Blockbuster Season 2: Latest News About Release Date and Renewal Status


The first season of Blockbuster was filled with amusement. Now that everyone can't wait to watch the second season of Blockbuster, they want to know the latest news on the show's renewal.

This article contains all updates about the renewal of Blockbuster Season 2. Read this post attentively if you want to learn everything about the forthcoming season before its release.


Possible Release Date of Blockbuster Season 2

The first season of Blockbuster premiered on November 3, 2022, and all of its episodes were released on the same day. All the fans of this series are already obsessed with the renewal of Season 2 of Blockbuster and want to know the premiere date and time of the forthcoming season.

However, there are currently no changes on the release date of the second season of Blockbuster, so please remain in touch with us and we will inform you of the season 2 release date as soon as they become available.


Where Can I Watch The Blockbuster Season 2?

The recently launched series on the Netflix OTT platform is Blockbuster. The entire first season of Blockbuster is available for watching on Netflix. If you have not yet seen this series, purchase a Netflix subscription and begin watching the comedy series Blockbuster. If the series is renewed for a second season, the second season will also be available to view on Netflix's OTT platform.

Blockbuster Season 2: Latest News About Release Date and Renewal Status

The Plot of the Blockbuster

The most recently released Netflix series, Blockbuster, is a workplace comedy and drama. The plot centres on Timmy Yoon, who desires to live in a future with 5G technology. He and his remaining staff will make every effort to keep the Video store operating. We shall observe how many challenges they face in establishing their video operating store.

The show is centred on the sitcom genre, therefore there will be plenty of comedic moments. Even the camaraderie between these employees who are unwilling to give up on their firm and the Blockbuster narrative will emphasise the importance of human relations to the success and survival of a business in the corporate world.

Possible Cast for Blockbuster Season 2

All of these fans want to see their favourite characters in the next season of Blockbuster. Season 2 of Blockbuster is generating a great deal of anticipation among fans. If the series is renewed for a second season, the majority of the previous season's cast will return for the blockbuster season.

Recap of Blockbuster Season 1

Patrice walks to the store and blames Connie for not calling him at the end of the tenth and final episode of the television series Blockbuster, titled “Sh*t Storm.”

Blockbuster Season 2: Latest News About Release Date and Renewal Status

Later, they both realise that they could have appreciated their friendship more and that they should put their egos aside and reconnect. Hannah attempts to deceive Eliza in order for Aaron's proposal plan to succeed.

Eliza rejects Aaron's proposal, while Timmy refers to his date as Eliza, which disturbs her and causes her to leave. Hannah discovers Eliza's affection for Timmy when viewing the video of the proposal.


The first season of Blockbuster has been available for only a few days, and the series has not yet been viewed by many viewers, hence its ratings are not particularly high. It has a rating of 5/10 on IMDb and a rating of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average audience score of 42%. The website Gadgets 360 has given this show a 1/5 rating, but just 68% of Google users have enjoyed it.


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