Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland Have Separated After Selling the OC’s Release

Actress Brittany Snow of “Pitch Perfect” and her husband Tyler Stanaland of “Selling the OC” have separated. On Wednesday afternoon, the pair sent a joint statement to each of their individual Instagram accounts.

Snow’s message states, “After some thought and discussion, Tyler and I have decided to separate. “This choice was made in the spirit of love and respect for one another. We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to spend some time to ensure that each of us is leading an authentic and fulfilling life.


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The actress tried to brush it off with a joke that went, “I might be, I might not be.” “I wouldn’t even care because I’m not getting married in Los Angeles,” she explained.

The Pitch Perfect actress Brittany and Tyler began dating in 2018, and the following year they made an engagement announcement.

The Hollywood actress at the time said on Instagram, “A couple weeks ago, I said “YES” approximately a million times to the man of my wildest & most beautiful dreams.” ‘ We wanted to let a few more friends (you guys) know that this happened after we had a party with family and friends.

“I continue to pinch myself and give thanks to my lucky stars for the most genuine emotion I have ever experienced.”

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland Have Separated

They got married the following March, holding their wedding in a Malibu vineyard before the Covid lockdown began. The first season of Selling the OC, which premiered on Netflix at the end of last month, brought attention to their marriage.

In the Selling Sunset spin-off, it was revealed that Tyler and Kayla Cardona had made out on a night out, shocking their co-stars. The two eventually moved on after she quickly apologized to the former professional surfer for the incident.

After Stanaland disclosed that one of his “Selling the OC” co-stars attempted to kiss him off camera, the couple was having marital problems. They had problems previously, but according to a source who spoke to the magazine, having him on the show and having their lives made into a plot “broke them.”

According to their statement, Snow and Stanaland still intend to maintain good relations.

Our friendship will remain a priority for us and our dog Charlie, the statement said. “We started this adventure as best friends,” it said. “As we begin this new chapter, we really appreciate your support and ask for privacy.”