Is There Still a Chance to Renew Blend S Season 2?

Blend S is an anime slice-of-life series with comedic elements that debuted in the autumn of 2017. Since 2013, the manga by Miyuki Nakayama has served as the basis for Blend S, a slice-of-life anime that holds a prominent place among the genre’s best examples.

Blend S was animated by A-1 Pictures, which was also responsible for the popular anime Black Butler and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Licensed by Aniplex of America, the anime originally aired on a variety of local Japanese networks including Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, KTV, TVA, and AT-X between October 8 and December 24, 2017.

More than three years have passed since Funimation and Crunchyroll added the anime to their streaming services, and since then, fans of the anime have awaited a second season. So, could there be a second season of the anime? Let’s recall the series and examine what we know about the upcoming season.

What is Blend S About?

Maika Sakuranomiya, one of our main characters, is looking for a part-time job in order to save money to study abroad. However, whenever she goes for an interview, they all turn out to be unsuccessful because she terrifies people with her sadistic eyes. On the subway, she collides with a blonde man on her way to a job interview.

Both are attracted to each other due to Maika’s fascination with foreigners and the fact that the man she runs into is a foreigner. Moreover, the blonde guy is captivated by Japanese women with dark hair, such as Maika.

They apologize to one another and then depart in separate directions. After yet another unsuccessful job interview, Maika pauses in front of a cafe while walking down the street and makes bizarre hand gestures in the window of the cafe.

Is There Still a Chance to Renew Blend S Season 2?

While the employees of the cafe find the situation peculiar, the cafe owner recognizes Maika as the woman of his dreams upon seeing her. The man he met on the subway is the proprietor of the café. The man asks her out on a date and invites her to a cafe.

In addition, he offers Maika a job, which she accepts. However, this cafe’s concept is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The waitstaff interacts with customers using the personalities assigned to them.

Will There Be a Second Season of Blend S?

The anime hasn’t been picked up for a second season by A-1 Pictures or any other company that works with anime. The studio is making a new season of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War and two new anime shows at the moment. Since Blend S, they have made more than ten anime.

But at this time, there was no official news about Blend S’s second season. Some main things determine when a new season of an anime starts.

Is There Still a Chance to Renew Blend S Season 2?

The main things that affect whether or not an anime will be renewed are how popular it is, whether or not the manga source material is available, and money issues. We thought about the second season of the anime based on these main things.

Here are some things that could make it more or less likely that Blend S will have a second season:

  • How well-liked the manga series is. If the manga stays popular, it will make it more likely that a second season will be made.
  • The number of Blu-ray and DVD copies of the first season that were sold. If the Blu-ray and DVD releases do well, that will show that people want a second season.
  • What the production company wants. If A-1 Pictures wants to make a second season, it should be easy for them to get the money they need.

Blend S Trailer

Blend S Cast

From October to December 2017, the first season of Blend S was on TV. As we’ve already said, the main character of the series is a high school girl named Maika Sakuranomiya.

The other main characters in the series are:

  • Akizuki
  •  Dino
  • Hinata
  • Hoshikawa

Amano, Kanzaki, Mahou Shoujo Frill, Maika’s father and mother, Owner, Kouichi, and Aika make up most of the supporting cast. This isn’t a lot of characters, but it’s just enough to have different stories to look into.

Blend S Rating

Blends.” With a rating of 6.9/10 based on 1,400 votes, it seems that IMDb users have given the show a mostly positive response. IMDb ratings are based on what people say about a show, and they can change as more people watch and rate it.


Even though “Blend S,” a slice-of-life anime, is popular and has gotten good reviews, there has been no official word about a second season. Based on the manga by Miyuki Nakayama, the show is about Maika Sakuranomiya and what it’s like for her to work at a cafe where everyone has their own personalities.

Fans are eagerly waiting for news of a second season, but A-1 Pictures and the other production companies working on the show haven’t said for sure if there will be a second season. Based on 1,400 votes, the show has a 6.9/10 rating on IMDb, which means that most people like it.

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