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Updated on January 27, 2022

Starting this post with the video clip of the Cardinal Season 4 and after that, we are going to talk about the other features of the series, so let’s roll on.


Cardinal is one of the crime television American series which is broadcasted on 2017 in two languages, one in English and the other in french. The English version aired on CTV whereas the Super Écran has the lead of the French version. The show is inspired by the crime drama’s novel of  Giles Blunt( writer).

The series focuses on a police detective name John Cardinal( from which the series name is taken) and his companion Lise Delorme. They both are assigned to solve the criminal cases in the city of Algonquin Bay.

The former season comes up with six seasons which are adapted from the John Cardinal novel Forty Words for Sorrow (2000). In the novel, John talks about the girl who is murdered.

The first season becomes a success story for the officials which is the reason the show is awarded numerous awards like Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance, Candian Screen Award for Best Photography, and a lot more for the Originality and Picture Edit.

cardinal season 4


The Cardinal series is renewed for the second installment On February 28, 2017,  and right after a couple of weeks later the show again gets renewed for the third bit. The second and the third season came out on 11 January 2018 and 24 January 2019.

The last episode of the third installment aired on 6 March 2019 and creators stopped there but It’s April 5, 2019, the final shooting day in this northern Ontario city for the crime drama “Cardinal.”

The story starts with the kidnapped of a prominent politician’s husband in order to kill him from the exposure. In this incident both the agents, Cardinal and Delorme reckon that someone is hired to do this.

They solved out the cast but someone is not happy with this that is Cardinal because this is going to be their last case together because after the Delorme is going to Toronto for a new job.

After a prominent politician’s husband is abducted and then left to die from exposure, Cardinal and Delorme suspect that a hired killer is targeting those close to four people, out of revenge for a cover-up in their past.

Cardinal and Delorme grow closer but this case will be their last together as Delorme takes a new job in Toronto.

Series Adaptations-

  • Cardinal Season 1-Forty Words for Sorrow (2000).
  • Cardinal Season 2- Blunt’s third Cardinal novel, Blackfly Season
  • Cardinal Season 3-By the Time You Read This and Crime Machine.
  • Cardinal Season 4- Sixth Novel, Until The Night.
Season Name Cardinal Season 4
Genre Crime
Release Date 27 April 2020
Director Nathan Morlando
Streaming Platform Hulu
Lead Role Billy Campbell

Who Are In Cardinal Season 4?

The Cardinal Season 4 has the same featuring actors that we have seen in the former seasons. Billy Campbell who is as Det. John Cardinal with Karine Vanasse as Det. Lise Delorme and Kristen Thomson as Det. Sgt. Noelle Dyson.

Glen Gould as Det. Jerry Commanda, James Downing as Det. Ian McLeod, Eric Hicks as Const. Derek K. Fox and Alanna Bale as Kelly Cardinal is also there in the series again in their respective roles.

Some new characters are also introduced in the show that is Carmen Moore as Sheila Gagne, Shawn Doyle as Scott Riley, Linda Goranson as Adele,  and Currie Graham as Neil Cuthbert.

cardinal Season 4

Cardinal Season 4- Episode List

The fourth season is a small scripted one with only six episodes. Here you can check the names out-

  • Episode 1- Robert
  • Episode 2- Adele
  • Episode 3- Barry 
  • Episode 4- Neil
  • Episode 5- Scott
  • Episode 6- John and Lise

Where We To Access Cardinal Season 4 So Easily?

Do you thing And finally …
Season four sees our detectives trying to stop a killer who leaves their victims to freeze to death. It’s a compellingly nightmarish scenario but it’s not only the murders that challenge the pair, as they deal with their past and questions about their futures. (There’s a lot more going on in season four, but ‘trying to tell you without telling you’ is proving very tricky! Trust us, watch seasons 1 to 3 and you’ll understand why fans have been waiting to see what happens in season 4.)

Seasons 1 to 4 of Cardinal are now streaming at SBS On Demand. Start from the beginning:

Cardinal S1 Ep1 – Cardinal
Continue to the 4th and final season:

Cardinal S4 Ep1 – Robert

There are some other platforms that are better than Netflix Or Amazon Prime?  If you want the best experience then watch it there. However, it is also available on the BBC, iPlayer, and Hulu.

Cardinal Season 4- Ratings!

The first season received 1.037 million views which comparatively lower than the fourth one because the fourth one crosses more than 1.089 million Canadian views.

Talking about the rating meters, the show grades for the fourth season aren’t calculated at this time because of the fewer votes and audience interactions on the rating platforms.

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Canadian Screen Awards For The Cardinal Series-

  • Best Actor in a Limited Program or Television Film (Campbell)
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Program (Macdonald)
  • Photography in a Drama Series (Steve Cosens)
  • Editing in a Drama Series (Teresa De Luca)
  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series.
  • Music in a Fiction Program or Series (Todor Kobakov)
  • Canadian Screen Award for Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series.
  • Best Casting (Jon Comerford and Lisa Parasyn)
Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Music, Fiction.


Have you seen the show? If, no then it’s a highly recommended one to watch because of the amazing plotline, featuring actors and super locations.

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