Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed


Being a celebrity typically comes with a few enticing bonuses, which accompany the infamously large salaries of celebrities. Buying a yacht is one of the most expensive and coveted advantages of being a celebrity. While many of us can afford a boat or two, we cannot afford yachts, the most expensive and exclusive watercraft in the world.

Even not all celebrities can afford to buy a yacht. Many simply rent out their yachts year-round. However, some celebrities are so wealthy that they can afford the most costly yachts in the world.


Giorgio Armani — Maìn

The Man was built in 2008 by Codecasa and has the uncommon distinction of having been partially designed by its owner. However, this should not come as a surprise given that the owner is Giorgio Armani, one of the biggest fashion giants in history.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed


Design is unquestionably Man's strongest suit. The dark green colour of one of the most beautiful yachts in the world aids in its camouflage at sea.

Together with Studio Dellarole and Ortelli, Armani meticulously designed the interior of the 65-meter-long boat. A minimalist colour scheme and Asian aesthetics, such as low tables in the style of the Japanese, dominate the design of the rooms and the main salon. Blinds, windows, and furnishings were designed by Armani and his own brand.

Tiger Woods — Privacy

The Privacy, one of the most renowned luxury yachts owned by celebrities, is renowned for having the iconic golfer on board during significant tours.

Woods, who was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in March 2022, remained on it throughout the 2019 PGA Championship at Long Island, the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills, and the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

2004 saw Woods' acquisition of The Privacy. At the time, he purchased the 48-meter-long warship for $20 million. There are five cabins for ten passengers.

A jacuzzi on the deck that can accommodate up to eight guests is one of the vessel's most alluring luxury amenities. There is a pub and a movie theatre for unwinding.

While on board the Privacy, Woods is able to keep his normal training regimen thanks to the yacht's gym. A decompression chamber for scuba diving, jet skis, ocean kayaks, and motorised scooters is also available.

David Geffen — Rising Sun

The Rising Sun is one of the most recognisable celebrity superyachts, measuring 138 metres in length. Built-in 2004, Geffen purchased it from Oracle founder Larry Ellison six years later.

Geffen is a billionaire known for his passion for boats. He founded Geffen Records and co-founded DreamWorks Pictures. After purchasing the Rising Sun, he hosted a galaxy of A-list celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Chris Rock.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

In 2019, even Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the world's richest people, was spotted vacationing there with his fiancée Lauren Sánchez. According to Esquire, Geffen purchased the superyacht for USD 590 million. In 2020, Forbes estimated its value to be $570 million.

The Rising Sun was constructed by the German shipyard LĂĽrssen and designed by Seccombe Design. Its exterior features engineering wonders and bears the signature of Bannenberg & Rowell's Jon Bannenberg.

The top deck of the five has been designed exclusively for owner usage. There are 18 luxury rooms available. The guest cabins are designed to allow direct access to the vessel's outer side decks, while the remainder cabins are protected from the elements by indents.

The ship contains a spa, a gym, a helipad, a swimming platform, and a theatre with a double-height screen. The Rising Sun has a maximum speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots.

The Edge — Cyan

U2's lead guitarist The Edge and frontman Bono were spotted vacationing on the yacht Cyan in Ibiza in September 2021. The Edge, whose real name is David Howell Evans, reportedly purchased the yacht in 2008 for GBP 12 million (between $17-20 million at the time). His wife, Morleigh Steinberg, renovated it the year it was purchased.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

The Cyan, one of the most famous celebrity yachts in the world, was constructed in 1997 and is immediately distinguished by its dark hull.

The 48.7-metre-long catamaran boasts six opulent cabins that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The master stateroom is on the primary deck.

On the yacht, there are numerous options for relaxation and amusement. A three-meter outdoor cinema screen and a movie library with over 1,500 movies are included.

Those who wish to engage in water sports can choose from a variety of equipment. Included among these are wakeboards, inflatables, and WaveRunners. These were observed by The Edge and Bono while they were in Ibiza.

David and Victoria Beckham — seven

David and Victoria Beckham were spotted with their children, parents, and friends on the Seven off the coast of Miami, Florida, in April 2022. Prior to the wedding of the couple's eldest child, Brooklyn, to Nicola Peltz, the family went on vacation.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

The Seven, named after the jersey number of an English footballer, was constructed in 2021. The yacht is a member of the Riva 90′ Argo flybridge yacht family.

The vessel's interior and appearance were designed by Mauro Micheli's Studio Officina Italiana Design. It was constructed by Ferretti Engineering Department.

The space for sunbathing is located on the foredeck. Large glass windows and a black lacquered ceiling characterise the main saloon, called Crystal Palace by its designers. Its aft deck is almost entirely made of glass, creating an infinite view of the ocean.

Rafael Nadal — Great White

On his 34th birthday in 2020, the tennis star gifted himself the yacht, which he dubbed the Great White. He reportedly spent $6.2 million on it.

The 23.95-meter-long yacht was constructed by Sunreef Yachts in Poland and transported to Mallorca, Spain, Nadal's hometown. The Great White is a custom-built Sunreef 80′ Power catamaran, which is essentially a vessel with two hulls.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

Nadal himself was responsible for the yacht's interior design. The yacht's 371.6 square metres of living space is dominated by the colours beige, coffee, and cream, all of which are the Spaniard's favourites.

