Bna Season 2 Release Date, Has This Show Been Renewed on Netflix?


Bna Season 2 Release Date, as well as whether or not it may be the beginning of a new season and other information, are all unknowns to the fans.

It is an anime with a fantasy premise that debuted in 2020. The first season of the series, created by Studio Trigger, a Japanese Studio Trigger, an animation studio, and Studio Trigger, is now complete.


The public first watched the show's episode, “Runaway Raccoon,” on April 8, 2020. The show is also available on Netflix. “Anima-City,” one of the show's 12 first-season episodes, was broadcast.

Brief Information About Bna Season 2

Name Bna Season 2
Directed by Yoh Yoshinari
OTT platform Netflix
Bna Season 1 Release Date April 8, 2020
Bna Season 2 Release Date Yet to be confirmed


About Bna

It is based on a time when Beastmen, previously unknown anthropomorphic (human-like) animals, first appeared in the world. An average high school student named Michiru Kagemori one day unexpectedly transforms into a tanuki Beastman. Traveling to the city of Anima is a high school kid who is in difficulty with monster hunters.

Bna Season 2 Release Date

Potential Release Date of Bna Season 2

People are genuinely talking about the second season of BNA and are expecting that it will be revealed soon. However, as of right now, no official announcement has been made regarding the second series. We can, at the very least, accept a sequel given the popularity and positive reviews. The Netflix original series announcement went viral online. On June 24, 2020, BNA's season came to an end. There are currently no updates on the second season's production.

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The first season did not satisfy the audience, therefore they are hoping to watch the second one. Anyone who has seen the first season will believe that the tale has more to say.

Furthermore, Netflix has not commented on this series and there is no information on a possible renewal.

Cast of Bna Season 2

The cast members for the upcoming season have not yet been officially announced by Netflix. However, we may infer that certain cast will be seen again after a tonne of study and disclosures. The cast members for the upcoming season have not yet been officially announced by Netflix. However, we may infer that certain cast will be seen again after a tonne of study and disclosures. They are as follows.

  • Michiru Kagemori voiced by Sumire Morohoshi
  • Shirou Ogami voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Nazuna Hiwatashi voiced by Maria Naganawa
  • Alan Sylvasta voiced by Kaito Ishikawa
  • Barbary Rose voiced by Gara Takashima
  • Marie Itami voiced by Michiyo Murase
  • Kōichi Ishizaki voiced by Kenji Nomura

Bna Season 2 Release Date

Plot of Bna Season 2

The second season is currently unknown, and because it is not based on any manga series, it is difficult to predict the plot. Where the story takes place is left up to the filmmakers. The conclusion of the first season left one untied thread. The condition of Michiru and Nazuna was not resolved, and they were changed into humanoids.

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Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals has figured out how to become a super Beastman, but a treatment for turning a person into a humanoid has not yet been found. As a result, it is anticipated that the story of Michiru and Nazuna would enable the writers of BNA season 2 to carry the plot in any direction they like.

Bna Sesaon 2 Trailer

Because Netflix hasn't yet renewed the series, no trailer for the second season of the anime has been released. Therefore, until Netflix agrees to continue the programme, fans will have to wait a bit longer to view the season 2 trailer. You will undoubtedly see a brand-new trailer for season 2 if the show is renewed. You can undoubtedly view the season 1 teaser on YouTube until then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Online Sites Stream BNA Anime?

Everyone wants to watch season 1 of BNA because the show has grown so well-liked. However, do you know where I can watch BNA's first season online? The biggest and most well-known streaming service in the world, Netflix, has BNA anime available for viewing. All the episodes of Season 1 are available on Netflix to watch your favourite show.

What are the Bna season 1 IMDB ratings?

Are you trying to find the show's rating? You'll discover the broadcast location and audience size. More than 97% of viewers of this anime rated it favourably. Given how well the show has done in the ratings, this is not surprising. This programme has received favourable reviews from critics with an IMDB rating of 7.2/10.

What occurs at the conclusion of BNA?

He allows Alan to bite down on his arm rather than murdering him. His blood carries Michiru's antibodies, which heal Alan's Nirvasyl Syndrome and transform him back into a human. The fight is currently over because all of the drones that Alan sent out to transform beastmen into humans have been destroyed.