CAT Season 2 Release Date: Did the Show Will Renew for Second Season?


Recently launched online on December 9, 2022, CAT is an Indian crime drama series. In a short period of time, the first season of the series made a positive impression on the audience.

The protagonist of the aforementioned series is a former police informant who lives under a pseudonym due to his profession. He is unexpectedly contacted and requested to infiltrate and investigate a drug empire whose roots have grown throughout the entire state. During the course of the expedition, he discovers several ties to his dark and hidden history.


The series is praised for its plot, but even more so for its talented cast, led by Randeep Hooda, who tends to leave an impression in every part he plays. A reviewer on IMDb stated that the series is comparable to Sacred Games.

Release Date of CAT Season 2

Regarding the impending CAT Season 2 Release Date, it has not yet been announced. If the show is renewed for a second season, you can anticipate it to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024. We will provide regular updates on this show on our website. Therefore, please bookmark this page and return frequently for the most recent information.


Where Can I Watch CAT?

As a Netflix Original series, this program is available on Netflix. Netflix requires an active subscription to stream this program. Despite the fact that this series is available on Netflix worldwide, it may not be accessible in your country.

CAT Season 2 Release Date: Did the Show Will Renew for Second Season?

The Storyline of CAT Season 2

Yes, we have a great plot for the second season of the show, which would focus on Gurnam's efforts to track down and kill Shetab Singh and Baljit Singh Rajpuria, the murderers of his parents.

Because he has been lying about his parents' death the entire time and was actually one of the perpetrators, his hatred and desire for vengeance on Sehtab are heightened.

In addition, he made him a double agent and did other things. It would be great if they decided to continue the show soon, as it is absolutely worth watching.

The Cast of CAT Season 2

If the series were to be renewed for a second season, I believe it would retain the same actors, as the plot would be similar to the first season. The series features an outstanding cast that may do more than just justice to the characters they portray.

As previously stated, Randeep Hooda plays the part of Gurnam Singh, a double agent, as the series' primary character. The series' supporting characters are portrayed by Pramod Pathak, Survinder Vicky, Geeta Agarwal Sharma, Hasleen Kaur, Kavya Thapar, Coral Bhamra, and Raman Deep Yadav.

Danish Pratap Singh is now portraying the character of Sunny Singh. The supporting cast also includes Navneet Kaur Thind, Eklavey Kashyap, Emily R. Acland, Rehmat Rattan, Daksh Ajit Singh, Manish Gulati, Neha Pawar, Sukhwinder Chahal, Gurinder Makna, Avyaana, and Sachin Negi.

Recap of CAT Season 1

As stated previously, the plot is based on the governmental corruption, crime, and drug problems of Punjab. The narrative occurs between the late 1990s and early 2000s. The plot centers on the character Gurnam Singh, who is simply an ordinary person who previously worked undercover for the police in order to identify the killer of his parents.

CAT Season 2 Release Date: Did the Show Will Renew for Second Season?

When the same officer who recruited Gurnam as a child urges him to infiltrate a narcotics organization, Gurnam is persuaded to resume his double life. His brother had been implicated in a narcotics case, and he felt compelled to become an undercover agent to protect his brother's safety, despite his mixed feelings.

Gurnam's father was murdered by Sehtab for denouncing Mastaan and Rajpuria for attempting to smuggle weapons across the Indo-Pakistani border. As in other cliche Bollywood films, a relative of the main character contacts the police to report a crime, and the police officer who arrives to investigate turns out to be an accomplice of the criminals.

Gurnam ends the series by disguising himself by shaving his beard and cutting his hair. He swears on this document that he will chase his opponents all the way to Canada, or any other destination if necessary and that he will seek vengeance against each of them in every way possible.


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