Brandon Smiley Death: How Did Birmingham Native Rickey Smiley’s Son Die?

Brandon Smiley, the son of actor and comedian Rickey Smiley, has died. This is very sad news. Rickey Smiley was shocked for a long time after his son died, and he has been in grief ever since.

Rickey Smiley Made a Sad Announcement of Brandon’s Death on Instagram

Rickey Smiley recently posted on Instagram to let people know that his oldest son, Brandon Smiley, had died. There is no information about why he died as of right now. Since then, a lot of people on the Internet have used social media to send the family their condolences during this hard time.


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Rickey Smiley told his 3.8 million Instagram followers that his son, who had been a part of his life, had died while he was back in his hometown. He did this on his official Instagram account. The caption for the picture says, “I lost my oldest son #BrandonSmiley this morning. I’m fine, but please pray for Brenda, my son’s mom, his siblings, and Storm, his daughter.

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The news was told by the host of The Rickey Smily Show in the video. Even though Rickey Smiley didn’t say why his son had died, he did say the following:

“I would like everyone to pray for me and our family. This morning, my son Brandon Smiley died. I’m about to get on a plane and try to get to Birmingham. Jesus, have mercy on us, Lord. Now I understand what my grandfather went through and how he felt. My granddaddy went through this with my dad, and now I’m going through the same thing. So please pray for us.”

Learn about Rickey Smiley’s Family

The 54-year-old man and his wife have five children. D’Essence Elizabeth, one of his biological children, is 25 years old, Malik and Aaryn Smiley are both 21, and Brandon is also 21. He also took Craig Smiley in as his son. Rickey Smiley hasn’t said much about the mother of his children and how their breakup led to him being separated from them.

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Rickey told everyone that Brandon had died, and he said that Brandon’s mother, Brenda, would take care of him while he was gone. Rickey says that he has been married to Brenda for 12 years and that he was interviewed by Pierre Edwards on the Panic Room podcast. When asked if his wife had cheated on him, he said she hadn’t, but that she was interested in a different kind of guy.

Rickey’s Family Has Been Through Bad Times Before

Rickey’s family has been through a lot of bad things over the years, and this is not the first time. In July 2020, his daughter Aaryn was shot and killed in Houston, Texas, because of a random act of gun violence.

Brandon Smiley death

She and her boyfriend were on their way to a restaurant when someone opened fire on them as they walked. From what has been said, his daughter seems to have gotten better since then.

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Aaryn said the following on social media after the incident: “The bullets that went through my legs were armoured rifle bullets made to go through anything, which is how they got through the car, but the one that would have hit me in the head was not that kind and got stuck in the car.” I’m so glad to be alive that I can’t put it into words.”

In response to Rickey’s death, many famous people and fans wrote in his comments section to share their condolences and show their support. Of course, we’re also sorry for the family’s loss. Let’s say that we feel very sorry for them.