Candy Hulu Release Date: Where Can I Watch the Movie?

True crime miniseries are in high demand at this time of year. Fans of the genre have a lot of programming to choose from these days, so chances are your TV viewing routine is already jam-packed. The good thing is that Hulu has a second option for you if you still haven’t had enough.

Jessica Biel stars in the new Netflix miniseries, Candy, which chronicles the true story of Candy Montgomery, a small-town housewife in Texas who killed her friend Betty Gore in 1980 with an ax but was ultimately found not guilty of murder. ‘Inspired by the true story, the five-episode miniseries explores Montgomery’s motivations and how she got away with her crimes. Before delving in, are you curious about Candy? Find out more about Candy’s release date, cast, and more in the following sections.

The Hulu show “Candy” Has No Clear Plot.

Texas housewife Candy Montgomery, a well-respected member of the neighborhood, viciously murdered her friend Betty Gore on June 13, 1980, with an ax. Candy is based on a true story of a gruesome murder in the 1980s. Montgomery is depicted as a sad housewife who has become involved in an extramarital romance with her husband’s best friend, Allan Gore (portrayed in the series by Pablo Schreiber).

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Because Montgomery was the last person to see Betty alive, he became a suspect in the murder and was subsequently convicted. Montgomery was acquitted and released despite Gore being slashed an estimated 41 times. Montgomery’s trial will also be featured in the five-episode documentary to make sense of the horrific occurrence.

When Can We Expect Candy to Be Released?

candy hulu release date

Starting on Monday, May 9, Hulu will release a new episode of Candy every day until the show’s conclusion on Friday, May 13. Each episode can be viewed independently, or you can wait until May 13 to watch them all at once.
There is no official trailer for Candy.

Yes! This show’s hair is out of this world! Candy’s breakdown and the tension brewing in a tiny Texas hamlet may be glimpsed as the wigs that await us in this film.

Can You Tell Me How Many Episodes of Candy There Will Be?

The five-episode series premieres on Hulu from Monday, May 9, through Friday, May 13, with all five episodes airing simultaneously. In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, executive producer Michael Uppendahl explained the choice to only have five episodes: “We wanted to get it down to its most magnificent form. Something was missing from it that I couldn’t put my finger on.

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The episode—the crime—was partly motivated by the banality of their existence, which was condensed into a shorter length of time for us to narrate. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to linger on it. This was further described by the show’s co-creator and EP, Nick Antosca: “Each episode has a discrete tone. It’s just like any other day. Here’s the story, and here’s what we know thus far about the probe. The trial is here. It seemed to us that the story had five distinct parts.”

Candy stars which actors?

candy hulu release date

Candy’s roster is chock-full of well-known actors, even if they are dressed in 1980s garb. As Mary Camden on the WB family drama Seventh Heaven, you may recognize Biel. After having an affair with her friend’s husband, Biel slashes her friend’s husband 41 times with an ax after becoming bored and unsatisfied in her housewife role. In the first season of The Sinner, Biel played a similarly enraged woman to rave reviews. Justin Timberlake is the father of Biel’s two children.

Lynskey, dressed as Candy’s friend and murder victim Betty, is on the receiving end of the ax. While she’s best known for playing Shauna in Showtime’s harrowing thriller Yellowjackets, Lynskey has appeared in films like Heavenly Creatures, Away We Go, and television shows such as Castle Rock and Mrs. America before her role in Yellowjackets.

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On other occasions, Schreiber is seen as Beth’s husband and the man who has an affair with Candy in the series. Timothy Simons, who played Jonah on VEEP and recently appeared in Station Eleven, portrays Candy’s husband, Pat Montgomery. Finally, Tony-nominated actor Ral Esparza takes on the role of Candy’s attorney, Don Crowder. The 2006 revival of Company and the Boy George musical Taboo has brought Esparza critical acclaim, but you may know him as another lawyer he’s portrayed: ADA. Law and Order: SVU featured Rafael Barba.

Is Candy Based on a Book or a Movie?

candy hulu release date

Candy, Hulu’s new true-crime series, has a lot of information. Even the journalists who wrote the book on Candy Montgomery’s story, Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, have been enlisted as consulting producers by the show’s creative team.

Their book is a significant source of inspiration for this story. On the other hand, the actual case files provided a wealth of material and documentation to pore over: “We had interviews with persons who were involved and in attendance in the courtroom or at the police station,” says Esparza in an interview with The List. “We had transcripts of the trial and images of the crime site, and we had interviews with the people who were involved.”

What Is the Show Candy on Hulu About?

The new Hulu series “Candy” takes us back to an actual crime that horrified Texas and the rest of the country back in the late 1970s. Candy Montgomery was accused of the murders of a close friend and a fellow church member they both frequented, both of whom were identified as Candy’s victims.

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