Blood And Treasure Season 2 Release Date: Check out the Updates!


Hello Guys!!! Welcome to our little world in which we make sure to provide the latest trends and fresh stuff to our lovely readers. Today we are going to talk about Blood and Treasure Season 2.

If, you want to know to wring details, then stick to this post throughout the end.


This American-Fiction Drama is created by Stephen Sacia. The first season was with us in 2019 and premiered on CBS. The show is loved by the fans so much that's why they want a season 2, let's find out more about this…

When Will We Have Blood And Treasure Season 2 On Our Tables?

2020 is something worse for many of us like some of our dear ones losing their lives because of Covid despite this entertainment media has faced a lot of problems too, because of Corona Virus. Many of our favorite series, movies, and tv shows are canceled while some are still on awaiting list.


Fans think the same for the Blood and Treasure, that season 2 is canceled but they are just fake rumors. Stephen Sacia shows his reviews on the show and states a piece of good news for the fans that the show is not canceled, only get delays because of the covid-19.

Blood And Treasure Season 2

Moreover, we could expect to see the series in 2021, if everything remains under control. For the moment you can also go for some latest web series like The Glades Season 5, Hospital Playlist Season 2: Netflix Original K-Drama Show! Or can simply visit our latest Web Series Category in which you'll find Netflix Series and Amazon Series with some latest stuff.

Characters of Blood And Treasure Season 2

This American Drama will unite the old characters again in the show, which is something good because I feel connected with the remote actors. Wanted to know my favorite characters? It's Katia Winter, what about you? Who is your favorite actor from this series? Tell us in our comment section.

Blood And Treasure Season 2

Talking about the crew…

Main Characters

  • Sofia Pernas playing Lexi Waziri
  • Katia Winter playing Gwen Karlsson
  • Mark Gagliardi playing Father Chuck
  • Alicia Coppola playing Anna Castillo
  • James Callis playing Simon Hardwick

Other Supporting Actors

  • John Larroquette as Jay Reece
  • Antonio Cupo as Captain Bruno Fab
  • Tony Nash as Omar
  • Ali Hassan as Taj bin Yusef
  • Anna Silk as Roarke
  • Paget Brewster as Sister Lisa

We could also expect to see some new characters just for making the series more fun this time. Let's sit and wait for further details, when we get fresh news about this then we will update the same post

Expected Plotline For Season 2

The plotline is not revealed yet but we hope to see the old story coming on track Or Maybe this time a whole new story will be in front of us. I think you guys have to tighten your seatbelts for the new installment.

When we know more about this, then we will refurbish the same post again for our lovely ones.

What Do We Know About The Trailer Blood And Treasure Season 2?

This question is the only question everyone wants me to answer, well guys there is no trailer for the Blood and Treasure season 2 at this time. But But But!!! The trailer will be in front of us super soon because we are in 2021 which is the year of release.

For the moment, enjoy this fan-made but don't forget to tell your expectations about the upcoming series in our comment section.

Wrap-Up Lines

The series get delayed because of the tragic situation of Covid-19 but Sacia has given us a ray of hope that the series will be in front of us soon, till then keep your fingers crossed

We have tried to answer every question that heaving your mind about the second installment but still if you have more to ask us then go ahead. Comment down on all your queries, we would love to clear them for you️.