BTS Announces Formally Intentions to Recruit Members, Beginning with Jin

According to a statement issued today (17 October 2022), the K-Pop sensation BTS will shortly begin enlistment procedures in the South Korean military. The enrollment will begin with Kim Soek-Jin, also known as Jin, the group’s eldest member.

Bright Music, the label that manages the band BTS, made the announcement public. The BTS member Jin is scheduled to release a solo album before the end of this month. After the release of the single album, enrollment will commence.

BigHit Music is pleased to announce that the members of BTS are now making preparations to complete their military service. “After the spectacular concert in support of Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030, and as each member begins on separate pursuits, the timing is ideal, and the members of BTS are honored to serve,” said the official statement from Big Hit Music.

There are currently no formal statements regarding the enrollment of the remaining members; however, it is believed that the enlistment will follow the order of their ages, with the youngest member enlisting last. If that is the desired order, then the list will begin with Jin, followed by Suga, J-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and then Jungkook.

BTS Announces Formally Intentions to Recruit Members, Beginning with Jin

South Korea is one of the countries where mandatory military service exists. According to South Korean law, all abled men aged 18 or older are required to enlist in the military before the age of 28 and, in most circumstances, serve between 18 and 21 months.

According to the current regulations in South Korea, no one is exempt from military duty. Only a limited subset of great athletes, such as Olympic medalists and winners of music and other artistic competitions, are exempt from this law. After becoming such a global phenomenon, the subject of whether or not the BTS should serve in military-dominated South Korean politics.

There were a variety of opinions on whether or not BTS should serve in the military, based on conversations on the subject. According to reports, some individuals believe that the BTS contribute significantly to the nation’s economy and that they should be allowed to continue doing what they do while also making efforts for them to serve the public in any other capacity.

The South Korean government passed a law in 2020, after taking into account all the arguments that followed the concerns. According to the stipulations of this regulation, those who have made significant contributions to Korean popular culture may delay their mandatory military duty until the age of 30. This law became known in South Korea as the BTS law.

Virtually every area of the government supports the BTS and exempts them from mandatory military service. BTS is one of the primary marketing strategies employed by numerous well-known South Korean firms, such as Samsung and Hyundai.

BTS Announces Formally Intentions to Recruit Members, Beginning with Jin

Since its debut in 2014, it is projected that BTS’s contributions through sales and other sources would exceed billions. Former South Korean politician and current South Korean president Moon Jae-in accompanied BTS as his special envoy to the United Nations General Assembly in 2021. Such was the band’s popularity.

The Defense Ministry is the sole branch of the government that opposes exempting BTS from mandatory military service. The defense minister has made it plain that it would be tough to find a suitable alternative service to compensate for the K-Pop artists’ military duty. The defense ministry has publicly expressed concern about South Korea’s dwindling population.

Recent demographic numbers indicate a drop in the number of young people, which may impact the nation’s military strength. The political environment in South Korea is similarly tense since its northern neighbor is heavily preparing for a potential conflict. The conflict between North and South Korea has lasted for decades.

As the band’s eldest member, Jin, moves forward with the procedures for military enrollment, the remaining members are expected to follow suit. As they proceed forward with their military enlistment, the band will become momentarily dormant. Bigtits reports that the band intends to reunite later in 2025.