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Blue Story: Explanations – Everything We Know

Blue Story is a poetic, sophisticated, yet uncompromising film that tells the reality about gang culture’s cycles and the near-inevitability of its increasing grip on teenage boys and young men. It’s becoming a more painful watch, one that’s incredibly profound and difficult to forget.

************ Warning! This Part May Contain Spoiler ************

The film begins in South London, where gang violence on the streets has claimed the lives of many young people and left many mothers grieving for their lost children. Since they were children, Timmy (Stephen Odubola) and Marco (Michael Ward) had been great friends. Timmy is from Deptford, and Marco hails from Peckham. After school, they hang out with their pals Dwayne (Rohan Nedd) and Hakeem (Kadeem Ramsey), and another girl, Karina, invites them to a party (Giorgia Angelini Marquez). Timmy’s crush Leah (Karla-Simone Spence) and her friend Shayanne (Hannah Lee), who are also attending the party, approach them. Timmy makes a clumsy attempt to converse with Leah, causing the others to mock him.

Rival Peckham youngsters approach a handful of members of the Deptford gang, commanded by Madder (Junior Afolabi Salokun). Some of Madder’s chums run, but he and his best pal Galis (Andre Dwayne) fight back until the Peckham gang gunshots. The more enraged he becomes, the more he plots to retaliate.

The boys hang out at the mall after school, when they run into Leah and Shayanne again. Timmy is harassed by two Peckham lads, Skitzer (Sean Sager) and Big T (Tuwaine Barrett), who have their sights on the females as he goes to talk to her. They back off because they know Marco’s brother Switcher (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) is a Peckham gang leader. Marco jumps in to defend Timmy, and they back off because they know Marco’s brother Switcher (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) is a Peckham gang boss. Timmy and Marco then walk home together, but not before stopping at a store. Timmy is approached by an old buddy, Kiron, who has changed his name to Killy (Kali Best). Timmy intervenes when one of Killy’s pals attempts to bother Marco. Marco then returns home with Timmy, where his mother prepares dinner for them.

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Marco returns home to hang out with Switcher until he learns about the upcoming battle with the Deptford gang. Switcher shoots Galis in the back as Madder and Galis fire at the Peckham gang. Madder attempts to rescue Galis, but the feds are on their way, so he has no choice but to abandon his friend and let him choke on his own blood. Switcher dashes back home, telling Marco to tell anybody who asks that he was there all day. Meanwhile, one of the Deptford guys accuses Madder of being responsible for Galis’ death, claiming that they could have backed out of the battle if they hadn’t followed Madder’s orders, but Galis always followed Madder’s orders.

Karina’s party is attended by the four pals. Timmy tries to dance with Leah, but Dwayne is the one who takes the lead. She, on the other hand, expresses an interest in him and requests to dance with him. After a brawl breaks out, everyone is forced out before they can come much closer. Marco and Switcher are apprehended by authorities at home, but they are quickly released on bail.

Timmy starts seeing Leah, and the two have their first intercourse and solidify their relationship. Marco meets together with a girl he met on Instagram, but he disappoints her by finishing sex earlier than she planned. Killy and his gang accost him on his way home and begin to beat him up, breaking his arm viciously before the feds arrive.

Timmy catches Marco telling Dwayne and Hakeem what occurred the next day at school. Marco blames Timmy for what occurred since he asked Timmy for aid, but he understands that he was with Leah and that they are now together. Timmy attempts to be the larger man and walks away until Marco refers to Leah as a scumbag. Timmy strikes Marco in the face when she shoves him and he slaps her. Their friendship is no longer going strong.

Timmy and Leah begin dating, as Marco plots with Switcher how to retaliate against Killy and his posse. After the incident, Dwayne and Hakeem quit hanging out with both guys. The Peckham guys begin to bash on Timmy when Timmy and Leah are gone. Leah attempts to protect him, but Marco shoves her so hard that she falls to the ground and dies when her head meets the concrete. Marco also uses a brick to knock Timmy unconscious. Timmy is in a coma when he gets arrested and taken to prison.

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Marco has been released from jail three years later, and Timmy has joined Madder and Killy as a member of the Deptford gang. He hasn’t abandoned his plans for vengeance on Marco for killing Leah, although Marco has shown regret. Timmy badgers Hakeem on the streets for information on Marco’s location, but Hakeem is clueless.

Timmy and Madder are able to track out Switcher’s location. They corner the Peckham lads and start fighting with them, along with a few more Deptford boys. Switcher attempts to assassinate Madder, but Timmy stabs him in the back. He takes Switcher’s gun and attempts to shoot Marco, but the rifle jams, allowing Marco to flee. The lads from Deptford seize Madder and leave. Marco and his family visit the hospital, where they find that Switcher has become paralyzed from the waist down and will never walk again. Marco sobs because he believes he has let his brother down. He dials Timmy’s number and swears vengeance.

As they continue to try to murder one other on the streets, the violence between the two gangs escalates. Tyrone (Richie Campbell), Marco and Switcher’s cousin, arrives to assist in the retaliation. Killy is approached, and he tries to persuade him to turn on Madder. Madder is preparing an attack on the youngsters of Peckham, but Timmy doesn’t believe it’s a good idea to do it now. Madder taunts him and Leah, almost causing them to fight until the others intervene.

Madder goes to Timmy’s residence later that night to apologize for what he said about Leah. Timmy joins him in their pursuit of the Peckham lads, along with Killy. While Madder is approached by Tyrone and Killy confesses his deceit, Timmy is left in the vehicle. Tyrone is preoccupied, which gives Madder the opportunity to knock him unconscious. Killy says that he committed it because he was envious of Timmy, who he believes should have been Madder’s new “younger” (protege).

He tries to kill Madder with his gun, but it jams. They go after Tyrone’s pistol, while Marco sets fire to Timmy’s vehicle. He douses the vehicle with gasoline and intends to set it on fire. He pauses for a while, reflecting on their friendship, but his rage at recent occurrences, such as Timmy paralysing Switcher, prompts Marco to make up his mind and set fire to the vehicle. Madder appears after he left, having shot Killy to death. Timmy begins to succumb to smoke inhalation as he tries to pry the van door open, but he is unable to accomplish so. He accepts his fate and informs Madder that he will now be with Leah. Madder manages to open the door, but Timmy is already dead before the cops arrive.

Madder subsequently becomes an informant for the authorities, resulting in the arrests of Tyrone and Marco. Switcher is unable to cope with the news and kills himself by overdosing on drugs, leaving his mother heartbroken at the loss of both of her sons. Madder leaves the gang life behind and becomes a motivational speaker in the hopes of preventing other youngsters from experiencing the same tragedy he did.

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