fight.

Fighting begins on a rooftop and continues onto the train platform, where Katana Man uses his signature move to cut Denji’s arm. He slashes open his other arm in the same fashion. Katana Man believes he has won, but Denji reminds him that he still has a chainsaw on his head.

In the end, Denji and his opponent engage in a slugfest, during which the latter’s head chainsaw is shattered. Denji then exposes a second chainsaw on his right leg, and Katana Man’s torso splits in two.