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Campoine Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

campione season 2

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

Action, Adventure, and Romance, if you are getting all these in a single plate then it's more than enough for us and when it's in the animated series or anime then it will be like more topping to your favorite pizza which is the reason today we have chosen to discuss this astounding, Campione series and Campione Season 2.

Campione is an animated series that is adapted completely from the light novel series which is drafted by Jō Taketsuki and on the other side, adorn by Sikorsky. The first print of the series was done by Shueisha in May 2008 that covers twenty-one volumes.

Although, the creators took some time to show the series on our screens, approximately four years. The television version of the series aired in July 2012 and the last episode was released in September 2012 by the  AT-X and Tokyo MX.

After getting the first part, the urge of getting more increased among the audience… Well, concerning the inquiries we are going to cover everything about “Campione's second installment.”

Starting with the main question- will there be Campione season 2?

Will There Be A Campione Season 2?

It's been more than six years since the creators aren't giving a single hint or hope regrading to the second installment of Campione.

Although the show is not canceled too, so we could hope to get the series in the future years.

Who Will Be In The Campione Season 2?

The anime has only a few characters, however, the creators have assigned two voice artists for both the English and the Japanese dubbed version.

Starting with my favorite Godou Kusanagi who is the main character of the anime, voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese) and Blake Shepard(English).

Other Figures Are-

 Campiones List-

Some minor changes have chances to occur in the second installment like some new voice artists would be there with their typical characters or some new figures would be seen too otherwise everything will remain the same as it is.

Campione Season 2- Expected Plotline

The Campione is based on the story of Godou Kusanagi, who used to play basketball but get retired because of a bruise. One day his grandfather gave him a task to hand over the stone tablet to one of his friends Lucrezia Zora, who belonged to Sardinia.

In his journey, he met a bad spirit personality named Erica Blandelli and after Blandelli he meets God of War, Verethragna.

Godou kills God and now he becomes a Campione or we can say that the “murderer of God.” Now his main goal is to rule the world and torture the good souls but one problem always comes with the Campione Tag is that the girls easily get attracted towards him.

Erica is also one of those girls, who had a crush on Sodou but every time he came in contact with her off-kilter and misjudged circumstances occurs specifically for him. Every time he fights with the supremes, he kisses the young lady he purchased with him.

In the second installment, we are going to see Sodou is killing more Gods and kissing more and more girls, or may he is going to be killed by one God or a good spirit.

On the other side we are also going to see Erica's love towards him maybe this time she is going to show more affection towards him, what do you think will happen in Campione Season 2?

Name of the Show Campoine Season 2
Genre Action, comedy and romance
Release Date Not Announced
Created By Jukki Hanada


Platform  Netflix and Amazon Prime

Where We Can Watch The Campione Series?

If you haven't watched the show yet then go and access it simply on Netflix, Brit Box, and also on Amazon Prime Video.

Last Words-

The dates aren't established for the anime's second installment maybe the creators are busy with their schedules or they have some other plans this year whatever the reason is… When we get the updates we will drop more in this post.

And now I think, we have talked a lot, right? So now it time to end, see you soon in our next post, so don’t forget to bookmark us.

If you have anything in your mind regarding the Campione Season 2 or any other series then please let me know in the comment section to give you an instant solution.

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