Boondock Saints 3: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

Updated On 30 January 2022

The third series of Boondock Saints are recently in talk. Fans are suspecting if there will be a third party or not.

If you are also a fan and looking for all the information about the third installment of Boondock Saints, we welcome you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about everything little or small which had happened. Moreover, we’ll talk about is there us the possibility of the third installment of this show. Read this article till the end and know everything regarding your favorite show.

Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints is an American action thriller movie. The first part of the movie which was Boondock Saints was first released on 19 November 1999. Both the Director and writer of this movie is Troy Duffy.

The movie follows our two stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. They are fraternal twins named Connor and Murphy MacManus who become vigilantes after killing two of the members of a popular Russian Mafia during a fight. In self-defense they killed him. Later in the story, they find a guy named “ Funny guy” Isn’t the name is funny?

Boondock Saints 3

No his name is not a funny guy but he is Rocco and together with him they experience an epiphany. Later both the brothers set out to rid their home city of Boston of crime and evil. All this happening while being pursued by FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker.

 Is Boondock Saints 3 Going To Happen?

So, the real question is will this movie ever happen? We don’t know. The first part of the movie was released in 1999 which is a long time. It takes the filmmaker 10 years to release the sequel of the movie which is The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

The sequel of the first movie was released on October 30, 2009. Now it’s been 11 years and we haven’t heard any news regarding its third part.

On October 27, 2009, an article was released and director Duffy and actor Connolly told what are the possibilities regarding the third part of the movie. When asked about the third installment they told that “it is slowly in the works and is still just an idea”

Boondock Saints

Furthermore, Duffy told that he wants to get a few more of his films done before returning to the Boondock Saints. Additionally, he also added that the proposed working title for the third film would be called “Boondock Saints III: Saints Preserve Us”.

On 26 February 2013 Duffy told that he is trying to be together with Reedus and Flanery. They are starting to resume talks about The Boondock Saints 3. They are hoping that they could make the movie reality for fans. Again in an Interview in the same year, he confirmed that he is working on the script of Boondock Saints 3 which possibly a TV series named The Boondock Saints: Origins.

On September 3, 2014, It was revealed that the third movie to be in pre-production.

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Are Reedus And Flanery Have Parted Away From Boondock Saints 3?

A sudden shock for the fans of Boondock Saints happens when the news of Reedus and Flanery flooded the Internet. The two Characters which are one of the main characters starring at Boondock parted their ways away with the show.

This news was first put forward through Flanery. In 2017, he tweeted that he and Reedus had walked away from The Boondock Saints 3. While he did not elaborate or explained much. The reason he suggested that the “unethical” production of the project caused their departure from the show.

He also clarifies that they both are not involved in any campaign.

How Boondock Saints fans reacted to this news?

• “I don’t think I could watch a boondocks saints three movie without them, they make up the whole thing 😭😭”

• “It’s not the Saints without Reedus and Flanery. Have to agree with you there👍🏼💞”

• “Thanks for clarifying. I don’t really see the point of BDS III without you two in it.”

Boondock Saints 3

Bottom line

Through is was revealed that Duffy is working on the script. We still don’t when we will able to see the series. Furthermore, If any updates regarding this show will come to us. We’ll definitely take it to you. For regular updates regarding any movie, Tv series news do check out

What Are People Opinions For Boondock Saints?

Through the series was released years ago but still, people have opinions regarding the series. We have collected various reviews of the fans so that you can have a wide angle of this show.

• Best movie ever made!!!!! The music and characters are cool and the story is awesome! Loved everything about it! Boondock Saints 2 though is a complete failure.

• This movie is proof A you don’t listen to critics and B timing is everything. If this came out in the ’80s during the paint by numbers action (guy, guns, girl, bad guy takes girl or beats up a bad guy and the bad guy goes on revenge) or during the mid to late 2000’s it would probably have a higher rating.

The story is good and the comedy is great in certain parts (the cat scene still has me in tears lol f). Don’t overthink the movie it’s not meant to be Oscar-winning it’s meant to be a fun action movie nothing more nothing less. It’s meant to be what I stated but also a movie where you can feel like “I wish I could take out the trash” like these two Irish badasses.

• 70%. The first half was good. The 2nd half wasn’t, it was like all the writers quit and a retarded person finished the rest of the script. It was good but I wish there was more about the new Orleans Saints.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. Are The Boondock Saints real?

The Script was actually based on real-life events. Duffy, who is the director and writer of the show encounter some of scenes while he was working as a bartender in Los Angeles. The things we see in movies like drug dealers steal money from a dead body are based on real life.

2. What do the tattoos on the Boondock Saints mean?

The tattoo that Connor has on his left hand or index finger says “VERITAS”. The word is derived from a Latin word and it means “Truth”. Murphy also has a tattoo in the same place, but on his right hand, that says, “AEQUITAS” which is again a Latin word and it means “Justice/Equality”.

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