BMF Season 4 Release Date: Is It Worth Watching?

BMF, short for Black Mafia Family, is a TV show about a group that sells drugs and cleans dirty money. It started airing on Starz on September 26, 2021. People liked it so much that it got a second season, which started on January 6, 2023. Then, in January 2023, they said they would make a third season, which started on March 1, 2024. Just before the third season started, they announced they would also make a fourth season.

BMF Quick Facts

  • Genre: Crime drama
  • Created by: Randy Huggins
  • Starring: Demetrius Flenory Jr.
    Russell Hornsby
    Michole Briana White
    Eric Kofi-Abrefa
    Ajiona Alexus
    Myles Truitt
    Steve Harris
    La La Anthony
    Kelly Hu
  • Opening theme: “Wish Me Luck” by 50 Cent and Charlie Wilson
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Executive producers: Curtis Jackson
    Randy Huggins
    Terri Kopp
    Anthony Wilson
    Anne Clements
    Tasha Smith
  • Running time: 52 minutes
  • Production companies: 8 Mile Sconi Productions: Lionsgate Television
    G-Unit Films and Television Inc.
  • No. of seasons: 3
  • No. of episodes: 28

BMF Season 4 Release Date

Is BMF Season 4 Release Date Out?

The critically acclaimed series “BMF” has received the green light for a fourth season by Starz, even before Season 3 hits the screens, scheduled for premiere on Friday, March 1. This early renewal speaks volumes about the network’s confidence in the show’s continued success. As fans eagerly await the upcoming third season, which promises to deliver even more intense storylines, they can now rest assured knowing that there’s even more of the narrative to come.

The decision to renew “BMF” for a fourth season showcases Starz’s commitment to investing in quality content and supporting the creative vision behind the series. With production on the fourth season set to kick off this spring in Atlanta, viewers can anticipate another round of enthralling episodes filled with drama, action, and suspense.

The series’ renewal ahead of its Season 3 premiere is a testament to its popularity and the dedicated fanbase it has amassed since its debut. The announcement of Season 4’s renewal serves as exciting news for both fans and the cast and crew involved in bringing “BMF” to life.

With production set to commence in Atlanta later this spring, fans can look forward to immersing themselves once again in the world of “BMF” and following the captivating journey of the characters they’ve come to know and love. As the series embarks on its fourth season, it promises to deliver more twists, turns, and edge-of-your-seat moments, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with each new episode.

So mark your calendars and get ready for another thrilling ride with “BMF” as it returns for its fourth season, continuing to leave its mark on the television landscape. The official release date for BMF Season 4 is yet to be out. It hopefully gets renewed in 2025. Also read The Equalizer Season 5 Release Date, Mayfair Witches Season 2 Release Date, and La Chica Invisible Season 2 Release Date.

What Has Happened in BMF?

BMF tells the true story of two brothers from southwest Detroit in the late 1980s. Demetrius, known as “Big Meech,” had a strong personality, while Terry, called “Southwest T,” was good at business. Together, they started a crime family that became famous worldwide. They didn’t just sell drugs; they also got into the hip-hop scene.

Family was important to them, but eventually, they drifted apart. It’s a story about love, betrayal, and chasing the American dream through crime. Also read Deal or No Deal Island Season 2 Release Date, and Naked and Afraid Season 18 Release Date.

What Will Happen in BMF Season 5?

Fans can expect more drama, intense storylines, and the continuation of the Black Mafia Family’s journey as depicted in the series. If a Season 5 is confirmed, it could potentially explore further developments in the lives of the characters, new challenges they may face, and the consequences of their actions. Keep an eye out for announcements from Starz or the show’s official channels for updates on the possibility of a fifth season.

BMF Season 4 Release Date

Who Will Be Joining the Cast of BMF Season 5?

Lil Meech Flenory Jr. takes on the role of Demetrius Flenory, while Da’Vinchi portrays ‘Terry Flenory’. The talented cast also features Russell Hornsby, Michole Briana White, Steve Harris, Kelly Hu, La La Anthony, Sydney Mitchell, and Laila D. Pruitt. Special guest appearances include Dominique ‘Lil Baby’ Jones, NE-YO, 2 Chainz, Saweetie, and Cynthia Bailey.

How Did the Journey of BMF Begin?

In July 2019, they said Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was making a TV show about the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a famous group of criminals. He would help make the show for Starz, a big TV channel. After lots of planning, Starz agreed to make the show in April 2020. This showed they believed in the show and thought it could be successful.

To make the show, they worked together with Lionsgate Television and G-Unit Films and Television Inc., which shows that many people were interested in making the show good.

The show got renewed for a second season really quickly by Starz on September 30, 2021, just four days after the first episode aired. This showed that Starz really liked the show and thought it would keep doing well. The second season started on January 6, 2023, and more people got interested in the story of BMF and the characters.

After that, Starz said they would make a third season on January 18, 2023. This showed they were still excited about the show and wanted to keep telling the story. The third season started on March 1, 2024, and fans were really excited to see what would happen next.

Overall, BMF has become a popular show on TV, with lots of people liking it and watching it. It’s done well because many people worked hard to make it good, and Starz believed in it. As the show continues, it keeps telling interesting stories that keep people hooked, and it’s become a special part of TV history.

Where to Watch BMF?

Starz is the official network platform to watch BMF.

What are the Reviews of BMF?

BMF has received generally positive reviews from both audiences and critics. Many viewers have praised the series for its storytelling, strong performances, and authenticity in depicting the rise of the Black Mafia Family. The show’s portrayal of complex characters, intense drama, and exploration of themes like family loyalty, betrayal, and the pursuit of the American dream have resonated with audiences.

Critics have also commended BMF for its narrative, well-developed characters, and the way it sheds light on chapter in American history. Additionally, the production value, including the cinematography and soundtrack, has been praised for adding to the immersive experience of the show.

While some viewers have criticized certain aspects of the series, such as pacing or characterization, overall, BMF has garnered a strong following and has been well-received by fans of the crime drama genre.

It’s important to note that individual opinions on the show may vary, so it’s recommended to watch a few episodes to form your own assessment of BMF.

Is BMF Worth Watching?

If you enjoy crime dramas based on true stories, with elements of family dynamics, betrayal, and the pursuit of the American dream, then BMF might be worth checking out. The series has received praise for its gripping storytelling, strong performances, and authenticity in portraying the rise of the Black Mafia Family.

However, it’s important to note that the show contains mature themes and scenes of violence, so it may not be suitable for all viewers. Ultimately, it’s best to watch a few episodes to see if it aligns with your interests and tastes.


In conclusion, BMF, also known as Black Mafia Family, has become a popular TV show since it started on Starz in September 2021. People like its exciting story about a group involved in drugs and money laundering. It got renewed for a second season in January 2023 and a third season in March 2024. Even before the third season began, Starz said they would make a fourth season, showing they believe in the show.

People like BMF because of its interesting story, great acting, and how real it feels. Each season explores themes like family loyalty, betrayal, and chasing dreams, keeping viewers hooked.

The show started with an idea from Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in July 2019. With help from Lionsgate Television and G-Unit Films and Television Inc., it became a hit, gaining fans and good reviews.

As BMF keeps telling its exciting story, its fourth season, set to start filming in Atlanta, promises even more twists and turns. If you want to watch BMF, you can find it on Starz. Reviews have been mostly positive, praising its story, characters, and how well it’s made. But it’s best to watch a few episodes to see if it’s your kind of show.

Overall, BMF is a great choice for fans of crime dramas based on true stories. It’s thrilling and gives a peek into the world of loyalty, ambition, and power in crime.

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