There is a connection between the main saloon and the front terrace. The flybridge of the Great White features sun pads, a fully stocked wet bar, and a BBQ. There is also a spa pool fed by a waterfall.

The ship features four elegant guest suites for ten passengers. On the main deck, Nadal's suite features a private fold-out balcony with an overhead skylight. As with other large yachts, the Great White comes with its own personal garage containing toys such as jet skis.

Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller — Eos

The Eos is one of the world's largest sailing yachts, measuring 93 metres in length. The gorgeous vessel was constructed by LĂĽrssen in 2006 and is essentially a three-masted schooner driven by a 1,740 kW MTU engine. The yacht is capable of reaching a top speed of 16 knots.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

In 2009, the Eos was purchased by the famed Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and her husband, the American billionaire Barry Diller.

The vessel's exterior was designed by the late Bill Langan, while its interior was created by Francois Catroux. Although internal details of the yacht are unknown, guests such as American television producer Andy Cohen and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, as well as Diller himself, have shared photographs of the vessel's interior.

The photographs depict a combination of white furniture and brown wooden panelling, as well as a wooden staircase leading to an upper deck. In a 2019 snapshot taken by Diller of von Furstenberg, the designer can be seen snoozing on a couch with throw pillows covered in cream and blue patterned covers.

Seven staterooms on the capacious Eos can accommodate up to 14 guests. It also apparently features a Hand Made Maps Ltd. mural of a world map measuring 4,2 metres in length.

Sergey Brin's — Dragonfly

It is thought that the Google co-founder purchased the yacht in 2009. The Dragonfly has a length of 73.3 metres and is one of the most fuel-efficient ships at sea. It was named after a tech giant's initiative to deliver a restricted search engine to China.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

As with any other opulent celebrity boat, the Dragonfly is equipped with opulent luxuries. As part of Brin's Global Support and Development (GSD) team, which consists of ex-military men, it has played a significant role in disaster relief missions, for which it has earned widespread appreciation.

According to The Daily Beast, when Vanuatu was struck by Hurricane Pam in 2015, the boat delivered 62 metric tonnes of fresh water. It was also utilised to treat over two hundred and fifty patients and for emergency medical evacuation. The crew of the Dragonfly helped construct shelters in the island's villages. This mission initiated GSD.

Since then, Brin has reportedly utilised GSD to conduct humanitarian missions around the world, notably in earthquake-ravaged Ecuador and hurricane-ravaged Bahamas. In 2020, the yacht was estimated to be worth $80 million.

Roman Abramovich — Eclipse

Abramovich, a former owner of the English Premier League club Chelsea FC and a Russian businessman, is possibly the most well-known superyacht owner. He has owned the Eclipse since 2010, when he purchased it for $590 million. It is currently valued at approximately $1.5 billion.

The Eclipse is thus one of the most costly boats owned by celebrities. The superyacht measures 162.5 metres, making it one of the largest celebrity boats.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

Blohm+Voss constructed the vessel, whose interiors were designed by the renowned Terry Disdale of Terence Disdale Design in the United Kingdom. The beach house-style interiors have the greatest Art Deco elements.

The gigantic nine-deck vessel is served by over 100 crew members, and its 18 ultra-luxurious suites can accommodate 36 passengers. Each apartment is furnished with materials including a limed wedge, black wood with silver rubbed into the exposed grain, and buffalo hide. Several fireproof materials, including stone, shell, and fossilised wood, have also been employed.

The main deck's 16-meter swimming pool with a blue granite bottom is one of the vessel's numerous features. At the touch of a button, the pool rises to the level of the deck and transforms into a dance floor. With glass panels enclosing its sides, the pool is built so that guests can recline pleasantly in an indoor atmosphere.

The rear lounge on the lower deck is another great area. While luxuriating in the vessel's lavish amenities, one of the best views of the sea can be had from the vessel's intimate position.

Other amenities include a jacuzzi on the deck, a beauty shop, a tender garage, and an outdoor fireplace. The lobbies are adorned with artwork commissioned just for the Eclipse.

The megayacht can accommodate three helicopters. It has two helipads, one on the sundeck and one on the foredeck. The hangar for the third helipad is located beneath one of the helipads.

The Eclipse is a high-tech yacht with bulletproof windows covering the master suite and a missile detection system. The submarine onboard is capable of diving to a depth of around 50 metres.

Jeff Bezos — Y721

Jeff Bezos, the millionaire creator of Amazon, has reportedly ordered one of the world's largest ships, according to multiple February 2022 media sources.

Top 10 Celebrities and Their Stunning Yachts | Finally Revealed

The 127-metre-long, Y721-named megayacht will reportedly cost Bezos approximately $500 million. Oceanco, a Dutch shipbuilder, is constructing it in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The vessel will have three decks and three enormous masts, comparable to the Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller-owned sailing yacht Eos. Once complete, the Y721 will accommodate 18 guests in addition to the crew. In addition to a helicopter, it can also handle jet skis and other smaller watercraft.


While many of us can afford a lovely boat or two, we can’t afford some of the world’s most expensive, most exclusive boats; yachts. Not even all celebs can afford to acquire a yacht. Many simply rent their yachts throughout the year. However, there are those celebs with so much money they can purchase the world’s most costly yachts.