Brahms – The Boy II Review | Will There Be A Third Part?

Do you love Horror Movies? If you do then, I must say you are definitely a Daring person. One needs a courage heart to watch a horror movie. So, if you are a fan of Horror Movie you have definitely watched Anabella. Yeah, that crazy evil doll is such a pain. The Anabella is a horror movie which hit the box office and gain a lot of profit. Likewise the Annabella, there is a similar movie called the boy.

The Boy which is again a horror movie gain quite a good amount of fans around and that’s why they decided to release the sequel of this movie. With this all in mind the Developers of the Boy decided to drop the sequel named, Brahms – The boy II which isn’t the best decision.

Why? If you wanna know everything about this movie then this is your stop point. Don’t go anywhere and read the article completely.

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What is the Brahms – The Boy II ?

Brahms- The Boy II cover

Brahms – The Boy is an American super-natural horror movie. The director of the movie is William Brent Bell staring Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Christopher Convery and Owain Yeoman. The movie follows a young boy Jude who have recently moved to a new mansion who is obviously haunted.

The movie receives a wide range of criticism all around the world. Comparing the first part of the movie which was The Boy, the movie is just not a right. Why? The movie have a very normal storyline.

The Boy was released back in 2016 and Brahms – The Boy II is a sequel of this movie. This movie wasn’t a great hit. Brahms – The Boy II made only $ 20.3 Million worldwide versus it cost $10 million in production.

Where is the Trailer of Brahms – The Boy II ?

The trailer of the movie is already released in the YouTube and if you wan to check is down, you can click on this video

Moreover, the trailer has been watched over 3.4 million times and there are mixed reviews from the fans. People commenting like that the whole idea of making a sequel is pointless and the movie quite resembles to Anabelle. Read them on your own for better understanding.

The whole reason why I liked the first one was because of the plot twist of it wasn’t the ordinary supernatural to case.

So for the sequel, they basically just pretend like there was no man living in the house? I expected more out of the sequel. The first movie was decent enough honestly.

I personally think that there is no point of making Brahms – The boy II. But No, they have to spoil it too. I can already tell that this isn’t going to make in the theatre.

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What is the storyline of Brahms – The Boy II?

About the boy

The first part of the Brahms – The Boy II i.e. The boy have a great storyline which is well-appreciable. But this movie have a simple and predictable sort of story line. The movie follows the family of Liza and her son Jude. They both have already suffered with a serious psychological disease and survive a home invasion when two mask men tried to invade these two. But this incident left a serious mark on there life and they both ended up being traumatized by the event.

Now, what do they actually have? Liza is plagued by nightmares and on the other hand Jude develops mutism (inability to speak on the part of a person due to an observed lack of speech) and due to which he have to share his feelings through a notepad.

Liza finds disturbing picture

Because of all this event Liza’s husband, Sean, suggests they should move to a better place and guess what is it? Of course out of nowhere they chooses the haunted house. Liza found some distrubing pictures in Jude’s room which she supposed was Jude

Jude finds the doll

After coming to the house, Jude find a doll, a haunted doll, and instead of throwing it away, her mom cleans it and making it look new.

A point to note that the doll’s name is “Brahms” which is ofcourse the Movie name. As things happen strange in the house and both Liza and Sean decodes to ignore it.

Brahms - The Boy II

The best part is the phone when the whole family is in the dining table and Jude ask her mon to make a plate of Brahms too. You already know that Jude have Mutism so he communicate with his family through his notepad.

Her mother, taking this thing lightly, said that it is just a doll and he can’t even eat. Then Liza and Sean have a fight and Liza turned to the bedroom and Sean follows him. Suddenly, they heard a sound from the dinning room. As they both entered the room they find the things turning upside down. Jude, who was already scared, replies that he already said that to not mad Brahms.

Liza and Sean find out about the doll

While listening to all these both the parents realized that there is something dark behind all this and then they decided to talk to the caretaker of the house. He later told that Brahms was a kid who used to lived earlier in the mansion. The boy had killed her two persons and lived for 30 years in the mansion.

