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Do you know what this means? If you are a true anime fan and watched every anime you might know this. Or if you know the Japanese language you would easily guess what it is about.

To the people who don’t know this word, it means Cells at work.

Cells at work is a Japanese comedy anime TV series which is based on the Manga series “Cells at work”

If you are new to the Anime world, you would definitely wonder what is Manga? So Basically Manga is a Japanese name for comic books and graphic novels. The people Japanese called it Manga instead of Comic Books or novels. Similarly, if you are curious about ‘Anime’ then Anime is a Japanese word for Japanese animation.

“I’m gonna train until I can take out any enemy with one blow!”

Coming back to the topic of CELLS AT WORK. This anime is going to release its second installment. If you want to know every detail regarding the animation program then read this article till the end.

What is Cells At Work?

The Japanese anime which is written and produced by Akane Shimizu was first premiered on the screen on July 8, 2018. The actual manga series Cells at work was published on January 26, 2015, and the latest version of the manga is publishing to this date.

Cells At Work

A few years after the release of the manga series, an anime studio named David Production planned to make an Anime version of this series. Unexpectedly Season 1 becomes a great hit among the fans and got a lot of praises around the globe. Because of which they decided to release another season of it.

When Cells at work season 2 is going to release?

The Comedy-drama animation was going to release this year in July 2019 but later pushed to release in the upcoming year of 2021. According to Aniplex’s announcement regarding the anime, “the show is a delay to the upcoming year of 2021”.

With the Covid-19 pandemic going around the world we can guess why the release date is pushed further.

According to the sources, Cells at work release it’s Season 2 on 9 January 2020. So you have to wait a little bit more for enjoying the anime.

What is the Plot of Cells at work?

The show has a unique and interesting plot that will catch the eye of viewers. The story tells the functioning of the human body at the cellular level. To clarify more, In the story, you’ll encounter the working of the human body in the view of cells, and by this, the show gets the name “ Cells at work”

The two characters of the story are a rookie red blood cell named AE3803 and the other is a veteran, relentless white blood cell called U-1146. The story revolves around these two characters and how they enter the body of an anonymous person and tells the story of their body.

Furthermore, you’ll see how our body works internally and how cells are divided into groups and each group is responsible for carrying out certain functions in the human body.

In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. ..” just dialogue from this very famous Spanish-drama, Money Heist.”

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What are the Characters of Cells at work?

Since we have read about the plot of the story, you definitely want to know about the Characters. So we have provided you a brief account of the personality of the main characters. Although the anime has quite a variety of Characters we have given you a brief of only the main character –

1. U-1146

One of the main protagonists of Cells at work. He is a Veteran white blood cell. Like another White blood cell, he is tall, looks extremely pale, and has black eyes. Normally, he is passive and not so friendly rather he is more like a cool-dude.

But during the time of combat, his aggressive and brutal nature will leave you in shock. If you are a germ, watch out with him. He kills every foreign particle which comes inside the body.

U-1146 is a neutrophil and works in a Neutrophil division. You’ll encounter a kind and soft nature of him as you move forward in the anime. He generally helps other particles and saves them from the upcoming danger especially AE3803.

U-1146 have saved her when she was a younger cell. Being so powerful and skillful and he can eliminate any kind of germs or harmful bacteria from minor germs to harmful Cancer cells. Moreover, he posses the energy to eat up any cell and know his/her origin at a same time. You’ll love this character!

2. AE3803

One of the other protagonist of the story, which is a girl. She is in her adolescent age and an average size of Red blood cells. Let’s see what she can do- as an RBCs cell ( Red blood cell ).

As being an adolescent, everything is new for her. She has just joined a job which involves the transportation of food, Carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other essential nutrients to the different parts of the human body.

As previously stated, she is new to the working environment that’s why she often gets lost or forgets her direction. But you’ll definitely get impressed by her determination and hard-work. Instead of being new to all this, she manages to do her work.

She is just like every other Red blood cells and doesn’t have any other specialty. Her work only involves transportation and she can make her way even from a tiny spot. Additionally, unlike U-1146 she is unable to fight against the foreign enemy.

3. Killer T Cell

Cells At Work

The killer T cell is not the main character of the series but still possesses an important part in the show. They are another type of white blood cell which we called – T lymphocyte and works under the elite division of Killer T.

Furthermore, their appearance is Tall and masculine and they can be seen wearing their signature black Killer T Division uniform. Their voices are loud and can irritate you sometimes. He also has a legendary T Cell Perforin Canon Punch ability which can use it to extreme combat effectiveness whenever required.

They have an obnoxious nature and can become ill-tempered sometimes. Despite being such a rude and unpleasant personality, they are extremely proficient in combat fight and possess high-level martial arts skills.

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What are the fans’ reactions to this series?

We have collected some of the reviews of the people who have already watched the 1 season so you can have a wider angle to see what this series actually is. If you also want to add something or want to review you can write it down in the comment section. We’ll love to read them.


Osmosis Jones: The Anime

“Cells at Work! Is a comedy anime that follows the adventures of Red Blood Cell, who is constantly having trouble with orienting herself inside the human body.”

“She frequently comes into contact with bacteria and is constantly saved by one particular White Blood Cell.

Take this anime at face value; it’s charming, cute, and fairly informative. I’ve found myself learning a few things about the functions of blood cells, bacteria, and platelets. The anime presents scientific data about the bacterium and other cells, in a manner that is easy to digest and isn’t boring.

Red Blood Cell isn’t a ground-breaking MC, but she’s quirky and adds a nice bit of comedy to a surprisingly bloody show.”



Identical to GradeAWai

“So as a fan of microbiology and biology itself, I was really excited when my favorite manga was getting an anime, and the anime is absolutely doing it justice.

The character’s voices fit so well to who they are an are exactly what I pictured, the anime basically follows the manga and that’s why this is so good”


Super cool and very clever concept

“LOVE the concept way to make an anime educational. Love the art styles and the different representations of our bodies. Am really excited to see the characters fleshed out a bit more. Also interested to see if the story is more a bunch of short stories or if it’s more of an ARC.”

Frequently asked questions –

1. Is cells at work is kids friendly?

A-The anime is Highly educational and kids-family friendly. As a parent, your kid will learn a lot about the human body. Additionally, this anime has nothing vulgar scene or language which makes it better for kids.

2. Is cells at work is on Netflix?

A-Yes “Cells at work” is now available to watch on Netflix-USA.

3. Is cells at work is a Romance series?

A-It is majorly a comedy-based anime. But the shows constantly tells about the romantic relationship between the Red blood cells and white blood cells. But they haven’t announced anything yet. Maybe we can see anything regarding this in the upcoming season 2.

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