Blindspot Season 5: NBC Decided To End The Show| Finale Season

Blindspot is an American series which is created by Martin Gero and produced by Warner Bros studio. The story chiefly concentrates on a women’s story who found naked inside a travel bag. The story is full of mystery, thrill, and drama in it although till now five seasons are released by the Warner Bros, recent season Blindspot Season 5 release on May 7, 2020.

 Kurt Weller who is an FBI agent in the show and obviously the main lead of the story up to five seasons is played by Sullivan Stapleton.

Blindspot Season 5

Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Julee Cerda as Ivy, Aaron Abrams as Matthew Weitz and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Madeline Burke is also computed back in the story laying their respective role. Placing the cast alone let’s talk about the official teaser of Blind Spot Season 5…

Have you seen this super cool trailer? If, no then I must tell you this is quite amazing. Watch this and tell us! Do you expect it to be the same? Or have some own expectations with this? Comment Down ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Plotline of Blindspot Season 5

The recent season also focuses on the same story of the woman who finds naked to the police officer in a bag however she had no inkling about her past and her recollections fade. Blindspot season 4 ends with a number of pending questions but thankfully all of them are cleared by Gero in the fifth slice.

In the denouement, we see that Jane had suffered from the attack of hallucinations every random time. This happens because of a” ZIP” posion. Moreover, Jane and Weller were able to defuse the bomb which is planted in New York city by IVy Sands in order to kill the locals and agents too.

Jane has ups and downs in her life with tons of memorable scenes like the last scene in which we see the family is eating dinner altogether and talking with each other happily. The fifth part is loved by the fans and critics with an average viewership of 1.70(million views).

How Many Episodes Blind Spot Season 5 have?

Eleven episodes are there in the last season which is covering the whole ending of the show.

Episode List-

  1. I came to Sleigh
  2. We Didn’t start the fire
  3. Existential ennui
  4. And my axe
  5. Head games
  6. Fire & Brimstone
  7. Awl in
  8. Ghost Train
  9. Brass Tracks
  10. Love you to bits and bytes
  11. Iunne ennui

Where We Can Watch The Blind Spot Series?

The show is currently available to stream on Hulu for its complete five seasons. For Netflix lover let me tell you, is one of the most rated shows global platforms want to run the show on their stage which is the reason Netflix decided to add this in their loss of web series but only in some regions, i.e Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico.

If you are living in the aforementioned regions then it might be a good opportunity for you to stream the show there. And if no, then let’s wait for the day when Netflix added the series globally on its network. When there be more updates we will add them in this post, so mark us in your bookmarks🏷️.

Are There Any Chances of Further Renewal of The Series?

No, NBC already declared that the season fifth at the end of the Blind Spot series simply means that we will never see the show again in the future. But we have plenty of stuff to do like watching the old hundred episodes or can switch to some other series, what about some romantic hits? You can check all the night-loving web series on our site,

Terminal Lines-

Blindspot has received generally commendatory reflections from the side of Critics in fact 32 reviews are added by the censors from which all are in favor of the show. Blindspot is a successful hit for Martin. He decided to end the story as a “happy ending.” In this last segment, we see the blood relatives joined together for a family dinner.

Let’s end this post with this old saying from the Blindspot.

Everything just feels so out of control. I don’t remember who I am or who I was. Whatever life I had is gone, shattered into a million tiny pieces. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe.

Hope you enjoy the series and our post! Want to share your experience with us? Comment Down!! Also, share your valuable feedback with us!

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