A Source Confirmed the Release Date of Catherine Called Birdy!

Based on Karen Cushman‘s novel of the same name, Catherine Called Birdy is a brand-new Prime Video film that depicts a young woman growing up under the rigors of mediaeval society.

Lena Dunham, the star of the television show Girls, who also serves as the film’s director, stated in an interview that the movie is not about a young warrior. This is not a tale of an illicit youthful relationship. She lacks any supernatural abilities. It doesn’t fit any of those stereotypes.

She is truly just a difficult, tough, and occasionally doing difficult and unlikable things young woman. Here is all the information you need to know about Catherine Called “Birdy.”

Facts About Catherine Called Birdy

Name Catherine Called Birdy
OTT Platform Prime Video
Directed By Lena Dunham
Catherine Called Birdy Release Date September 23, 2022

About Catherine Called Birdy

The movie Catherine Called Birdy is based on the middle-grade book of the same name. Both the literature and the movie’s plot are heavily based on events that occurred in the 13th century England. The Newbery Award-winning book is a historical fiction that draws heavily on the gender, class, and communal roles that were created in mediaeval England’s culture.

Release Date of Catherine Called Birdy

What is the Release Date of Catherine Called Birdy?

As of Friday, October 7, Catherine Called Birdy is available for viewing on Prime Video. According to What To Watch, On Friday, September 23, it will also have a limited theatrical run.

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Cast and Characters of Catherine Called Birdy

Lady Catherine, a.k.a. our cherished Birdy, is portrayed by Bella Ramsey. For her part as Lyanna Mormont in the ground-breaking television series Game of Thrones, Ramsey is well-known. She also provides the voiceover for Hilda on Netflix.

Lord Rollo, played by none other than Andrew Scott, is Birdy’s father. Unashamedly avaricious, Lord Rollo doesn’t think twice about exploiting his daughter to help his family escape poverty.

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Other notable people include Billie Piper, who played Lady Aislinn, the mother of Birdy. Piper previously portrayed Belle de Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. Joe Alwyn, who starred in Mary Queen of Scots, plays Birdy’s uncle George in this film. Dean-Charles Chapman, who you may have seen in later seasons of Game of Thrones, plays Robert, Birdy’s older brother.

Ralph Ineson as Golden Tiger, Isis Hainsworth as Aelis, Lena Dunham, and Archie Renaux in unspecified roles also join the cast.

The Plot: What We Can Expect From Catherine Called Birdy?

The Amazon Prime Video series has the following plot: “Lady Catherine (also known as Birdy) is the youngest child of Lord Rollo and the Lady Aislinn and lives in the mediaeval English village of Stonebridge. Stonebridge Manor, a home that has seen better days along with the family, serves as her playground.

Catherine Called Birdy Release Date

“Financially broke and hopelessly greedy, Rollo views marrying his daughter off to a rich man for money and land as his only means of escaping his financial predicament. But Birdy is spunky, intelligent, and adventurous, just like all the best teenage heroines, and she’s prepared to fend off any suitor who comes knocking in ever-more-ingenious ways.

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She was headed for conflict with her parents because of her inventiveness, stubbornness, and strong belief in her own right to independence. They are given the chance to put their love for their daughter to the ultimate test when the most repulsive suitor of all shows up.

As a result, we’ll witness Catherine rebel against her parents, who merely want to marry her off as quickly as possible. Catherine, however, is very clear that she wants to live her own life!

Is There Any Trailer of Catherine Called Birdy?

Yes, the trailer is available, and it shows a lot of action.

It introduces us to Catherine and her parents, who obviously have quite different worldviews. She makes every effort to turn away any possible suitors, taunting those who wish to wed her, including telling one guy that the Catherine he seeks has a third ear. You can see more below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catherine in Catherine Called Birdy is How Old?

In “Catherine Called Birdy,” directed by Lena Dunham and based on the bestselling young adult novel by Karen Cushman, a 14-year-old girl enters 13th-century England.

Why is Catriona Referred to as Birdy?

He sets out to marry off young Lady Catherine, known as Birdy after one of her favorite pets, but he has no idea that his obstinate, unruly daughter will thwart his best-laid plans at every turn.

What Happens in Catherine Called Birdy’s Climax?

In order to leverage Shaggy Beard’s resources to save an exploited bear, Catherine ultimately consents to marry him. But just before he arrives, she flees, unable to face the prospect of getting married to someone she despises.