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Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

The Hollywood cancel culture, as we know it, has made it apparent that they will make an example of anyone who disobeys the rules. It’s not uncommon to read of formerly A-list actors and actresses who have finally met the same fate, as we’ve witnessed musicians lose their jobs for expressing a viewpoint.

While the reasons may differ, one thing remains constant: Hollywood has the ability to either host or ghost you. Have you ever pondered the absence of particular stars? Here are some well-known celebrities who were blacklisted by Hollywood.

Vincent Vaughn

Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

Undoubtedly, political ties run deep in Hollywood circles. During the Trump Presidency, actors who supported Trump and his administration formed the dividing line. Vince Vaughn was among the group. And while Hollywood’s lack of interest in Vaugn is attributed to a “lost spark” in inventiveness and character roleplay, the media tells a different tale.

Earlier in his career, he was one of the industry’s wittiest and most acclaimed comedians, leaving his mark on films such as Swingers, Wedding Crashers, and The Break-Up. But when journalist Timothy Burke saw Vaughn and President Trump having a cordial conversation, it drew unwanted attention. Clearly, Vince’s association with the presidential campaign did not suit his best interests.

Charlie Sheen

Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

Charlie Sheen has been one of the highest-paid actors and comedians in Hollywood since Two and a Half Men debuted on CBS. Reportedly, he earned $2 million per episode in which he was featured. That is the definition of a dream job. However, Sheen would soon be severely shunned and eventually blacklisted from Hollywood, not due to political biases but rather due to his lack of accountability.

Due to years of extensive drug and alcohol usage, he suffered many mental breakdowns, which drove many entertainment industry prospects to avoid him. Sheen’s public humiliation of the sitcom’s co-creator Chuck Lorre, following repeated rehabilitation attempts, was the final straw that led to his departure.

Jim Caviezel

Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

In this situation, “like cast actor, like director” is sufficiently equivalent to “like father, like son.” Jim Caviezel, who received praise for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, appeared to have met the same fate as his director.

Jim Caviezel seems to have the figurative door slammed in his face at every turn after acting in the 2004 film chronicling the last days of Jesus before his death and resurrection. Caviezel stated that Mel Gibson informed him before filming that he would be outcast by Hollywood for portraying Jesus. Perhaps the prognosis was accurate.

Brendan Fraser

Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

Brendan Fraser, a popular actor in the 1990s and early 2000s, amassed unrivaled popularity and wealth with films such as The Mummy Trilogy, Bedazzled, and Disney’s George of the Jungle. Even though he has a multitude of other films to his credit, his absence from Hollywood film projects during the early to mid-2000s is glaring.

According to Fraser, Philip Berk, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, sexually abused him in 2003. He said that he rejected the HFPA president’s groping of his buttocks at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Since then, he has not been asked back to the Golden Globes, proving his belief that his refusal resulted in a blacklisting.

Kirk Cameron

Top 5 Celebrities Who Blacklisted From the Entertainment Industry

Some would do anything to have the fame, fortune, admiration, and teen heartthrob status that Kirk Cameron enjoyed during his time in Hollywood; in the mid-1980s and 1990s. Kirk was introduced to Hollywood’s film business at a young age, starring in sitcoms such as Growing Pains, Like Father, Like Son, Listen to Me, and the popular Full House. Kirk was born in Panorama City, California.

Twenty years after becoming an atheist, he became an ardent Christian and abandoned his early prominence. After a CNN interview with Piers Morgan, he was officially banned from Hollywood due to his devotion to propagating his beliefs. After speaking out against the sexual orientation of others, he was dismissed from Hollywood and ultimately blacklisted.