Cannon Busters Season 2: When Will Netflix Release It? Official Release And More

Are you excited to know whether we are getting Cannon Busters Season 2? If, your answer is yes! Then you are on the right platform 🙂 In our today’s post we are going to discover each and every detail regarding the sequel, so let’s start.

Will There Be Cannon Busters Season 2?

Cannon Busters is an American dream comic book series by LeSean Thomas, dispatched in March 2005. A unique net movement anime series by Satelight and Yumeta Company was delivered on Netflix on August 15, 2019.

Since the anime end, the audience started talking about the “Cannon Busters Season 2,” but at this time the anime is not renewed and we haven’t heard more from the side of creators, so we aren’t able to tell you that whether the show is going to be renewed or not.

For knowing the actual releasing status, I think we have to wait a bit more…

So, let’s hang ourselves tight for the updates, stay tuned when we get more about this then we are going to add more in this post.

Do you want to know about some new animes then here we can start with the Kaze No Stigma which is a wonderful anime only for those who love Battlesmagic, and comedy, all in all, it’s a must-watch anime, also read whether it is coming for its the second season or not?

What About The Storyline? Who Will Be In The Cannon Busters Season 2?

Assuming Season 2 comes, we trust that it will begin from where the initial segment finished in light of the fact that a few volumes are left from the Manga series from which the further plot could be taken, although the first season is left with so many unsolved queries.

Talking about the characters in the Cannon Busters Season 2 we could hope to see our old familiar characters again, so what about recalling them one by one? Starting with my favorite figure from the anime Philly the Kid who is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka for the Japanese version and Kenny Blank for the English one.

Rest of the anime figures are-

  • S.A.M Voiced by: Hinaki Yano (Japanese); Kamali Minter (English)
  • Prince Kelby Voiced by: Junji Majima (Japanese); Zeno Robinson (English)
    The young prince of Botica. He was separated from his close friend, S.A.M. when his kingdom was under attack. He had to travel with Odin to Gara’s Keep, much to his concerns.
  • Locke Lock Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese) Billy Bob Thompson (English).
  • 9ine Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto (Japanese) Greg Chun (English).
  • Casey Turnbuckle Voiced by Shiori Izawa (Japanese); Stephanie Sheh (English).
  • Odin Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese) Darien Sills-Evans (English).
  • Hilda Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese) Angelique Perrin (English).
  • Dex Voiced by: Mabuki Ando (Japanese) Mela Lee (English).
  • Bridge Voiced by: Ayaka Shimizu (Japanese) Marin Miller (English).
  • Manic Voiced by Yuko Īda (Japanese) Kausar Mohammed (English).
  • Coin Voiced by: Shima Asakawa (Japanese) Angelique Perrin (English).
  • King Bulgher Voiced by Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese) John Eric Bentley (English).
  • 12Welve Voiced by Rina Kitagawa (Japanese) Sumalee Montano (English).
  • Unit6273 Voiced by Ikumi Hayama (Japanese) Marianne Miller (English).
  • Lady Day Voiced by Misa Watanabe (Japanese) Debra Wilson (English).
  • Jojo Voiced by Tomo Muranaka (Japanese) Melissa Hutchison (English).

So, from the aforementioned name which anime character do you admire the most and why? Tell us your answer in our comment section.

Cannon Busters season 2

When Do We Get The Official Teaser of Cannon Busters Season 2?

The Official trailer of Cannon Busters Season 2 isn’t out yet!… in any case, you can watch this previous trailer of the anime… The trailer gets an opportunity to be out a few months before the real delivery.

At the point when we get the official teaser, then, at that point, we will refresh more in a similar post, till then stay tuned.

Last Words

As we have seen that the odds of getting the anime in this year is low yet yes! We could expect the “Cannon Busters Season 2” later on, so we should hang tight for more future updates… Till then stay tuned for more additional with us at

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