Cabin In The Woods 2: Is It Confirmed Or Canceled?

Last Updated on January 30, 2022.

Cabin in The Woods 2, is it coming or not. We have covered everything we far know in this article, do you want to know then you need to be with us throughout the end of this article.

Starting with this conversation of Dana and Marty, from the Cabin in The Woods.

Dana: I’m so sorry I almost shot you. I probably wouldn’t have.
Marty: I totally get it. I’m sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf and then ended the world.

Cabin In The Woods 2

The Cabin of The Woods is an American film that is a Horror comedy that is directed by  Drew Goddard and produced by  Joss Whedon. It is written by both Goddard and Whedon.

The story starts with these five names Dana, Jules, Curt, Holden, and Marty. The group went into the woods for a campaign, they live there in a cabin that’s why the name is given as “Cabin in The Woods”.

When they are in the woods they find something tragic happening to them, they find different kinds of things that are not usual. Later, they realize that something is not good here, they find zombies in the woods.

Zombies wanted to eat them and kill them all, thus the whole story revolves around what happens with the whole group, who is killed. The film is loved by the viewers very much and now it’s time for the second sequel for which everyone is waiting, but here is some news related to the second sequel which may break your hearts.

Before revealing that “heart braking news”, have a look at the IMDb ratings and reviews on the first part and then we will going to disclose the real news.

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Cabin in the woods

Cabin In The Woods IMDb Ratings And Reviews

The movie has given a rating of 7.0 out of 10, which is slightly generous for this kind of horror drama, I think so.

Talking about more ratings like Rotten Tomatoes has given this about 92 percent, this is amazing right and on the other hand, Common Sense Media has given this a ratio of 3\5 the rating a bit of different from each other.

For a better understanding of our users, we have collected some of the IMDb users’ reviews, have a look at what they said on this horror drama.


Comedy not horror but ok.


“7 is being generous but I think that’s because some of the reviews I read made this out to be a horror masterpiece.”

“It is completely another end of the spectrum and once I readjusted my expectations during the film I started to enjoy.”

“Totally tongue in cheek and the last 30 minutes was pretty funny. The end scene tone sums up the whole film.”

Oddly Brilliant

“A slow starter but packed full of mystery all o can say for this film is its worth a watch. Difficult to explain but completely original this was such a fun watch once we got going, Grim, dark, and unusually funny it’s fantastic.”
“Understandable characters played fantastically the twist is fantastic. A true spin on elements of horror I highly recommend regardless of your personal taste in this genre. Overall a brisk and fun watch.”
What do you think is 7.0 rating is generous for this drama? Have you seen this before? If, yes then what do you think about this movie, is it horror or not?
Tell us in our comment section, below.


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Is Cabin In The Woods 2 Cancelled?

As stated above the movie is a mix of horror plus comedy, which is directed by Drew Goddard. Now there are many controversies and news, about the sequel second and number of question arises on this.

  • Is the movie canceled for its second installment?
  • Why the second sequel canceled?
  • What happened to the creators?

Yes, the movie is canceled for a second sequel because the creators are out of money. The creators are having some kind of money issues, that’s why they have taken this huge decision.

Some of the fans are upset with this news, as they were waiting for this sequel but its completely on the creators, we can do nothing in it but could find a better alternative for ourself, you can check our entertainment category where you can find a number of web series from Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Hulu and not only web series anime as well.

Source: Screen Rant

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Why Cabin In The Woods 2 “Cancelled” For The Second Sequel?

As stated above this is because of the money issue, we have selected a video which contains all the details about Cabin in the Woods 2, why it is canceled.

Will Cabin In The Woods 2 Ever Happen In Future?

Right now the creator is showing no interest in making this sequel again and also the money issue is also stepping them back from making this sequel, but maybe in the future this “money issue” got resolved and they will renew the ‘Cabins of The Wood’ for a second installment.

Final Word

Well, it is sad news for the Woods fans, even for me too. I know, the fans are not expecting this to happen, even they are waiting for the second sequel but as said above it is completely up to to the creators whether they have to make this or not, we could only hope for the renewal of this sequel.

I hope, you find the article informative if yes, then let us know in our comment section below, also share this with your friends who are waiting for the “Cabin of The Woods 2”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When is “Cabin in The Woods” coming out?

A-The cabin in the words in not coming back again for a second sequel, as it was confirmed by the creators that they are out of money and have no budget for making this sequel. But maybe it renews in the future when creators will have money, but yet there is only News of the cancellation.

Q-Why did two people left at the end of the Cabin in The Woods?

A-The ending is quite impressive in the story, in the end, it was announced by the director if Marty dies the ancient one will not attack the earth. Marty decides to give her life for the sake of saving the life of the earth. Dana also gets taken by the wolves away and even the director is also thrown by the zombies.

Q-Is the part of The Cabin in The Words is the ending from the start?

A-There are chances that the season second will happen again as the very first season ended but the creators now have decided to take their steps back from the second installment. They have no budget for making this sequel, the creators says.

We could not say anything about this, if this kind of situation ever happens, then we promise to update the relevant information, in our article soon for you, but for that, you need to stay tuned with us, follow to get the latest trends and the updates.