Bling Empire Season 2: Are Kevin and Kim in This Season?

Release Date Of Bling Empire Season 2 – Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and Gabriel Chiu are LA's Asian socialites. The show, which started in January 2021, chronicles their lives as they navigate parties' drama and glitz. There will be eight 40-minute episodes of Bling Empire in Season 2, which premieres on May 13 and promises “even more luxury, elegance, and craziness” for viewers (via TheWrap).

From Instagram, this content was imported. Their website may provide the same stuff in a different format or even more information than you were looking for. The film's official summary goes as follows: “Despite the rumours of Kevin and Kim's romance brewing, questions remain about Cherie and Jessey's relationship.

Kane and Kevin's best friendship is pushed to the test as competing Beverly Hills queens Christine and Anna step up their social warfare. However, “despite it all, the one thing these friends have in common is the love they have for each other and their amazing taste,” it continues.

Netflix has also confirmed that Dorothy Wang, a former star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and philanthropist Mimi Morris will join the cast next month. According to Netflix's description, Mimi's layered personality adds another degree of complexity to the form.

“However, even though Mimi now lives in the lap of luxury, her work ethic and strong survival abilities have not diminished. Instagram content has been used to populate this page. At their website, you may be able to access the same material in a different format or with additional information, or both.”

At first glance, Mimi appears to be a happy, upbeat person. But don't be fooled by her outwardly pleasant appearance; she is a dangerous woman. “Nothing escapes her notice.”In January of last year, Anna Shay, one of the show's most attractive stars, embraced the thought of a second season: “I had an incredible experience.

Thanks to everyone who put up with me because I never expected to be in front of a camera. “You have to be honest with yourself,” she said. Even if there's a second season, I'm still going to be me since I'm stuck for ideas. Moreover, it's the truth.

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Is ‘Bling Empire' Season 2 on the Horizon?


If estranged fathers, reproductive troubles, and penis pumps weren't intimate enough, the second season of Bling Empire would shed even more light on the group. In an interview with Yong Chavez on YouTube, showrunner Brandon Panaligan revealed: “All of them have so many facets.

As a result, I'm hoping that we'll see more of their personal lives in the next second season, get to know their friends and family members, and generally get to know them better.”Other than that, who else is in the cast? Predictions are about to be made!

 Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu, the show's resident bad girl, was adamantly opposed to having a second child, but she's indicated that she'll reveal something monumental as soon as the cameras return.

She revealed this to E! just a few weeks before the start of season 2. The meaning of this is unclear. It's all for the show's benefit; therefore, I'm willing to take a lot of heat.

Andrew and Kelly

Perhaps the tale of Kelly and Andrew's romance has ended. “I'm finally single,” she says in the teaser. This suggests a new chapter is about to begin for her.

Both Kevin and Kim


Kevin felt Kim was a better match for him than Kelly when season one ended, even though she was still married to Andrew. Although she appears to love him in the trailer, will his “man whore” tendencies come back to harm him in the long run?

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 Jesse Lee and Chérie Chan

In late August 2021, rumours of their engagement began to spread. In early September, they exchanged vows at the Château de Saran chateau in Champagne, France. What a show-stopper! We'd like to know what happens next in their story.

Kane Lim


It's been reported that Kane has significant plans for the upcoming season, including a trip with the entire cast to his native nation of Singapore. To show the group the real Singapore, he told ET, “I would like to fly the entire cast there.” “I'm sure you've seen all the glitz and glamour in the movies, but there's a lot more to Singapore than what you've seen.

Like the cuisine, the culture, and the people.”What Returning and New Characters Can We Expect in the Second Season of “BLING EMPIRE”? All of the characters from the first season of Bling Empire are expected to return for season 2, along with a few new ones.

Season 2 rookies Dorothy Wang and Mimi Morris were scheduled to be joined by Filipina actress-singer Heart Evangelista, but it does not appear that Heart Evangelista will be among them. Dorothy, the teaser character, “all they do is create rumour and drama,” we are told. “A whole new level” is how Mimi describes her performance.

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Season 2 Cast of ‘bling Empire': Who's Back and New?

Season 2 of Bling Empire is expected to bring back many of the characters from the first season and introduce a few new ones. Although rumours to the contrary, Filipina actress and singer Heart Evangelista does not appear to be joining the ranks of season 2 rookies Dorothy Wang and Mimi Morris in the competition.

What do people like Dorothy do? They just spread rumours and stir up trouble. “A whole new level” is how Mimi describes her performance.

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