He also added that now Brahms and Jude is one and soon Brahms will get the whole control in his body. In the last they decided to throw Brahms in the fire and the family went back to city and live their normal life. Is this a happy ending?

No, in the last you’ll see that Jude came near the mirror and wears a mask and he wishes the doll good night and said tagt everything will be normal if he’ll follow his rules.

Is Brahms – The boy II is worth watching?

The movie receives a lot of criticism around the world with every one saying that the movie is not good enough. The movie receives some of the worst review by the people. With the Audience rating summary of 2.7 what can you expect with this horror movie?

Beside all of this, the movie got the tag like, Boring,

Predictable, Slow, Cliché, Forgettable, Cringe-Worthy, Creepy. So, if you still want to see it we can’t do anything. On the other hand there are surely some people who do like this movie because as I always say that there are different people with different tastes. But if you’re someone who watches the movie According to the critics, review and rating, then this movie isn’t for you.

Is Brahms – The boy II is coming with the third part?

There is no official announcement whether the third part of the movie will be coming or not. So far there is no such news not even we heard any rumors. I mean the movie was basically flop then why so the filmmakers want to have another part.

But, as you have already read that the movie was end in a cliffhanger and there will be more story after it. So, there might be a third part. But for me, The whole point of making the third part is pointless for me. Tell me in the comment section, what do you think about it.

If there will any news regarding it, then we will update you. And for that you have to keep checking our website.

Famous Dialogue of the Movie

  • Sometimes it’s fun to be scared.
  • Who the hell buries a doll in the woods like that?
  • Dr. Lawrence: Is this your new friend Brahms? What are some of the things you talk about?

Jude: The other families he’s lived with.

  •  I understand that some of Jude’s behaviors would be upsetting, but I urge you to find a place where he feels safe.
  • Sean: It’s just a doll.

Liza: It’s pretty violent.

  • I think it will be good for him. Good for all of us.
  • Sean: Who’s this handsome chap?

Jude: Brahms

Sean: How’d you come up with that?

Jude: He tells me all kinds of things.

  • Kids do all sorts of weird things. They go through phases, and then poof, it’s gone.
  • He calls out to the ones who need him – the damaged ones.

Rating of the movie.

The ratings of the show is bad, no, no, no, it is worst. The movie have only 10% of the rotten tomatoes. On the other hand the IMDb rating of the movie 4.6/10.

Furthermore, the Audience rating summary of the show is 2.7 which isn’t much good.

Review of the movie

The movie hasn’t have the best reviews. With 2.7 rating this isn’t the best horror movie for you to watch. Check out the experience that the people shares on the internet with other. It’ll help you to understand the movie more.


Paige McMillan

“To start off like many people in the reviews, I am a big fan of the first movie. I can enthusiastically say that Brahms Heelshire is one of my favourite horror movie characters. But this movie left me with nothing but disappointment. I spent the majority of the movie thinking that everything happening was just Brahms and that all the supernatural scenes where just caused by the mother’s head trauma. And I would have let most of the iffy bits slide but then it’s dropped on your head that Brahms is dead. No explanation on how or how anyone found out.”



“This movie does poorly to connect to the first and it very easily shows. In the first movie when the doll is shattered it is empty but when they shatter it in this movie all of a sudden there is flesh underneath with no explanation given. Overall this movie feels like a poor Annabelle ripoff where nothing big really happens and falls back on jump scares as it’s only means to appear scary. ”

Harley Howell

“This is my opinion so if you liked the movie then I won’t judge you but let me tell you why I didn’t like it. The first movie was good it was something that you wouldn’t expect and be actually shocked at what happened and the movie later explains the whole plot twist. This movie was just another possessed doll movie. I was disappointed.”


The Brahms – The boy II is an American movie which was released in 2020. The movie turned out to be a not so good. The movie receives less viewership of the people than it’s prequel which was The boy. The Audience said that they didn’t like the sequel much and if there will the third part we don’t see that it is going to much hit.

If you find this article helpful then give it a thumbs up and Comment your favorite horror movie.

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