Boundaries In Marriage – Must Read Tips To Maintain Healthy Relationship

Boundaries In Marriage - Must Read Tips To Maintain Healthy Relationship

Being in love and marrying someone are two different things which all the people need to understand. When you are in a relationship with a person, there might be love, care, and support. But marrying someone can be a lot as tricky as it sounds. No, marriage is not all about falling with someone and then marrying him. What our mind is set with is that our partner will come from the palace and take us along with him. Wait, that’s not a Romantic series. 

When people decide to marry, they decide to be with each other in their ups and downs. Marriage is like a person deciding to be with another person no matter what happens. It also brings a set of responsibilities for both partners. 

Have you ever heard that couples decide to divorce and break up shortly after the marriage? Or even the people who have been in love and married for so long also broke up. I am sure you have definitely heard of all this. Then why does it happen? In a study, it shows that the women are always the one who listened to criticism, anger, and violence in their home. Most women tolerate their pain because they don’t want the world to look down on them. 

History shows that many women have faced the problems of home violence before and they listened to every bullying in their house just because they are not educated. But now, as everything is changing and women are knowing their worth in society, we can see the change. The change might not be as much as we hope for but it is happening. 

Ensuring your safety and pride in a relationship is important. It becomes more important when the person decides to marry. There are certain guidelines that every couple needs to follow in order to make their marriage successful. 

In this article of Keeperfacts, we will closely look at the important things which need to be considered for married couples. We will give you an insight into what it feels like to have married when you don’t allow certain boundaries. Read this article thoroughly because it will help you a lot. 

What is Boundary in Marriage?

Boundaries in marriage

Boundaries in marriage can be defined as a line that should never be crossed. These boundaries help a relationship or a marriage to be secured throughout. If you have set some boundaries in a relationship that means you want your partner to follow them to make a healthy relationship. 

Setting limits in a relationship helps the partners to develop a healthy environment and a healthy relationship around them. Furthermore, the couple will be away from the violence, manipulation, and exploitation of their partner. You can also understand this by developing a series of rules and regulations for both partners to allow responsibility and respect for them. 

In the next section, we will look at the boundaries which every married couple needs to follow. You can also use this in your relationship because we need to set limits there too.

Boundaries in Marriage which every Couple need to follow

The boundaries can be differentiated between many aspects. Starting from the basic limits which involve honesty, loyalty and love then we go through the physical, mental and social boundaries. We will closely look at every boundary in this section and as a reader, you should consider everything. 

Marriage is a big deal. You should know your partner completely before making this big decision. If you are thinking of arranging marriage then it becomes more important to understand your partner. While it is difficult to know the right intentions of a person in an arranged marriage but you can at least ask questions to find it out.  Read this article to help you with this problem.

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Basic Boundaries in the Marriage

Boundaries in marriage keeperfacts

  1. Respect 

 It is an important aspect to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your spouse. The couples should equally respect each other. Respect acts as an important factor in the marriage because if any one of the partners starts to feel superior then the conflicts start. Normally, the fight between the couple started mostly when one gender started to dominate over the other. There are many factors which can help to lead to the disrespect of the couple like cheating, Low income of one to another, past relationship and many more. 

So, what does a couple need to do here? As a couple, you both started to look at the possibilities which can lead to the breakdown of your marriage. Start to rebuild your relationship again. There is always a new beginning every day. Talk to your partner and start to respect each other. 

  1. Love

I have witnessed people commenting that love doesn’t remain the same after marriage. I don’t know who actually started this bullshit and who are these idiots believing in these. Love is just an infinite loop that only increases in marriage. While the fact is also true that the couples sometimes don’t show much as they do in the initial relationship but the love never dies. 

Both the partners started to realize that they have some responsibility that needs to be followed. Love is the main part of the relationship and it helps the relationship to go on. 

Do you guys remember when you promised each other to love each other? The vows you both have made during the marriage. 

What if your partner speaks badly to you? I don’t accept this behavior of this, if there is no love between you two then it is something you should consult with some professionalist.

  1. Anger 

If your partner has anger issues then there will always be fights. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship between your husband or wife then you must appreciate the presence of each other. There will be times when you lose your self-control and make some instant anger that can hurt the pride or self-esteem of another person. I’m not saying that you should always keep calm because this is something beyond the control of human beings. 

But what can you do is try to minimize your anger. Also, it is very common for couples to fight in public, don’t let that happen. The more people indulge in your relationship, the more it hurts. If you ever start fighting then try to understand each other’s perspective. 

A real marriage is when you both understand each other and still make efforts to handle the situation. Not every person is perfect but what we can do in marriage is to know and read each other’s minds. 

  1. Honesty 

Bonding in a marriage not only involves the two couples but also their family. If you are not sure about the marriage then why are you even doing it in the first place? Marriage bonds the two people forever and it isn’t an easy task. Honesty, faithfulness, and trust establish the core of a marriage strong and you have the sense that both of you will never leave each other. This also assures the partner that the love between the two is irreplaceable. 

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Boundaries to maintain the Healthy Relationship

Boundaries in marriage

Now, we will go through the other important traits that will help you to maintain your relationship with your partner strong. There will always be certain things that are important for the married couples to know. 

  1. Establish good communication

“At last, the communication remains. When you will get old, you will not have the sex, intimacy, the same excitement which you had in the initial years. There will be no spark left in couples but what is left is talk. When we will be old, we will see how we managed to make all this time together. There will be talks, the endless talk about each other.” this is something I have read when I was in high school, and trust me this hit home. 

Sometimes, I wonder that what will happen to me and my boyfriend? This is what I want. I want my partner to always communicate with me. Every problem can be sorted if you are a good communicator. The talk regarding the stress, the child, and the work can be a lot to handle with a single person. Talk and find ways with your partner because this is the real meaning of a relationship.

  1. Be loyal

This is an unpopular opinion which I personally agree with. I don’t know why people make a special deal of being loyal. I have seen many couples who especially add loyalty as their best trait. Being loyal is a good thing in a relationship but this isn’t something to proud of, why? 

Because you have to be loyal to the person you are with. There is nothing much to say about ut. Being loyal should be normalized by the people. We have ourselves s make a big deal of it. I mean why you are wasting the time of the person you are with when you have to cheat them at the ned? Are you this free or you are still childish? Cheating on your partner when you know that they are really in love with you is the worse anyone can do. 

  1. Violence

Females are victims of feeling violence after marriage. If you are someone who faces this problem then the first thing you should do is to head to the police station. I know this is not at easy as I just mention, but how will you feel when your own child will felt the same thing? 

There are many women who aren’t much educated and their only means to live in their husband, this is completely wrong. Having mental and physical violence is something not to deal with. I will never appreciate this behavior of any person(whether men or women) to do this worse. Leaving the person immediately because they are never worth giving second chance. 

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Final words

I have mentioned the points with the upper levels. Setting boundaries in a marriage becomes important to maintain a healthy relationship. Every person should live with dignity and respect and their partner should also behave the same with them. Not only men but women should also treat their husbands rightly. Still, there are many things that should be limit in a marriage relationship. If you guys find this article helpful then do let me know. And if you want the second part of it then comment down. 


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