BTS Bon Voyage Season 2: Release Date | Cast | Storyline | Episodes | And Many More!

Are you excited to Know about BTS Bon Voyage Season? Here, we discuss everything about season 2 which is most liked by the fans and definitely you also want to know and enjoy what BTS boys are doing on the show.

Till now, there are 4 seasons of BTS bangton boys and in this article we are providing more about Season 2 and after it we also write an article on BTS Season 4 as until now four seasons are released and this reality show is loved so much that viewers are waiting for the season 5.

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Bon Voyage is a reality show of South Korea which is released in Korean language.

Bon Voyage is a reality of Korean group boys who travel around the world and their first season took place in Norway, Sweden and Finland for over 10 days and the first and original season premiered on July 5, 2016.

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Why Is the Group Name Called BTS?

Bon Voyage season 2

As you all know, BTS stands for Bangtan Boys, which is a group of 7 Korean Boys who are going beyond the realities and debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013.

This comedy, adventures, and fun reality of Korean boys literally means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” and they are the co-writers and co-producers of this show.

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They also extended their names which means growing youth BTS who are going forward and facing the realities which they face in their show. The name of the group is “to block out stereotypes, criticisms, expectations that aim on adolescent bullets”.

BTS Bon Voyage Season 2 Teaser

Release Date

On June 27, 2017 BTS Bon Voyage second season was released which took over 9 days in Hawaii.

Cast Members

  • Bang Si Hyuk, Executive Producer
  • Jin, Main Host
  • Suga, Main Host
  • J-Hope, Main Host
  • RM, Main Host
  • Park Ji Min, Main Host
  • V, Main Host
  • JEon Jung Kook, Main Host

Storyline of Bon Voyage Season 2

Bon Voyage season 2

Bon Voyage is the reality of BTS Member group boys who travel around the world and shows their experience, what they do their and move forward while enjoying.

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Episodes of Season 2 of Bon Voyage

There are 8 episode of this reality show of Korean boys-

Episode No Episode Title Release Date
1 Aloha, Hawaii! June 27, 2017
2 Henna, Turtles, Key Rings July 04, 2017
3 Shouting BTS Out in the Center of Hawaii July 11, 2017
4 The First Helicopter Experience July 18, 2017
5 Mission! Find the Lodging! July 25, 2017
6 Waikiki’s Night is More Beautiful Than Your Day August 01, 2017
7 Enjoy a Hula Dance August 08, 2017
8 Count One, Two, Three If you Trust August 15, 2017

IMDb Ratings of Bon Voyage Season 2

You can check out IMDb ratings on the given link and episode 6 and episode no. 7 is rated highly on IMDb.(1)

Where to Watch Season 2 of Bon Voyage

  • Weverse
  • V Live App
  • Netflix
  • Dailymotion
  • Amazon Prime

Why did Sugu leave During Bon Voyage?

Bon Voyage season 2

In Season 3, Suga leaves Bon Voyage as his distant relative passed away so his parents called him to come back home and he also told this behind the scenes that due to death in the family he has to go back so he could pay his respect to that relative.

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How Many Seasons Are There of BTS Bon Voyage?

There are 4 seasons of BTS Bon Voyage which are released upto 2019 and now fans are waiting for the new season of this group.

Which Bon Voyage Season is Best?

Season 4, Newzealand is the best season among all the seasons of Bon Voyage.

See one fan is waiting for season 5

Last Lines

You can watch all seasons of Bon Voyage on the above platforms and also watch many reality shows which are given below.

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  • The Circle
  • The Challenge
  • Love is Blind
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