Burden of Truth season 4: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer and More

The Burden of Truth is one of the best legal television series of Canadian origin. The show is written by Brad Simpson and directed by Douglas Mitchell. The legal drama first premiered on January 10, 2018, on CBC.

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The Burden of Truth season 4 is simply based on a case between a Mining organization and a group of poor women. Joanna Hanley is a corporate attorney and a pillar of the show. In the entire Plot, you came to know how well he handles the case, and in the end, he protects the women’s house from destruction.

The show has a total of four seasons with 34 episodes. The Burden of Truth season 4 season release on 28 January 2021. It consists of a total of 8 episodes and last aired on March 18, 2021. The show gets tremendous love and warmth from the audience.

 The Cast of Burden of Truth Season 4?

The cast of the show performed very well. The main cast of a legal drama is as follows:-

Kristin Kreuk plays the role of Joanna Chang. She was a corporate attorney and a representative lawyer of a pharmaceutical company.

  • Peter Mooney plays the role of Billy Crawford.  He was the representative lawyer from the girl’s group in season 1. Later he becomes the partner of Joanna’s, in a future season. 
  • Star Slade plays the role of  Luna Spence.  She was the assistant of Joanna and Ross’s girlfriend.
  • Nicola Correia-Damude plays the role of  Diane Evans. He is an old friend of Joanna.
  • Paul Braunstein plays the role of Sam Mercer. He is the chief of Millwood. He is corrupted and indulges in illegal activity like Blackmailing (season3).
  • The Other cast of the show includes Anwen O’Driscoll as Taylor Matheson, Cassandra Potenza as Georgia Lewis, Sera-Lys McArthur as Kodie Chartrand, Dayle McLeod as Katherine Kat as Carmichael, Jessica Matten as Gerrilyn Spence. 

I love the character of Jonna and love to hear your favorite character in the show. You can comment down below in the comment box.

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The Plot of Burden of Truth season 4? 

The storyline of the legal drama is always base on a case but the way it represents in every season is exceptional. It comes with ups and downs and produces a nail bitting effect while watching the show. 

The story of the show revolves around Joanna Hanley. She is a corporate attorney, returns to her hometown in mild wood for a particular case(season 1) that will change his entire life. She is ruthless but a woman of her words

In the Brand new season of Burden of Truth season 4  season, We will see a tussle between Jonna and a mining company. In season 4, an inactive mining firm opened outside Millwood. Joanna and Billy (husband and wife) are the two lawyers who fight against the mining company to save the local woman from some destruction. When the company (mine) takes an action, against Jonna, she is compelled to confront a long-buried truth from her past and refuses to save the fate of her job and her 


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Family. As both sides ready for the verbal war and the future of Millwood at risk, Joanna and Billy had to face a dual challenge of managing her baby and a legal battle against a corporate giant. When they present the evidence, then it clearly visible that mine isn’t what it pretends to be. Joanna finally captures an opportunity to bring the firm to its knees. I love to watch the show. I suggest you watch the series even after the spoiler because of its unique presentation.

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Is there Any Trailer Available for Burden of Truth Season 4?

Burden Of Truth Season 4 is already released in January 2021. you can watch the trailer as well as all the episodes on youtube. You can also watch the previous season on several platforms like fuboTV, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Netflix.

, Netflix.

IMDB rating

The burden of season 4 gets a fabulous IMDb rating as compared to the previous season. Each episode of season 4 gets more than 8.5 ratings. Fans show tremendous love to season 4.


What are the Titles of Episodes in the Burden of Truth Season 4?

The show consists of eight episodes, and they are as follows:

Episode 1:- River City

episode 2:- Breaking Points

episode 3:- From Out the Gloomy Rack

episode 4:- Scorched Earth

episode 5:- Spirits in the Material World

episode 6:- The Homecoming

episode 7:- Where the Shadows Lie Waiting

episode 8:- Standing by Peaceful Waters 

Is Burden of Truth Season 4 a Final Season of the Series?

Yes, season 4 is the final series of the Burden Of Truth. The makers official confirms at the time of the release of season 4. You can expect more because of the tremendous success of season 4.

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Is the Burden of Truth and the Burden of Proof  Different?

Yes, the Burden of Truth and the burden of proof are two different series with different plots. 

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The burden of season 4 is the final season in the series. The legal drama brig up with a twist to engage the audience till the last episode. The show gets tremendous love and affection from the audience. One major issue that brings the show into the limelight was the institutional racism towards indigenous people(in the Legal drama ). Overall the Season 4 is quite impressive and leave an imprint on our heart. If you are a mystery lover, then you definitely love the show. I personally recommend you to watch it.

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