Call the Midwife Season 12: Who Is the Star Cast in This Season?

It's presently airing in the United States as an excellent historic drama.

The story follows Jenny, a twenty-two-year-old midwife in London's East End, as she leaves her wealthy family in 1957 to work in the city's East End. She's shocked when she learns she'll be living in a convent.

While working with other nurses and medically-trained nuns in the slums, Jenny learns about the hardships the moms face, but she also meets some of the sweetest and most muscular women she has ever met. When Jenny departs Nonnatus, she will continue to capture the lives of the midwives who have become her family.
For 11 seasons, Jenifer Worth paid off the program by honoring every ounce of it. The 11th season was published in February 2022. Since then, Call the Midwife supporters have been anxiously awaiting word on the show's future.

Season 12 of Call the Midwife: When Is the Season 12 Premiere Date?

Fans of Call, the Midwife, are anxiously awaiting the release date of Season 12 of the show.

Early in April 2021, the BBC announced that they would be airing season 11 and seasons 12 and 13 even before season 10 aired in the UK. There will be eight one-hour episodes and a Christmas special next season, just like in the previous ones.
The new season of Call the Midwife will premiere in 2023. If previous seasons are any indication, we expect it to be released in the summer of 2023, but there is no word on whether or not there will be a specific release date for Season 12.

Season 12 of Call the Midwife: What Is the Storyline?

call the midwife season 12

The 12th season of Call the Midwife has begun filming.

During the 1950s, midwives in the UK were underappreciated. Due to famine deaths and women's mortality due to poor healthcare, the population grew during this period.

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Many children were born out of wedlock in this new rising Britain during this period. As a result, they were abandoned in orphanages where kids were mistreated and had little care and nutrition.

On the other hand, midwives were obligated to provide healthcare to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Season 11 closes with them finally being able to live their lives as normal human beings, free of the burden of being midwives.

Season 12 of Call the Midwife will once again examine how the liberated nuns of Poplar are now moving forward with their lives and going above and beyond, showing themselves to be excellent midwives.

It's fascinating to see how the cast members come to terms with the fact that they were born with certain traits and then go back to work, or if they become powerless in their minds.

Also, they need to assess if they are being blackmailed or supported throughout the process. In a patriarchal society, the show provides a voice for feminism and female empowerment that is rarely heard.

Who Will Reappear in the Nonnatus House in Season 12 of “Call the Midwife”)?

call the midwife season 12

Jenny Agutter portrays Sister Julienne, Judy Parfitt portrays Sister Monica Joan, Linda Bassett portrays Phyllis Crane, and Stephen McGann portrays Patrick Turner in the British historical drama series. Laura Main portrays Shelagh Turner, Zephryn Taitte portrays Cyril Robinson, and Cliff Parisi portrays Fred in this case.

Helen George portrays Trixie in the series. Annabelle Apsion plays Violet Buckle, Leonie Elliott plays Lucille Anderson, and Daniel Laurie plays Reggie Jackson in the film.

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There are several other notable actors in the show and those already named. If a new season of Call the Midwife is released, the majority of the core cast is expected to return to their original roles.

Most of the cast should return for the upcoming 12th season. More guest stars for the Christmas special and Season 12 will be revealed in the following weeks.

What Occurred in ‘call the Midwife' Season 11?

Call the Midwife has proven that it is more than just a cute baby show for Sunday nights; it is also not afraid to handle severe and emotionally charged themes like abortion.

A few upcoming season details were hinted at by Jenny Agutter, who plays Sister Julienne. Since 1967, we've reached the middle of our sixties. I believe Sister Julienne is addressing the rise in expectations of individuals, which I think she is. She is grateful for everything that exists, but she is also aware that some of those things may offer issues in and of themselves. Consumers face many issues due to the wide range of options available.

Additionally, the show touches on a wide range of topics. It's good to see Timothy Turner grow up, become a doctor, and make his first call alongside his father. Because we grew up in the '80s and '90s, we regularly run into gangsters.'

In light of Trixie's involvement in his wife's birth and death, Matthew's relationship with Trixie will be interesting. As a result, it is a harrowing tale that has been handled with care. Helen George, who portrays Trixie, has also hinted that her character's relationship with Matthew will deepen this season…

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It's easy to observe the growing affection between Trixie and Matthew due to having had such a life-changing experience. It's remarkable to witness when a link of friendship, trust, and support forms between two people.

Watch the Show: Where Can You Find It?

call the midwife season 12

Call the Midwife was based on the real-life experiences of Jennifer Worth, a midwife in Poplar in the 1950s and 1960s. It was Heidi Thomas who drew on the writings of Worth, who went on to publish three volumes about her career as a midwife.

You can watch all nine seasons of Call, The Midwife on Netflix, and all ten seasons on PBS. In addition, Amazon Prime members can view seasons 1 to 10.


We're still waiting for the Call the Midwife Season 12 Trailer to arrive. For now, watch the Call the Midwife Season 11 Teaser Trailer below!

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