Cells At Work Code Black Is A Contrast Version of Cells At Work But How Does It Differ?

The workings of cells are something I’ve only read about in my scientific textbooks but this anime provides a visual representation of it, absolutely stunning! Akane Shimizu has done a fantastic job with this, in my opinion.

The former season of the anime shows “how the human body operates” but Cells At Work Code Black! illustrates contrasts with the classic storyline, which takes place in a healthy human body. An unhealthy lifestyle is shown in Code Black, which takes place in a darkened room. Anthropomorphic( nonhuman creatures are given human qualities, emotions, or intentions.) are shown as trying to keep the body functioning.

A Rookie RBC cell, WBC Cell, and AE3803 are the protagonists of the anime. All of them have been assigned a certain task. Only because The Cells at Work has been so well-liked by the public, today we have decided to talk about this, so if you are willing to know all the major details about the anime, then do read our post, till the end.

Character Information of Cells At Work Code Black-

The show revolves around some of the main characters, which is not only the main aspect of the anime but also the most prominent cells of our body which helps in the regulation as well as maintaining the other function of the body.

Hematocrit/Erythrocyte (AA2113) (Japanese) Junya Enoki (voice)-)

One of the two main characters is AA2153. As a new erythrocyte, he was obliged to work unsanitary and, thus also in the most abusive atmosphere. In the beginning, AA2153 was eager to go inside the lungs and find out what he can find, but he soon discovered LDLs, carbon monoxide, and pneumococcus who are already inside the lungs due to the air consumption.

He wants to do his bit to aid the body, but he’s confused by the poor working circumstances and the lack of progress made by the body itself in that regard. One of the neutrophils that regularly save and encourages him is U-1196. Another of his Red Blood Cell colleagues is AC1677. They become close friends and work together frequently.

Cells at work code black

Neutrophil / White Blood Cell (U-1196) (Japanese) Yoko Hikasa(Voice)-

It is one of the two protagonists, along with U-1196. She’s a neutrophil trapped in a broken body which is the reason that makes her an undesirable addition to any workplace. Despite the challenges of her work environment and the ungracious treatment she gets, she understands and also appreciates the support and gives respect to other cells.

As a “heroic older sister,” she puts in long hours to accomplish her goals. Overwork and self-criticism are problems for this cell, which is otherwise a serene one. Neutrophil warriors AA2153 and a pair of nameless neutrophils are close buddies of hers.

Cells At Work Code Black

Erythrocyte / Red Blood Cell (AC1677)  (Japanese) Kenn( Voice)-

As an erythrocyte, AC1677 has a strong friendship with AA2153, a fellow erythrocyte operating in a harsh environment. As a result of the dedication of AA2153, he is a person who often attempts to flee when things become difficult, fearing that he would be placing himself in unnecessary risk. When he was ready to plunge into the stomach acid, he sacrificed himself for AA2153’s sake. He is ultimately faithful to his pals.

Cells At Work Code Black

White Blood Cell (J-1178) / Neutrophil (, Kchkyo)

J-1178 is a veteran and a little tired character. Even though she despises her profession and believes it to be worthless given the unsatisfactory state of the individual’s body, she is compelled by a strong sense of morality to do her best.

The name “White Blood Cell-chan” frightens her when she meets AA2153 after the transfusion, and she immediately dismisses him as a stranger. When J-1178 first meets U-1196, he thinks she’s a lone wolf who doesn’t care about how overburdened the other neutrophils are.

But as the two get to know one another, J-1178 sees that U-1196 is only attempting to prevent issues that may turn into really serious risks to the body. She begins to look up to U-1196 and refers to her as her “big sister” out of a sense of esteem.

During the neutrophils’ failed attack on the bacteria swarm, U-1196 is damaged, leaving J-1178 heartbroken. A motivating chat from an erythrocyte helps her get back into the swing of things, and she returns to help AA2153 and U-1196 in a timely manner, completely engaged in her task.

Other Characters of The Anime-

  • Neutrophil / White Blood Cell(U-1212) Voiced by Yumi Uchiyama (Japanese) Tiana Camacho.
  • Neutrophil  / White Blood Cell (U-8787) Voiced by Lynn (Japanese) Lizzie Freeman(English).
  • Hepatocyte Voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Japanese) Lauren Landa (English).
  • Hepatocyte Voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Japanese) Lauren Landa (English).
  • Gastric chief cell Voiced by Takashi Narumi (Japanese) John E. Bentley (English).

cells at work

Where We Can Simply Find The Cells At Work Code Black?

You will find both the subbed and dubbed version of the Cells At Work on the undermentioned platforms-

  •  Netflix
  •  Crunchyroll
  • Amazon. in
  • Amazon.com
  •  Funimation
  • VRV
  • Anime.com.
  • Justwatch.com

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Cells At Work Code Black- Official Trailer

End Words-

This is an excellent work of animation! everyone, not just teens, finds the anime useful for the students. A faculty member, Yang from the High School Affiliated with Southwest University stated that the anime “Helps students understand and remember the biology information they have learned in school, in a much more entertaining way”.

Are you a science student? If, so then you maybe be familiar with the working of cells? Do you find the anime helpful? Comment here with your thoughts and ideas.

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