Camelot Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


Last Updated: January 30, 2022

King Arthur was a famous British king and is popular among the people. The king, who once used to rule over the British and made quite a name after winning many battles. This king not only holds an important power at that time but still today. The generation is crazy over his famous quotes, thoughts, and personality that there are many books and movies devoted to him. One of which is Camelot. 


A Fantasy TV series that revolves around the life of Camelot and his kingdom. The show generates hype in the release and people have actually watched the show just because it was about King Arthur. Camelot was actually released in 2011 with its all-new season 1. After the season ended, people were eagerly waiting to see what happened next. The show, of course, ended after the first season and the fans of this show couldn’t keep calm. The wait for season 2 has been a long battle for the viewers and I know you are one of them. 

If you are still wondering about the second season then You shouldn’t have to worry. In this article, we'll be discussing the second season deeply. 


Camelot – What are you missing about it?

Camelot season 2

A Television drama series which was based on the famous British king named Arthur King. Camelot is actually a fantasy drama television that revolves in the fictional town of Britain. The show is created by Michael Hirst and Chris Chibna for the Starz Tv channel

The show was first released on 1 April 2011 and it shortly made popular around the world. The show gained over 1+ Million viewership for the first season and it was a great start for a show like this to get popular at that time. The popularity was mainly because it was based on the life of King Arthur. The people want to know more about this show as it was really gaining the hype. 

But after airing 10 episodes, there was nothing more about the show that the fans herald. It has been almost 10 years and still, there is nothing that is released. Do the fans have to wait for the second season?

Camelot Season 2- Is there a season 2?

Camelot season 2

After the release of the first season, the second season was decided to not renew. The people were really looking forward to the second season but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. On 30 June 2011, the officials of the Camelot series released a statement that clearly stated that there will be no more Camelot season 2 according to TV Series Finale

The people were really furious after hearing this news as it was doing really good. The show gained good viewership and even the audience also showed their appreciation for this show. 

In an interview, the creator said, “I didn’t expect it but it was the last. The show has ended and *a pause* it has to be. I am grateful that I was a part of this super amazing show.”

Name of the Show Camelot Season 2
Genre Historical Drama
Release Date Canceled
Created By Michael Hirst
Platform  Starz TV Channel

Camelot Season 2- Why was it Cancelled?


The news of the cancellation was a sudden hit along with the people. The audience wanted to know more about this show but it never happened. While the other show was canceled because some didn’t fulfill the demand of the people while others failed to attract much audience. 

But this was something that didn’t happen with Camelot. The reason for not renewing this series was the conflicts between the actors. I have seen many TV shows that do have the same problem but the creators still try to hide them on-screen. This is what Professionalism is called. There are times when the actors started to date each other and then they broke up, still they act for the show. But the Camelot case was a little different.

The conflicts started between many cast members including Fiennes, Campbell Bower, and Green being the main reason behind it.  These three are the real reason for the cancellation of the second season. 

On the other hand, the people were thinking that there might be a love triangle and there are several other predictions about it.  But nothing ever came out. Now the main cast members are not a part of this series then there is no other way for season 2. 

Camelot Season 2 – Is there any chance of it happening?

The series has officially decided to not renew for its upcoming season. However, the story was incomplete and there were a lot of details that needed to fill. Now, the story is already finished but all of these happened because of the disagreement between the main cast. If in the future, the cast decided to resolve their things and make the show again then only we can hope for another season. 

There are other possibilities that might take place for this show. If the creators decide to cast some other actors for their role then we might see a second season but I don’t really think this will take place. Because history is an example that every time a show has changed its cast, it didn’t go well. So, I don’t think that there are many chances for it to happen. 

Was King Arthur A Real Person?

King Arthur is indeed a real person. He was also known by Arthurian legend and today’s people are crazy over him. Along with Napoleon, he was the most studied king of the generation. King Arthur was the most successful and powerful ruler of the British and his dominance can be understood through his victory in the Saxon war.

After watching the series if you thought that the story is all fictional then let me tell you it isn’t.

The story is based on historical stories and yes, there are some parts that are fictional to add the drama in the show. The Camelot is actually a word that originates from the time period of King Arthur’s rule. 

Camelot is a place where all the important things take place. You can understand this by a Court or a castle where there is every important decision held. And that’s why the show is also named by this name. 

Final words

The Camelot series is not renewed for the second season. The series was first released on and the first season was the last season of this historical drama show. If Historical Drama and romance are your go-to pick up then you should consider this series for once. There are a lot of things unsaid about this series but due to the conflicts between the main cast. The first season has 10 episodes with 21-25 minutes of average screen time. 

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