Call My Agent Season 5: When Will It Be Back on Netflix?


The French comedy Call My Agent, which is called Dix pour cent in France, was supposed to end last year when the doors of ASK closed at the end of the fourth season.

Fans were sad when the Parisian talent agency closed, but it looks like it will open again soon. After getting a lot of fans around the world during the pandemic, Call My Agent is coming back for a fifth season and a stand-alone movie. Most of the cast is expected to play the same roles in the upcoming movie.


Here's what we know so far about season five of Call My Agent and the movie we didn't even dare to hope for.

When Will Call My Agent Season 5 Come Out? 

At first, the people who made Call My Agent! planned for the fourth season to be the last, but in April, it was announced that a feature-length episode and a fifth season were coming.


Harold Valentin, who works at Mother Production, told Variety, “This show is about a family, not a biological one, but one that formed at work and grew stronger together through ups and downs, so, of course, we want to bring this family back together.”

Call My Agent Season 5

The plan is to start filming the movie in early 2022, followed by the fifth season. However, this will depend on when the cast and crew are available.

Camille Cottin, who plays Andrea, has been busy filming Stillwater and House Of Gucci since the fourth season of Call My Agent! Assaad Bouab, who plays Hicham, has already filmed parts in The Pursuit of Love, Peaky Blinders, and the new Shonda Rhimes show Inventing Anna.

If the cast is available for production to start at the beginning of the year, hopefully, a Call My Agent! the movie would be out sometime in 2023.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Call My Agent season 5?

Variety says that many of the main actors are likely to come back for the movie, including some French and some international (possibly American) stars.

  • Andrea is played by Camille Cottin
  • Camille is played by Fanny Sidney
  • Gabrielis played by Gregory Montel
  • Mathias is played by Thibault de Montalembert
  • Arlette is played by Liliane Rovère
  • Noémie is played by Laure Calamy
  • Hervé is played by Nicolas Maury
  • Sofia is played by Stéfi Celma
  • Hicham is played by Assaad Bouab

It's possible that Sigourney Weaver, Isabelle Huppert, or José Garcia, who all played themselves on the show, will come back for the movie.

There's no doubt that the movie could have some exciting cameos from famous people. Who knows which big-name stars in Hollywood might hire Andréa as their new agent?

What Will Happen in Call My Agent Season 5?

Even though not much is known about season five of Call My Agent, the team behind the hit French show has given hints about the movie that will come before it.

The movie will pick up where season four left off. It will be about Andrea Martel, who is played by Camille Cottin. Several storylines are being considered, but Besnehard said that he wants some of the movie to be shot in New York.

Call My Agent Season 5

“For now, we're going to make a movie that we're just starting to write, and I hope it will take place in New York because all American actors who aren't trying to be cool want to be there,” he told Europe 1.

Fans will remember that Andrea once thought about moving to New York to pursue a job opportunity there, and she planned to bring Camille with her as an assistant.

The last time we saw the ASK agents, their agency had fallen apart. Gabriel had joined Starmedia, and Camille, Mathias, and Arlette had started their own agency. Andrea wanted to leave the business and was thinking about writing a series about French agents, so it's not clear where the movie will pick up with the characters. Maybe the movie and the new show will be about Camille's new agency, CAM.

Is there any Trailer for Call My Agent Season 5?

As the movie and subsequent season 5 of Call My Agent! hasn't started filming yet, so there isn't a trailer to show you. We should see one a month or two before new episodes come out on Netflix. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 4 below:

How to Watch Call My Agent Season 5?

You can watch Call My Agent on Netflix, and it is likely that season 5 will also be available there. If you like the show, keep an eye out for the official announcement of when it will come out.


Call My Agent has become a popular show because of its funny writing, talented cast, and behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment industry. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 5, which is expected to premiere in 2023. Keep an eye out for news about when the new season will be available on Netflix, and get ready to watch it all at once.

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