Building Blocks of Art! Learn 6 Fundamental Principles That Define Proficient Artists!


In this realm world of creativity and original artistry, There is a weaving of a thread of imagination in our mind in which self-expression knows no limits. Are you one of those who not just want to be an artist but a talented, creative, and bold artist then you must be familiar with the six fundamental principles of art in the view of enhancing your skills and abilities in this field.

These fundamental principles are mainly well known as grammar of art which involves many concepts of art to support artistry behavior by governing how visual art is created. You must know how to use the lines and shape, interplay of color and light, and tools to create captivating and impressive works of art that just catch the public attention.


Through this post, I have explained these six fundamental principles of art which will significantly elevate your work. Read this article completely to the end and set your path towards becoming a truly exceptional artist. Let's begin your journey on the landscape of creativity.

Everything to Know About All Six Fundamentals of Art

As you all are already aware of the fact that, the world of creativity which is only seen in art is widely demanding and captivating. There are Six principles that serve as a cornerstone of artistic expression. There is no doubt that you will have a chance of numerous opportunities on your way, once you understand and master the concept of art.


6 Fundamental Principles of Art

If you are curious to know those principles then in further below mentioned lines, I have explained about it in detail. Read this article to the end. Before proceeding further, If you have an interest in creating designs then you should learn about The Art of Cel Animation. The step-by-step guide is already given on our platform.


Basically, Anatomy is the study of the structure and organization of living organisms. It is essential to understand Anatomy in order to draw living organisms including Humans, animals, and plants. It enhances your designs by adding more realistic poses and moments such as eating, walking, jumping over the fence, sitting, and so on.

In simple language, it unravels the intricacies which are associated with the composition of living organisms. Do you ever think about how living organisms are built and organized? Anatomy has also been involved in shedding light on the diversity of life on Earth.

Form and Structure

Form and structure are a kind of blueprints for the artist on which he or she labels their desired designs and creations. As you all know any picture is made of basic shapes.  Through this structure as a shape, the artist transfers their raw ideas into sheets.

This helps drawings become more realistic and unique. It breathes life into it. Early artist sketches used only square as well as cylinder shapes to design the main character rather than using curvy shapes. Are you aware of the fact that how many Heart-Shaped Conversation Candies Have Been Around Forever? The heart shape is one of the most demanding shapes of all time.

Lighting and Shadow

Lighting and shadow are a kind of dynamic duo that adds a sense of realistic views to visual composition. This principle generally manipulates the interplay between light and darkness, creating contrast, mood, and atmosphere in their work.

Both terms are internally connected with each other. Lighting can evoke emotions, highlight focal points, and transform mundane scenes into captivating narratives. On the other hand, If we talk about Shadow then It adds depth and perspective, allowing objects to stand out and take shape.

For example, when a lamp illuminates one side of a character's face, it results in casting a shadow either on that side of the character's face or behind the object being illuminated. Digital artists utilize lighting and shadows in their coloring to enhance the depth and authenticity of their drawings, as well as to convey specific emotions or concepts.

6 Fundamental Principles of Art


It is one of the most crucial and amazing fundamentals to know in the view of fact that it transforms a two-dimensional canvas into a three-dimensional world filled with depth and different dimensions. It lets the artist learn the necessary skills associated with the sense of distance, scale, and proportion in their creations.

You can watch the most famous series Painting With John to know the art intricacies better and in an enjoyable manner!

Artists use this technique for the purpose of creating an illusion so that the objects in the foreground are large and more detailed. On the contrary, the objects in the background became smaller and less defined.


Coloring is the first and foremost fundamental principle that literally breathes life into any composition or design. It is a kind of visual language that conveys emotions, mood, and meaning, transcending mere aesthetics to become a powerful tool of expression.

It is crucial for all artists to learn about color theory which plays a significant role in making any art a masterpiece. Apart from this, you should know how to manipulate colors.

You can watch some animation movies like Vazzrock the Animation to learn various animated designs shapes and all as art.


Various elements such as lines, shapes, hues, tones, gaps, arrangements, frameworks, and surface variations can be manipulated and blended within your art to produce a multitude of outcomes. Composition is a fundamental aspect utilized in all forms of art, spanning music, poetry, photography, illustrations, animation, and VFX compositing.


To sum up, everything regarding the fundamental principles of art that I have experienced so far, Learning mentioned six fundamentals which are associated with art is essential to learn in view of brilliance artistry. These are the building blocks of creativity related to art.

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