Brightburn 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Last Update On 27th January,2022

Is Brighburn an American superhero or evil we can also say that is coming in 2021? Will the fans have to wait more for the Brightburn Sequel?

Do you call the Brighburn Movie according to you in which a kid becomes evil after knowing about his powers rather than saving the world like other superheroes movies.

Are you more excited to know when the brightburn horror action movie with superpowers comes to you with a new story or new plot?

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Let’s know more about Brightburn 2 Release Date, Brightburn Cast, Plot of Brighburn, And what is in the movie? Have you seen Brightburn 2019 movie, if not then firstly know what is in the movie and who are the cast of this Movie and after that knowing its Sequel Release  Date and many more.

Brightburn is a horror thriller movie which was directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang. The Brightburn was released on May 24, 2019 by Sony Pictures Releasing and ran for 90 minutes.

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The film was released in English Language which earned $32.9 Million against the budget of $6- $12 Million which is a good one. The story shows how a super power alien boy rejects humanity and turns to evil, by killing his own parents and Brightburn where they lived.

Mostly we see superheroes save lives in the movie but Brandon chooses to harm people and destroys the world after receiving a message from the spaceship.

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What would you do if you got such superpowers like Brandom? Which path you will choose, are you going towards to save the lives of the world from the monsters or become a monster to destroy the world.

Brightburn 2

Movie Name

Brightburn 2

Genre Superhero Film
Director David Yarovesky
Script Writer Brian Gunn
Release Date Not Confirm Yet
Lead Role Elizabeth Banks

Cast of Brightburn

  • Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer: Brandon’s adoptive mother and Kyle’s wife
  • David Denman as Kyle Breyer: Brandon’s adoptive father and Tori’s husband
  • Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon Breyer / Brightburn: a superpowered alien who is adopted by the Breyer family
  • Matt Jones as Noah McNichol: Brandon’s uncle and Merilee’s husband.
  • Meredith Hagner as Merilee McNichol: Tori’s sister, Brandon’s aunt, and Noah’s wife who works as the school counselor
  • Abraham Clinkscales as Royce: a young boy who bullies Brandon
  • Christian Finlayson as Faux Hawk: one of the kids who bullies Brandon
  • Jennifer Holland as Ms. Espenschied: Brandon’s school director
  • Emmie Hunter as Caitlyn Connor
  • Becky Wahlstrom as Erica Connor: Caitlyn’s mother who dislikes Brandon
  • Gregory Alan Williams as Sheriff Deever: a local sheriff of the small town
  • Anne Humphrey as Deputy Ayres: Deever’s partner
  • Steve Agee as EJ
  • Stephen Blackehart as Travis

What is Brightburn About?

Brightburn is a movie which revolves around a family who doesn’t have their own child but one day they discover the child in the spaceship which crashes near their house and from that spaceship they see a child and adopt him.

After some couple of years when he grew up they discover that their young son has superpowers like no other one while he is playing outside one day.

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Tori and Kyle Breyer, parents of this superpower boy Brandon wanted to teach him how to use his powers and be responsible to protect himself and others from the danger but Brandon Becomes an evil for the the Brightburn town as he is destorying everything and murdering all people even his own parents when he was asked about his deeds.

Rather than becoming a superhero he becomes a superpower villain by receiving the message from that spaceship which Tori and Kyle hide in their barn.

Release Date of Brightburn 2

Brightburn 2

There has been talks about the sequel of brightburn but Gunn producer of the movie will definitely be busy on the working on Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galary Volune 3.

So at this time there is no chance to release Brightburn 2 but we can assume that it may release in near future if the producers will start working on them and might hit the theaters in 2023 or 2024.

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But at this time no official information or announcement about the movie is made and until its confirmation no one knows when the movie will come. Based on the above statement there is a confirmation regarding the film that there will be a sequel but no confirmation dates have been announced yet.

People Also Ask Questions

Is there a real Brightburn Kansas?

Kansas is a state in the United States and there is a town in Kansas named Brightburn, where in the film Brightburn, Brandon Breyer’s family lived.

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How did Erica die in Brightburn?

Erica, Caitlyn’s mother, was killed by Brandon at the dinner where she worked. Firstly he explodes the fluorescent lights with glass going into Erica Eyes which causes her to be partially blind and then he jumps towards and scares her to death.

Does Brandon Kill his parents in Brightburn?

Brightburn 2

Yes, Brandon kill all people who are coming in front of him and makes him to answer the question about the killings and murder he had done. Eventually he also kills his parents in Brightburn.

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Why is Brightburn Evil?

As you see in Brightburn Brandon who came to know about his superpower becomes evil after receiving msg from the ship and later on he destroys everything and also kills everyone who comes on his way which makes it horror and makes James Gunn the perfect producer of the film Brightburn.

Brightburn Official HD Trailer


Brightburn is not only the single movie in the superhuman serial killing and in the brightburn universe. There are many movies like half- seas creature, half- man Monster known for sinking ships, evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman and a witch who kills people with the use of rope and makes them tell the truth.

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