Blue Spring Ride 2- Release Date Cancelled or Confirmed

Last updated on 31 January 2022.

Remember how I always say that the renewal status of anime is too complicated? Yeah, it is because there are several anime which ended with a promise to return back but it’s been more than a decade and  there’s still nothing from their side. While there are surely many anime which have surprisingly made their way back to the audience when there is no hope left. Fans always want more seasons from their favorite anime and there is always a hope. Likewise, the fans of Blue Spring Ride are also hoping for a second season. 

Now, if you are a fan of this anime then I am sure that you are also the one who is waiting for the second installment. Your wait ends here because in this article we are going to discuss everything that is officially out about the second installment. And we’ll also look forward to some of the important things which should be known to you. So without any delays let’s read about this article. 

Blue Spring Ride – What Is It?

Blue spring ride

The Japanese anime series which is also popularly known by Ao Haru Ride in japan, was initially released in 2014. Blue Spring ride is actually an adoption of a Shoujo manga series which was popular around the people in the early year of its publications. The manga version is written by Lo Sakisaka and he is the one who illustrated it too. Blue Spring Ride’s manga series was started to publish the content in the year 2011 and the story stopped serialization in 2015. 

Soon after the release of the manga, the Production I.G decided to broadcast the anime to the people. The first season consists of the 12 episodes which were great and people are hoping to see more of this anime, will they? Let’s find out in the next section. 

Blue Spring Ride 2 – Is It Going to Come?

Blue spring ride season 2

The first season was initially ended on 12 December, 2014 and people were excited for the second season. The story was quite looking for completion and it would be great if another season can finish it greatly. After the end of the first season, the show producers have launched an OVA (Original Visual Animation) for the people and it consists of two episodes

Now, the OVA does contain some of the amazing contents but it still feels like there is something unsaid about the story. People from all around the world are fans of this series but there is nothing they can do to make the second season happen. 

The officials of this anime haven’t released any statement which would help the viewers to conclude anything. The manga series still contains some of the parts which are missing and need to cover in the anime version. The series never really officially ended for the fans. 

If there will be any updates regarding the second season then I’m surely going to update you. Till then stay checking this article. 

The Blue Spring Ride 2 will be sometime could fall in 2022 confirmed on The cinema holic. 

Blue Spring Ride 2 – What Is the Release Date?

The first season was launched on 22 September, 2014 and then again the OVA released on 25 August, 2014. The second season was never introduced to the audience and so far there is no confirmation about the second series. The release date of the second season was not announced yet. If you are waiting for the release date of Blue Spring Ride 2 then you have to wait a little longer. 

Blue Spring Ride 2 – What Will Be the Plotline?

The show, which was released 7 years back, follows the extra adventurous life of two high school kids named, Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Mabuchi. If you are someone who loves the high school romantic drama then you shouldn’t miss this one. The two characters fall for each other as soon as they come to know each other. But both of them are having some personal issues which are somewhere affecting their relationship. 

The problems started to take over their relationship but they still manage to love each other. The show is perfect for the people who are bored to watch the same action drama anime and want to explore something else. Coming back to the second part, which isn’t announced yet, will have the both characters as a center role. The story will revolve around these two and there are many more in the story which is left to explore. The manga version has left with some volumes which should be indulged in the story. 

If the creators of this anime ever decide to make a sequel then you can expect the other volumes to be covered in it. 

Blue Spring Ride 2 – Who Are the Characters of This Anime?

The characters of this anime are not so many and it mainly focuses on Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Mabuchi. These two characters are the main protagonist of this anime series and their chemistry is amazing to see. In this section we are going to discuss each character in detail. If you are interested to know about these characters then read this section. 

Futaba Yoshioka

Futaba Yoshioka image

The female lead of Blue Spring Ride is none other than our beautiful Futaba Yoshioka. Being in high school, she was always being treated as an outcast and no girls really talked to her because she was extremely beautiful. The girl put a deal in front of her and that was if she really wanted to be treated as other girls she should make herself look ugly. The other girls were jealous of Futaba because every boy was crazy about her.

Soon after the male lead entered her life which was a life changing moment for her. As time passes by, Kou helps Futaba learn that she shouldn’t perform the all ugly activity and she should look as she likes. And also, it’s not her duty to explain everything to everyone. 

Furthermore, Futaba falls for Kou and they start their romantic relationship but she is afraid of her past. She doesn’t want anything, especially what has happened in her past to ruin her relationship.

Kou Mabuchi

Kou Mabuchi Blue spring ride

Coming to the male lead of the story who is a little rude. Like every anime, the main character is usually portrayed as a young, handsome but a little rude kind, because you know the audience loves it. Kou was a student of the same school as Futaba but due to some personal reason he flew away to another country where he changed his name to Kou Tanaka . After several years, he came back to the same school but there was a change in his behavior. Her mother died when he moved to Nagasaki and this led to the extreme change in his behavior. 

As he moved to a new school, he decided to stay away from Futaba and take care of Yui. But as much as he tries to complete his decision, he becomes more attracted towards Futaba. Later he finally started to realize his feelings towards her and he finally confessed his feelings to her. 

Yuri Makita

Yuri Makita image

Unlike Futaba, Yuri is a more confident and independent girl. She was also beautiful just like Futaba and like what happens with Futaba the same happens with her. Her popularity among the boys made the girls jealous and the bullies start from there. But she strongly fights back and decides to be what she actually is. She also helps Futaba to understand her true beauty and these two eventually become best friends. 

When Kou entered in the high school, there was sudden change in the feelings of her. Kou helps her in the class program and that’s when she realized her feelings towards him. She confesses her feelings towards Kou but he rejects her. When she came to know about the relationship between Kou and Futaba, she got really jealous. But she later understood everything and prioritized her friendship over love. After some time, she found her love of life Uchiyama

Series Blue Spring Ride 2
Release Date Not announced
Seasons 1


The series was first introduced in 2014 and it has released 1 season and an OVA so far. The creators of this show are not planning to renew the anime for season 2. The fans are wondering for another season but there is no official statement regarding it. The romantic series was popular among the teenagers and it does amazingly well. There is no confirmation whether the series officially ends or not. There are many anime which take a lot of time to get green light and the fans are hoping the same for this anime too. If anything comes out, I promise to update this section for you. 

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