Fans Are Thrilled To Know “Call the Midwife Season 13” CONFIRMATION, Check Out Now!

Thankfully, fans have been able to watch the 12th season of Call the Midwife. We all have heard the story of midwives from our mothers or grandmothers during their time. Their story was filled with many challenges that remained unknown to the common people during the time.

However, the new series Call The Midwife is here to explore the dynamic storyline of the midwife during their professional career. The series was initially released in 2012 And became a spectacular hit.

If you are in two fantasy drama series, then Call the  Midwife is something that you should not skip to watch. The story is popularly followed around the midwife, as the title indicates. One can see the growth of the series after the release of 12 seasons back-to-back.

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Genre Period drama
Created by Heidi Thomas
Based on Memoirs of Jennifer Worth
Narrated by Vanessa Redgrave
Composers Peter Salem, Maurizio Malagnini
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 12
No. of episodes 104
Executive producers
  • Pippa Harris
  • Heidi Thomas
Producer Annie Tricklebank
Production location Poplar, London
Cinematography Chris Seager
Running time 60–90 minutes
Production company Neal Street Productions
Original network BBC One (United Kingdom)

PBS (United States)

Original release 15 January 2012 –


Call the Midwife Season 13: What is the Potential Release Date?

After the conclusion of the 12th season, a lot of people started to wonder about the possible future of the series. Being a popular show, there is no doubt that this period drama is going to arrive on the screen super soon.

While sales have waited for the creators to announce the details, it is finally here. Yes, you heard it right, the officers have confirmed the renewal of 13 seasons on their Instagram post. So to all those people who are wondering whether there will be another season of the series or not, it is finally happening Yayyy!!

“BREAKING!! It’s official – Call the Midwife has begun filming for Series 13!!” the post’s caption reads.

“We bring these pics straight from our filming set, where our intrepid Buckles, accompanied by the lovely Cyril, have the honor of beginning Series 13 with the opening scene!!”

“Actors Cliff Parisi, Zephryn Taitte, and Annabelle Apsion were on hand to pose for our traditional clapperboard shot, while the marvelous Daniel Laurie (Reggie, pictured) was waiting in the wings to begin his year’s work with the family:-)”

“We have SO MUCH to show you – beginning with our Christmas Special – so stay tuned!!”

“Call the Midwife returns with a new Christmas Special, and Series 13 in 2024”

If you have not read about the previous season, check out Call the Midwife Season 10. Know what the show was all about.

Call the Midwife Season 13 Cast: Who will be in it?

There has been a long question regarding the possible cast for the upcoming season of the series. It is common for people to expect their favorite character to be back and when asked about it, the actor told, “At the moment, all I’m thinking about is Call the Midwife because that’s in front of me, and I don’t know what the future holds.

She further remarks “I don’t know if the show wants me until 2026. They might not want to go there. I don’t know. One never really knows but as far as I’m concerned, I’m not looking for the next thing.

“I’m not looking to catch the next branch. I’m gripping the branch I’m on at the moment, and giving it everything I’ve got.”

  • Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne
  • Rebecca Gethings plays Sister Veronica
  • Linda Bassett plays Nurse Phyllis Crane
  • Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner
  • Stephen McGann plays Dr. Patrick Turner
  • Max Macmillan plays Timothy Turner
  • Georgie Glen plays Miss Higgins
  • Cliff Parisi plays Fred Buckle
  • Annabelle Apsion plays Violet Buckle
  • Daniel Laurie plays Reggie Jackson

Moreover, after watching the show, people wonder if Trixie (Helen George) and Matthew might not return as they are comfortable in their married life.

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Call the Midwife Season 13 Plot: What to Expect with it?

Talking about the possible plot of the upcoming season, we saw how The show’s creator Heidi Thomas talked about it. She allowed viewers to believe in the potential plot that will be filled with emotional stories on their way while saying: “We are a family behind the scenes, on the screen, and in front of the telly, and I’m thrilled that we’re all heading into the 1970s together.”

Dame Pippa Harris, executive producer also revealed that “[The renewal is a] tremendous achievement and it’s a testament to the passion and dedication of our cast and crew, of whom I’m very proud.”

What More to Expect with Call the Midwife?

In an interview with George, he admitted to being certainly fearful about Trixie’s talk about the future. “You never have complete control. It’s a genuine fear.

“You never know and they might just come to a point where they think, ‘Do you know what, we’ve got nothing more to say about your character. There’s nothing left to do with you. So you’re off.’ It happens.”

We have no updates on the future but we are certainly looking ahead to learn about it.

On the other hand, Olly Rix, who played Matthew, told them in an interview, “Their focus is on changing things around them. It doesn’t seem to be remotely in their characters to just hang that all up now and enjoy the quiet life. That’s not who they are.

“There’s no sense that he’s wanting to extricate himself or her from that.” He added: “His money is something that facilitates that but, money or not, that’s where his heart is.”

Adding to it, George also said: “They’ve got so much work to do there and they’re both very driven, so I can’t see them moving away.”

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Call the Midwife Season 13 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, the 13 seasons of the show are recently greenlit and we feel that it is super soon for the officials to speculate the possible future of the show. If by any chance you have not watched the trailer of the previous season, here it is.

Where to watch the show?

If you haven’t watched a single episode of Call the Midwife it is exclusively available on PBS to stream. The series is worth watching for the audience who loves period drama. If you want any recommendations, we are here to help you.

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Final Verdict

The last season of the show was released recently, and as soon as it was concluded, people started to wonder about the future potential of the show. In today’s article, we will be going to explore everything about Call the Midwife season 13.

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