Kevin Federline Has Been Criticized by Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari


Sam Asghari, the husband of Britney Spears, is not at all pleased with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. On September 4, 60 Minutes in Australia aired interview with Kevin, 44, and their 15-year-old son Jayden, in which Jayden criticized his mother for posting risky photos on Instagram and defended his 70-year-old grandfather Jamie Spears for placing Britney in a 13-year conservatorship.

Sam doesn't believe that Jayden is entirely to blame, despite the fact that Britney explicitly addressed the teen on her Instagram after it aired. In fact, according to sources, he thinks Kevin owes Britney a huge apology because he put Jayden on TV.


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline argued publicly over the weekend

Sam feels that Kevin should have apologized and made things right because he placed Jayden on television, a source informed us. “Britney has done nothing except provide for those boys and for Kevin because she loves them so deeply.

Sam finds it unbelievable that Kevin would make Jayden appear on TV. Sam is so upset that Kevin hurt his wife in this way, and as fans are aware, Sean Federline, Britney's other son, did not conduct or take part in the interview.


The source continued, “It's not easy because as she's mentioned publicly, she was already crying every day over this before this interview [with Jayden] came out. The whole situation is so painful for Britney, and as her husband, Sam is trying all he can think of to lift Britney's spirits right now.


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Britney is now suffering much more, and Sam attempts to comfort her that her boys will change when they are older, but she is so distraught that he can only go so far. As was previously mentioned, Jayden and Kevin's interview with reporter Daphne Barak aired in the same section.

Kevin's interview was broadcast in parts before the network chose to yank the rest of it in the wake of a fierce outcry from fans. Just “days” before it aired, Britney reportedly learned that her son Jayden had conducted the interview.

When asked about his mother's explicit Instagram posts during the on-air interview, Jayden responded, “It almost seems like she has to post something on Instagram to garner attention. There is a good probability that this will continue for a very long time to come, but I'm hoping that she will at least pause for me.